Dustin came up with the brilliant idea to transform our hosier cabinet into a bar and before he could even tell me the full thought I was taking out the stored bowls and knickknacks and moving over the booze.  SO PUMPED ON THIS! It really took our dining room up a notch.

Bitters on point but need to restock our alcohol. Dwindled down :P

Bought this ornament at West Elm for mine and Dustin’s first Christmas and never put it away because I love it so much. And now that it’s got this sweet flare from Floral Asheville, it’s pretty much never getting put away!

I realize a bunch of the photos look the same but I could not pick my favorites and these are even the narrowed down ones! The lighting was too good this morning.

Tomorrow I’m hitting up Scott’s Antique Market for the first time. Bringing some ladies and my camera. Hoping to find a few treasures. Keeping an eye out for brass candlestick holders, sugar molds and anything mid-century. Blog post to follow our adventure!

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