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It’s been a minute since I blogged about fashion but since Fall has made a quick appearance this week in Atlanta I’m thinking of how this year’s Fall/Winter wardrobe’s going to go.

Off the bat I can say, denim, DUH. Always include denim, as well as wools and leathers. But this year’s specific vibes are a little different. More sporty as I’m loving hightop sneakers, little tomboy, but most importantly: functional.  Since I’ve gotten my closet down to what some would call capsule wardrobe size and others would say “sparse” I want to remain intentional about what I bring in for the upcoming seasons.

Few weeks back while attending a Frye event at Ponce City Market I popped into the Madewell to check out the change over from Summer to Fall.  I said to Dustin “I could wear every single piece!” which I’m pretty certain scared him because he knows it’s pricey :P So in love with the new roll outs, here are my favorites from the current lookbook:


After wearing this length in a jumpsuit from Anthro, I’m curious to try on this style of jean. Could be fun with ankle boots.


Never been a lover of pink but this blush tone has been inspiring photos lately so I’m down to try in my clothing mix.


Give me all the stripes, especially in black and white.


In Europe the Adidas comeback was strong and it’s appearing to have made it’s way here as well. Since I already have several pairs of white sneakers, I’m into this reverse black with white style.


Haven’t stopped wearing white since Labor Day came and went, and don’t plan to! Winter whites for the win.


I like all these pieces individually and especially admire the layering, said it in seasons past, but I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of layering. Love this idea with a long sleeve dress.


Picking up 70s vibes here and am so ok with it! Been rocking a bandana myself a lot lately too.


If mixed differently, these items could be basic but this outfit is anything but. It’s pretty much everything I described in the opening paragraph: sporty, tomboy, functional.


My favorite sweater last year came from Madewell. Now they’re making sweater skirts, yes!


Again, had a very similar jacket to this last year too and am still crazy about it! Not complaining they’re bringing back great pieces with some alterations to them.

These may seem pretty casual to you and you might not be jumping for joy thinking about trying them on and adding to your wardrobe like I am, but Madewell brand gets me. If they get you as well then lets go shopping! Now through 10/14 Shopbop is having their Main Event Sale to help get you ready for cold weather and they have a great selection of Madewell as well as loads of other brands! See all details here.



With the steady decline in temperatures you’re probably realizing you need to add some more pieces to your wardrobe, I know I am after all the purging I’ve done this past season! We are in luck because Shopbop is having their 3-day Friends + Family sale offering 25% off site-wide! Yep, the entire site, also including their men’s site too, East Dane!

I’ve had my eyes on several of the pieces above, as well as a Peinfield jacket that I know I’d wear daily so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this sale!

I’m guessing you spotted the trend: plaid, pretty quickly. It’s been back in style full force for some time now but I feel like this year it’s even bigger (or maybe it’s mostly Madewell who is really REALLY into it..) Either way, I’m cool with my Fall/Winter wardrobe having a lot of it so I took on the task and went thru all they have to offer, and in my opinion, these are the best pieces on the site. You’re welcome ;) I’ll be honest, I love browsing so it wasn’t a chore at all!

Links to the pieces from L2R by row:
Row 1: #1, #2, #3
Row 2: #1, #2, #3
Row 3: #1, #2, #3
Row 4: #1, #2, #3

Exclusions + Info –

Happy Shopping!



While I was running in the sand between shows during Hangout Festival, I was multi-tasking and snapping photos of a bunch of barely dressed ladies but don’t worry, they are suitable for work! (SFW?)

Being on a beach for a festival was something you just need to experience. It’s different in a good way. I mean, what gets better than watching your favorite music alongside the beautiful beach front of Gulf Shores Alabama?!

As far as your wardrobe, that’s also different than other fests.  Most ladies, including myself, incorporated a swimsuit into each outfit.  However, I was surprised at the amount of ladies wearing regular clothes, like a light-weight dress or thin shorts.  Couple things that are musts are sunglasses and hats! Also topping the list are SPF and water-can’t forget those!

Spotted trends include: fanny packs, flash tats, and crochet tops.














These are my favorites, to see full gallery, check out this gallery on Paste Magazine.


For this edition of INSTA-FAVES I decided to go with my favorite selections from Madewell’s #TOTEWELL competition. When I looked back at all the entries I was really inspired! Sucks cause I had been thinking about buying one of their transport totes for so long and finally took the plunge after the competition but nonetheless, still enjoyed perusing the section of entries, here. Without even trying all my picks have similar vibes —

normal (1) normal (2) normal (3) normal (4) normal
photo (4)
This last one is mine! Snapped this in downtown Roswell having dinner with my folks last weekend. I’ve already conditioned it with leather conditioner and it’s getting so soft, in love!

Hope you took a second to browse I SPY ATL, have a good week friends!


vscofilm_weaverhouse29Happy first day of Spring!  From the looks of Facebook and Instagram, everyone is pretty excited about it including myself! As I mentioned previously, I just bought the newest VSCO film pack for Lightroom and while perusing their site, specifically the features section, I came across an article on The Weaver House that was very inspiring.  The Weaver House is a site and online creative corner for twin sisters Hannah and Kelty. These girls wear many hats including photographers, stylists, web and print designers and online shop owners.  I discovered them through their interview by VSCO which featured images they took for Verily Magazine-

The Weaver House was approached by Verily Magazine to do a fashion shoot for their first print issue. With a theme inspired by the attire of Emily Dickinson, Hannah & Kelty assembled a small and talented group of artists and friends, together fashioning a set of awe-inspiring imagery.

vscofilm_weaverhouse03vscofilm_weaverhouse02vscofilm_weaverhouse08 vscofilm_weaverhouse10 vscofilm_weaverhouse11vscofilm_weaverhouse14

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s stylish habit of wearing white dresses, they invited us to produce a 14-page spread based on a quote about Emily from Mabel Loomis Todd: “She dresses wholly in white, and her mind is said to be perfectly wonderful.”

We were smitten with the notion of taking this theme and running with it, and immediately signed on, starting a Pinterest board with inspiration to build upon. We were lucky to reel in some incredibly talented local friends and stylists, from clothing to the model to props to makeup and hair. We shot the spread on Kelty’s farm just outside Portland, where we had free reign to climb, forage and snap photos to our hearts’ content.

vscofilm_weaverhouse17 vscofilm_weaverhouse18 vscofilm_weaverhouse19 vscofilm_weaverhouse20vscofilm_weaverhouse22 vscofilm_weaverhouse23 vscofilm_weaverhouse24vscofilm_weaverhouse12vscofilm_weaverhouse25 vscofilm_weaverhouse26

I really enjoy their interpretation of the vibe that Verily requested. I’ve been chatting with a local musician about doing something similar to this out at Stone Mountain or Arabia Mtn and with this new film pack need to nail down details quick, I want to edit and play around with films!

To read the full article and see all the photos, visit VSCO.