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this season i’m doing my “coverage” of New York Fashion Week a little differently as websites such as Refinery 29, NY Mag, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Nasty Gal have made it possible with street style photography i’ve collected my favorite showgoer and model street style looks. it took perusing many hours, sifting through 100s and 100s of photos plus using Photoshop to make it all fit but here are my farovite looks from the streets of NY last week-
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can you spot fellow lady bloggers On the Racks, Trop Rouge, Man Repeller, The Glamourai, Buro 24/7, Hanneli, Late Afternoon and The Blonde Salad? it’s really cool to see how blogging has changed over the years and how these hard working ladies are getting recognition for being the fashionistas they truly are and being placed on the same “level” as designers, models, magazine contributors and other fashion forward thinking individuals.

trends i spotted while surfing the street style scene from this years NYFW include:
-loud and bold printed pants in both flared and straight leg
-maxi dresses now with a new slit which i think will help make the maxi more flattering for different body types (and my girlfriends agreed when this was brought up in conversation!)
-wearing blazers on shoulders for a classy “im keeping warm but not too hot” look
-wide brim hats 
-lots of WHITE, creme and ivory
-menswear and tomboy looks
-dressing up vintage tees with a fancy skirt
-denim on denim
-neons mixed with black help carry this trend into Fall/Winter
-casual chic
-colorful reflective shades
-rigid, THICK fabrics

even though this post is PACKED with photos…there’s more! i really had a tough time narrowing it down to a reasonable amount so i’ve put the remaining photos on my LF Facebook page. 

if you went to Fashion Week, i am jealous. hopefully i can plan it right and ahead of time next year and snap some of my own street style pics!



say hello to Elizabeth’s carriage house apartment:
and sweet lil kitchen!
-DIY’d backsplash with vintage lunch trays + vanity packed with more vintage-
Elizabeth is primarily vegan but does enjoy real cheese sometimes and from experience she is a great cook! 
-thrifted coffee table and couch + broach collection-
outfit details: 
TOP-h&m, JEANS-BDG via clothing swap (originally from our friend Ash who passed them down to me who then swapped’em),  JEWELS-from Liz’s Nana
TOMS new ballet
-office wall art (including a postcard from my favy lady artist Charmaine Olivia picked up at artBASEL in Miami+ a hydroponic cooking herb garden, cutest thing ever invented.-
burst wall hanging flare DIY’d by Elizabeth using styrofoam ball and glass drink stir sticks. “fun and easy just time-consuming!” 
tonight:NEON INDIAN,
in celebration of my upcoming 26th birthday!
happy monday party fashion people!


meet Elizabeth
& her new pastel hair:

Elizabeth lives in a 1960’s carriage house apartment tucked away in the Virginia Highlands. When she’s not hitting the road (or sky) visiting accounts for TOMS..she’s decorating, cooking or catching up with friends. Her personal style is much like her abode: eclectic and improvised with nods to eras past. When I think of a someone who takes unique pieces and turns them into fashionable outfits and layers like a pro, I think of Liz!
see for yourself, below are photos we shot around the shopping and bar district in the VA Highlands as well as a few questions to get to know this fashionable Atlanta Lady:


What’s your secret to great finds?
Keep an open mind! You never know what you’ll find in that thrift store you always pass or at a big-box retailer’s sale. I never count anywhere out! 




Who’s closet would you most like to borrow from? 
To be honest…. any of the Olsens’.

What is your fashion faux-pas? 
I tend to over-accessorize. I just get excited about several pieces at one time! I’m always reminding myself less is more. 


What’s your favorite thing about your neighborhood? 

The big, beautiful trees and lush greenery. And I can walk to some pretty fantastic spots! 

outfit deets: 
jacket: Designer’s Closet by Billabong, top: thrifted (was a dress that I cut), pants: vintage via Rag-O-Rama, shoes: Urban Outfitters, brooch: from Flashy, bracelet: Macy’s, clutch: thrifted, sunnies: TOMS, hair: Green Peridot Salon-Tallahassee, FL

FYI: this only one of three outfits we shot so visit again (early next week!) for two more looks as well as a peak inside her adorable carriage home!

have a GREAT weekend party people!

Alternative Apparel PREview

last week Alternative Apparel hosted a small private party + preview for their Holiday 2011 & Spring 2012 lines. it was an absolute blast meeting the AA team, mingling with new Atlanta bloggers, FINALLY meeting Catherine of AsianCajuns in IRL-haha, dining on finger foods, and most importantly checking out the up-and-coming threads!
the team was very excited to share with us Alternative’s newest project, their very own lifestyle magazine – Common Thread

Here’s a few flicks from the event + some of my favorite pages out of the first issue of COMMON THREAD:

-in the issue they also share details about the new LA retail store
-said finger foods included (but were NOT limited to..) lamb slidders
-one thing i noticed very quickly about Alternative is they love their succulents even the restaurant/bar they chose had it’s very own succulent garden
-a peek inside the LA store, nice decor-right?!
-inspiration board
-give me anything polka-dot!
-on the right they have their ipad case, made of the prettiest leather
-i was so happy to see one of my favorite Atlanta shops featured in the issue, Young Blood Gallery! they deserve a million shout-outs, filled to the brim with the best indie arts & crafts and amazing jewelry it was somewhat unhealthy living across the street for 12 months…too good!
-as it turns out Alternative originated in Atlanta then ended up spreading it’s wings to Los Angeles
-Liz, my +1 for the evening
outfit details: total dork and wore my Pamela Love tee printed on Alternative Apparel…tehehe!
UrbanOutfitters leather shorts & leopard booties
-beeeeeautiful bags designed by new AA team member Mollie Culligan of Jack Rabbit Collections, such dreamy vintage-inspired leather
-most definitely not camera shy, Cath and I posing for someone else’s photo
-two sweet hearts: Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door and Anastasia of Gamine
-the gathering was at JCT Kitchen off Howell Mill, such a great location in the design district of ATL
-into the night 
-the write up about Mollie Culligan and her awesome bags

i apologize for my tardiness of this post, the mart has been gearing up for the Apparel & Gift show which is now full-throttle meaning i’ve been working like a mad woman :( but i have treated myself to new dresses making it so worth it! also hit up Ladytron on Thursday night which was as stellar as i’d hoped it would be and more, definitely pleased the 18 year-old in me.

thanks again Alternative for the invite! i’ll be repping some of these styles in both the holiday & next Spring for sure-looooved it all-since the event i’ve worn my unisex tri-blend hoodie from the swagbags everyday [seriously.]

though i’m hustling in the showroom on this beautiful Saturday, have YOURSELF a wonderful weekend!

Spotlight: Friendly Fashionistas

i’ve always adored my friend’s style and from time to time shown off their looks here on LadyFLASHBACK. would like to start doing that more often, spotlighting some pals who i think have great personal style. for example, Kristie Jo, a college lady friend who’s wardrobe is something to be coveted. KJO came into town for a Halloween celebration that could never be forgotten. on the last day of her visit we went vintage perusing over at Highland Row Antiques and her outfit caught my eye, where’s whyyy:::
check out her vintage mink&&leather biker jacket! can you imagine riding a motorcycle and those little furry tails blowing in the wind?? so dreamy. she found this at a thrift hot spot in Alabama we both frequently visit, while i have scored some great stuff there..i think this jacket takes the price!
bow//jacket//top//locket: Vintage, purse: Vintage Fendi scored at a shop we both worked at “Twice as Nice” for a mere $150.00, some deal right?!?!, kicks: Target ((!!!)), sunnies: Kate Spade
mustard has long been a favorite color choice for both kjo and myself, goes so well with our dark features and really goes with EVERYTHING!
even the thought of her looking into moving to atlanta thrills my ♥♥♥♥, where she will always have a special place! thanks for the visit Kristie!
another lady with great style is actually a friend of my boyfriend who came into town for a couple days with her BF on a route from NYtoCA. from the moment we met i knew she had superb taste and i was CORRECT.
she wore this out the day i took her and Chris around for thrifting, record shopping and Little Five browsing. she almost bought a mint condition vintage Pucci dress but the fitting was off, nonetheless, it further proved her eye for style!
rabbit fur jacket: Juicy Couture, purse: vintage-loved the sterling deer emblem on the front, wish i would have taken a detail shot.. shoes: Aldo
it was nice hanging with a couple for a few days and going on double dates, which i L♥VE :))
be on the lookout for more Friendly Fashionistas Posts!