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Getting our backyard the way we envision has been 3 years in the making, and is still continuing. Weekends at home are sometimes few and far between and most of our savings goes towards retirement (boring) or travel (now we’re talkin!) so we’ve just been taking our time and not stressing about it.

Recently we made a small update with a new umbrella that’s really elevated the space on our back porch- have a look!

Shopped around the web for the perfect vibe and fell for this canvas bohemian umbrella from World Market. It ended up going so well with current pieces I had like these vintage chairs and Ikea rattan ottomans.

Couldn’t wait for cooler temps so despite sweating our bums off, we set it up and popped open some bubbly with my bestie <3

With all the rain we get here, I currently have it stored away and the rattan is inside, but this setup is perfect for hosting guests until we get the stone area finished. Speaking of, Dustins’ working on that today. Next up, we’ll be working on a little fire pit area to the right of the above photo. One step at a time!


Dustin came up with the brilliant idea to transform our hosier cabinet into a bar and before he could even tell me the full thought I was taking out the stored bowls and knickknacks and moving over the booze.  SO PUMPED ON THIS! It really took our dining room up a notch.

Bitters on point but need to restock our alcohol. Dwindled down :P

Bought this ornament at West Elm for mine and Dustin’s first Christmas and never put it away because I love it so much. And now that it’s got this sweet flare from Floral Asheville, it’s pretty much never getting put away!

I realize a bunch of the photos look the same but I could not pick my favorites and these are even the narrowed down ones! The lighting was too good this morning.

Tomorrow I’m hitting up Scott’s Antique Market for the first time. Bringing some ladies and my camera. Hoping to find a few treasures. Keeping an eye out for brass candlestick holders, sugar molds and anything mid-century. Blog post to follow our adventure!



For Saturday’s football watching meetup with friends I made a roasted cauliflower leek and carrot soup by Flourishing Foodie, recipe can be found here.

Overall it was easy it just got a little tricky when I transferred the soup into the blender since it had to be done in batches. Her recipe yielded about 6 servings – we shared with friends, had one small helping and then another medium size helping. Perfection!

21963942441_48e618d91b_k 21333049143_04b39c94d7_k21767305359_69ce00be99_k-2

She said to serve lukewarm, we ate it both ways. I preferred warmer.

Very much recommend!

Tonight I’m checking out Dixon Rye, a new homeware and design shop on the Westside in the old Atlanta Iron Works building. I’ll have the camera in tow so stay tuned for a peak inside the store!



We had another rainy weekend so I took the downtime to continue on this baking streak I’ve got going.  Since I still had most of the buttermilk from last weekend I looked thru Smitten Kitchen and found her recipe for her “favorite buttermilk biscuits” which were easy peasy!



Couple things I did differently (and maybe shouldn’t have…)

-I don’t have a circle cookie so I used a small bowl which is not the same but worked fine.
-Thought we had baking soda and didn’t so we did some research and just adjusted the baking powder, it worked but I’d like to retry with ALL the ingredients in her recipe.
-Lastly, I rolled them out a little thinner than she had mentioned. Which made them rise a lot less (really not at all) but I didn’t mind. They were still light and for the breakfast sandwich (below) Dustin just doubled up with two.
-Add chopped rosemary which was a good idea but I wish I had just put in the mix versus on top (though I like the way it looks in the photo) because it would have stayed moist and we would have tasted it more. I love me some rosemary!

Overall, they tasted really really good! And like I mentioned, they were light and didn’t make us feel uncomfortably full.

On Sunday, I took the leftovers and made biscuits and gravy using local Delia’s chicken sausage.



Not pictured: the smothering we did with Cholula, we love that stuff!

Dustin and I were pleased with both meals. During the breakfast sandwich I exclaimed “I don’t want this to ennnnnd!” it was THAT good!

Next up, a leek + carrot + cauliflower soup via Flourishing Foodie!