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back in the “day” there was a super mega dance party over in Decatur, GA called Decatur Social Club. while this was before my times in ATL the mastermind, Preston, has revived the scene a couple of times in recent months. first with the “Reunion” party and then last month with the “Fall Revival” throwdown. many friends and i attended the event, first hitting up ABV Gallery for Iain Macarthur’s showing of his “Entrance” mash up.
Amber’s looking great as usual, sporting her new haircut-LOVE!
Chanel in a stunning tangerine dress hanging on the patio of Marlay House.
DJ Martina McFlyy and friend rocking out some sweet threads, including those fabulous Jeffrey Campbell heels i love so so so much but could never walk in :((
Chamese of Style Fidelity and i reunited after a year long internet-only relationship having met at a yard sale last summer-sooo good to see YOU!
thigh-highs! need some of these in my life-now.
this cutie works at the Bill Hallman in L5P and had on a darling outfit with my fav pattern of the moment-black LACE!
Sorry Darlin photographer, Zoe, struttin a unique romper and mixing in patterned tights magically!
got my hair cut at Bodega and have been slacking getting a photo up on the blog of my new do, they are much longer now but i’m getting them trimmed up real soon. bought this dress for a wine party the roomie and i threw and loved it SO MUCH i wore it out the very next day-which is very rare for me, hahaha, but isn’t it darling!?! kinda reminds me of a Betsey Johnson number…im also real stoked on my boots, purchased from Target and made by Dolce Vita ((My FAV shoe line!!)) for only $24.99 they are def my go-to shoes of the winter!
Dress: Kimchi Blue-UO, Boots: Dolce Vita for Target, Bracelet: H&M, Bag&Scarf: Vintage
Coreen showing off her new buzz-do, which i find to be very chic, my only wish is that you could see the detail of her make-up which includes white eyeliner, RADNESS!
Megan && Loukia wearing head-t0-toe awesome, these besties are such fashionistas!
Colin could not possibly walk out his door looking anything but fashion-forward. always has a feather or two peaking out of his locks and wearing some sort of kick ass outfit! you go DUDE!
silly fun times in the Sorry Darlin photo booth with dozens of props to choose from, it never got old!
LOTZ more where these come from on SORRYDARLIN.COM
such a fun party, can’t wait for another SOCIAL CLUB meet up!

in a FLASH

developed a Kodak 35mm camera and very pleased with the outcome, it had 39 exposures so i had to pick and choose but here are some fond memoriez of the past months..
at the Sound Table with my girl, dj Taradactyl
artist swamp donkey hit up Loose Nuts Cycles [Kareem’s cycle shop, website HERE] with this original mural, i have many more photos but must hide the artist’s identity before posting, stay tuned!
Kareem and I at the Atlanta Stomp blades competition
my 2010 prom date!
got aerobisizzzed with jamey over at The Ballroom
vegan potluck party at Elizabeth’s loft, another prom style photoshoot-weee!
Mint Gallery after-party at Estoria in the Old 4th Ward errea with the roomie!
September’s Sloppy Seconds
check out jamey’s new DOCS! totally jealous!
:)) my twinkie :))
disposable fell taking a photo of something ((??)) and this became double exposed-LOVE LOVE LOVE! reminds me of my 120mm diana film.
party people!
sloppy was pleased to have Kissy Sellout all the way from the UK!
hot N sticky II, hanging with Kat!
tree-laxin in the outskirts of East Atlanta with My dude, Kareem
we [kareem and i] spontaneously decided to hit up the abandoned haunted burnt down prison outside of EAV…i wasn’t wearing the most appropriate gear [tube dress && strappy sandals] but we had an afternoon I WILL NEVER FORGET, and you’ll never know about! heheheh
so much wacky graffiti around the prison, some very very bad, but lots of goodies to look at, meanwhile keeping all earz open for bums, ghosts, name it, it could have been out there!
Alice of Crystal Castles!
purchasing another one of these guys soon, disposable cameras are
well my weekend got started last night with a Ladiez Only vino party…Ash and I cleaned up the house real good and had us a little house warming shindig that was a sweet sweet success!
.photos soon.
have a fabulous wk.end y’all!