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insta-faves 02I was pleased with how the other INSTA-FAVES post turned out so thought I’d make it a thing here on LF. I’ll post when I have four images saved to my phone of similar aesthetic.  Just like the other post, here, I’ll share the image source and what you can expect to see if you follow the account.  This entry’s theme is food/kitchen!

Here you will find beautiful flower arrangements, table settings and events.  Love me some well organized ariel photos and how cute are those daisies!?

photo 2 (2)@anthropologie
(this photo promoting event with @masonshaker)
Here you will find not only pretty clothes from their web store and catalog but also event coverage and inspiring home decor.  After seeing this photo I immediately checked out the Mason Shaker site and added their products to my wet bar wishlist-good stuff!

photo (1)@localmilk
Here you will find stunning food photography, blog updates, home decor inspiration, Beth’s travel photos and more!  I know you’re wondering about that moon mug so I’ll spare you the research, it’s by Small Spells.

photo 1 (2)@folkmagazine (they regrammed this from @iampatrickchin)
Here you will find all things authentic from a photographers moment, food, families, decor and lots more all capturing America in it’s finest.  This is a blueberry lavender pie, I repeat. BLUEBERRY LAVENDER!

Hope you enjoyed! Soft launch of our website is coming tomorrow, can’t tell you yet but it’s going to be a goodie and I’ll definitely share soon!

Insta-Faves 01

moonfeather1924morganYou know when you’re scrolling through Instagram and screenshot images you find inspiring and save them in your library and go back and look at them over and over again until you delete them because your phone is full and you must make room. (I know it’s not just me doing this!)

Well I’ve had a few images that have been chilling in my library and I thought I’d share, here are my top four of the moment!


On this account you will see-floral decor, flowers, diy

Not that I’m currently engaged but I’ve been looking at this image and realizing its vibes are exactly what I want for my future wedding. You can see this on the Pinterest board I started a while back, not even ashamed that I’m already pinning!


On this account you will see- minimal photography, handmade goods for sale, branding

Their photos really stand out from a lot of the images you see on IG. They let the object/subject speak for itself and often have a lot of white space. Trying to simplify myself in many ways and this account is great inspiration.


On this account you will see- a photographers adventures/behind the scenes

Recently Morgan and I met when her friend connected us after Rachel realized we both had a similar love for all things denim.  She’s a friendly local with lots of experience under her belt and is currently traveling and documenting for So Worth Loving.


On this account you will see- a jewelry maker’s adventures, goods, behind the scenes 

This lady is seriously crafty. I’m dying for a couple of her stack rings! Not mention she’s got a great eye for snapping photos-creative angles and cropping-I’m always taking mental notes. If you don’t already follow these accounts and you like to be inspired, I’d say you outta check them out.  These are the type of folks that keep me wanting to take my hobbies further!


The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess challenged themselves to a 30-day Instagram Selfie Challenge and invited the rest of the web to join in for a chance to win their new photography idea book! For a while now I’ve been wanting to do some sort of photography challenge and this one seemed fun +easy so I joined in from the start and 30 (ish) days later I compiled many different styles of “selfies” Though the contest is closed and I [sadly] didn’t win the book, I did enjoy documenting my versions of selfies, here’s a recap from my Instagram feed all of which were taken on a phone (mine or Dustin’s if mine was dead):

you are about to read the word SELFIE more than any human should have to, sorry (I’m not sorry)

Living Walls party selfie + Braids selfie
Braves game with my man selfie + 311/Cypress Hill concert with my man selfie
pre-ombre hair selfie + seeing my contributor pic in Jezebel for the first time in print selfie
visiting my folks in FL and consuming high gravity beers selfie+ laying in Piedmont Park selfie
kisses at the Jimmy Eat World concert selfie + being in love selfie
feet in the sand at Cocoa Beach selfie + feet in the air at Cape Canaveral selfie
airport bun selfie + dress detail selfie
new sneakers selfie + new bracelets selfie
hanging with my other boo selfies
typical bathroom selfie + hot as hell after Braves game selfie
jumping my man’s car off selfie + surviving a crazy ocean storm while fishing selfie
messing ombre bun selfie + i’m sad it rains every day selfie
Friday night spent at home doing nails selfie + watermelon togo selfie
fake bob selfie + my room selfie
from where I sleep selfies

and there you have it! 30(ish) days of documenting my daily happenings with SELFIES
(if I never have to type that word again it’d be too soon!) I say 30ish because I’ll admit there were about 2-3 days where I got wrapped up in my busy schedule (or vacation!) and just FORGOT but then quickly posted early the next day. regardless I’m happy with how my final collection turned out! all are pretty different and not just me in my bathroom mirror sporting “duck lips”

until the next photo challenge adventure, follow my regular day-to-day pics on Instagram: @LADYFLASHBACK!


the happenings on the @ladyflashback Instagram feed:
no TV means I sometimes get randomly crafty and make things, or paint feathers! > > an #ootd pre-Crystal Castles show: LOFT top, UO skirt, Dansko clogs
Eliz hanging poolside in FL wearing her Fresh.i.Am “NOPE” hat
my very classy Panama City creation > > beach lounging
recently inherited my Grandy’s dream catcher > > date night hippy attire: Lila boutique top, WildFlag Atl jeans, Frye sandals, Free People sunnies
open bedroom windows > > (hears treat bag ruffling)
arm swag > > new swag: FP sunnies, UO hat
went to the Great Gatsby premiere with my girl friends and of course we dressed up! I wore a vintage dress, pearls and a made a lil head piece > > also wore these vintage shoes I scored from the Indie Craft Experience’s Salvage sale from Rosa of Recollection Vintage (it’s rare I find vintage heels in my size that are comfy, YAY!)
work outfit > > play time outfit
L: FP top, Target blazer, Anthropolgie jeans, Saks loafers, MK purse, Clothing Warehouse sunnies
R: FP hat, Zatchels via purse, Alex + Alex dress, Dansko clogs
evening bike ride with Eliz around Piedmont Park
checking out Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at Summerfest: wearing UO top, vintage shorts, UO sandals < < what's black & white and upclose?
Stone Mountain life < < EAV farmers market outfit: Alice + Olivia top, Piko jacket, WildFlag ATL jeans, Saks loafers, vintage Saks bag
rainy Sunday crafty times, made a new flower crown!
Decatur date night with Mom wearing my Alexa Chung for Madewell dress < < date night with m'dude wearing sample sale dress, UO sunnies and sandals, vintage Saks bag
Keri and I are sharing the honor of being Ash’s Maids-of-Honor in her October wedding and we threw her a bridal shower at our fav local coffee and bar-Java Vino, went smashingly good!
sweet boy surprised me with a summery floral bouquet :*
pool frisbee tossing with Dustin + Mamas Lil Yalla Pils + new sunnies via Clothing Warehouse
dreams came true when I **FINALLY** got to see Postal Service (with Jenny Lewis!) at Fox Theater, I mean wow-what a show! I wore UO top, Free People skirt, Frye sandals
this month has been non-stop-explosions!
meet Dustin, we’ve been attached at the silly-dance-moves-hip! :D
PONCESPLOSION Forth of July Block Party at Bookhouse feat. NOOT D’ NOOT!

speaking of Instagram, today is Day 4 of a 30-day #ABeautifulMess Selfie Challenge, join us at any time or just check out my creative selfies (promise its not just pics of my face all up-close-n-stuff!)




after jumping through many hurdles, my girl friend Steph and I made it to the resort late last night! we are starting the day with a hardy Hawaiian breakfast and then taking OVER this place in our silver convertible Sebring :P

now lets get to a new Instagram post, shall we?


a pin my sweety bought for me off Etsy that I wore on Valentines Day with an Anthro sweater and tank + an OOTD from a workday: romper Cynthia Rowley, Kensie sweater and Kickers boots
my silver foxxx getting his tattoo Christmas gift, from yours truly, a few weeks ago via Sam Parker at Memorial Tattoo in Cabbagetown
Megan and I in EAV during a pop-up market, we both bought these Katie Coleman sloth prints that read “it takes me a really long time to do things” + same market at the Scout booth where Matty was selling these adorable chalkboard broaches 
lil terrariums Ryan and I made at Paris on Ponce + a snap of my foyer where this Charmaine Olivia print lives
showing off my 99 tickets I received for my clothes that I later cashed in for some really great digs at the Youngblood Boutique clothing swap!
Mr Tater lounging around the house on my roommate’s vintage quilt + a wheat paste at Dad’s Garage that looks like a certain dude I know….
an OOTD from a work day: Kenneth Cole blazer, Loft top, 02 jeans + new booties from Anthro that I’m excited to rock this Spring/Summer
visited Hilton Head two weekends ago for Ryan’s sister’s collegiate golf tournament and while the mornings started off bitter and raining it got really pretty and we had a lil mini getaway!
we shredded the beach on some bright orange cruisers + walked around the beautiful golf course that had ferns growing inside of huge live oak trees and Spanish moss EVERYWHERE
Moss Creek Golf Course, has its name for obvious reasons!
a certain cutie who needs some prescription sunglasses and I laying in Old Forth Ward Park having a Whole Foods picnic + a view from mine and his table (that we’ve claimed as ours) at Java Jive
perks of having a birthday in the Spring: gifts of flowers and high pollen count!
a Spring snap shot I took in Inman Park + a Spring headpiece I made for a CommonCreativ post and wore for a EBV photoshoot 
corsage Ryan surprised me with at my birthday party + a bouquet the same sweetheart gave me as a departure gift, that my roomie is enjoying since I couldn’t take with, haha!

Mine + Elizabeth’s Easter Sunday outfits,  the coat and dress I’m wearing were scored at the Youngblood Swap! + our feast at Java Jive after the Easter egg hunt at Paris on Ponce, I took home many’a eggs filled with candy and discounts!

hope you enjoyed a lil insight into my life as of late,
be sure to follow our Hawaiian adventures at