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Sunday was International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate ladies than have a picnic in the park?! The weather was perfect. The drinks and food were delicious. The company was lovely. For entertainment we had a dogs of all shapes and sizes.  I made a quick punch consisting of chardonnay, champagne, crushed blackberries and seltzer water.  My carpool buddy and I took the easy route with food and went to our local Kroger.  She got chicken salad, bread bites, deviled eggs, potato salad and I got sushi (they have an in store chef and it’s surprisingly good!) and an apple pie for dessert.  Elizabeth made cucumber strawberry salads she stored in mason jars for easy travel.  In between laughter and story telling we made flower crowns from real flowers. Can you tell I have a thing for boho head gear?! 16592492629_c88c8c79a0_k






16571367177_a2e8da8cfb_kCaroline had the perfect idea to keep our wine and flowers upright, picnic hack!16591251220_b_kWhat a glorious day!

*Outfit details-Kate Spade shades, Anthropologie overalls, H&M top.
*Elizabeth’s awesome dress I’m sure you’re wondering about came from Asos!


Wish I could take credit for these pretties that were put together by the local talent, Evan, who’s blog is full of pretty flowers and yummy food! I wrote about these flowers in my West Elm post and wanted to share them separately and give a spotlight to their beauty! 15365167563_b2817cfaac_k15984782285_def5a07e10_k
There you have it, a simple post with peonies to brighten your day! (or at least your computer screen!)


Unsure how I’ve lived in Atlanta for five years and not been to the Botanical Gardens but somehow it happened..that was until last Friday I took a half day and visited the gardens with Dustin and his old college friends that were in town visiting.  We had brunch at Flying Biscuit and then set out to oohh and ahhh at pretty flowers and plants. Even though it was late September, there was a lot of stuff in bloom!  They also have several green houses so you could technically go year-round and see plenty. At first I wanted to dress real cute and get a blog post at the gardens, then I decided to dress really comfy and concentrate on taking photos of the wildlife. Maybe another time when it’s just Dustin and I we can get an outfit post out of it. For now, check out all these amazing plants!
15379900806_3880e4b2e6_k (1)
15399746051_7f2065eec2_k (2)
15216332048_2f0df12de1_k (1)
The highlight of the experience for me was the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory which housed plants in tropical and desert environments which means cacti (my favorite!) I chatted with one of the conservatory keepers and mentioned that I noticed that most every plant in there had spikes to which he casually said “yea, and they’re pretty poisonous.” Glad we didn’t touch any! Maybe some signs with this information would be helpful :P

Have a good day yall! Lots of posts in the works so come back real soon!

INSTA-FAVES | Wedding Arbor

Since our wedding date is over a year out, there’s plenty of time for planning. A fair amount of details I’m flexible with and others I feel firmly with incorporating. For example, having a floral covered arbor that’s all our own! The owner of our venue has several rod iron frames that are up for grabs and there was one with chipping white paint that I especially liked. I didn’t think I was that gal that would buy wedding magazines and follow wedding sites on Instagram but here I am, buying and following! One of my favorite sites, that has an equally good IG account is Style Me Pretty.  I went far back on their thread to find my favorite arch inspirations —
I like the idea of adding fabric, gives movement.
Imagine strung flowers instead of paper swans, that’s what I’m thinking! Fan of using magnolia leaves, it’s a Southern staple.
Theme so far is white flowers with greenery, but if you see below, I also wouldn’t mind a pop of color.
Couple different options, one is to just decorate the corners or the other is go all the way around–that’s to be decided!

Like I mentioned there’s a good bit of time and as fast as my style changes, who knows I may want something different, but I doubt it, these rule!
All photos via Instagram/@SMPweddings


13438750623_3ba3b49674_bAs obsessed as I am with all the blooming flowers you’d think this was my first Spring ever. I’ve literally pulled my car over to smell wisteria, stood in rain to snap pics of plants and blown up my IG feed with floral pics. Perhaps it was the harsh winter but it seems like Georgia’s flowering plants are out of control, and even though I do get stuffed up from all the pollen, I’m a huge fan! Here’s two different series of photos taken around my neighborhood, enjoy!