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On Wednesday Slow Food Atlanta hosted a series called “The Drunken Snail” and partnered with chef Jennifer Booker, Concrete Jungle and Mercier Orchards for a night at Little Vinyl Lounge sipping and snacking on an apple-themed menu.  My good pal Katherine helps run Concrete Jungle so I went to support her efforts as well as get a taste of Fall and find out more about Slow Food. Here’s what I learned, Slow Foods USA is a non-profit organization that believes in slowing down, enjoying good HEALTHY food and taking time to learn about where your food comes from-among many other food related things! It’s national, member supported and has events everywhere. They aim to get you to reconsider the fast, most likely unhealthy, options and consider how that food will affect you and the environment. Like I said, they believe and care a lot about all things food- from growing to educating to eating. Read more here.
What I wore: Vintage top, Target button down, Citizen for Humanity jeans, Yellow Box moccasins, Madewell tote, TOMS shades and locally made necklace by Ali Sage.
Little Vinyl Lounge is under Star Bar. In case you’re wondering it’s always been there but has now become a separate venue rather than just being the place you retreated from the loud and smokey upstairs.  It’s been revamped and is smoke-free! They have a huge jukebox that’s filled with 7″ vinyl records from local bands. The owner, Susan, was telling us that at the end of each month they tally up which record got played the most and that band is rewarded a $100 bar tab!
The featured drink of the night was cider from Mercier Orchards  of Blue Ridge mixed with bourbon and some Autumn spices-so yummy!
Apples were the theme so even the meat was paired with apples. Chef Jennifer made her own bourbon bbq sauce and made these apple and chicken skewers-very tasty. Not pictured were the zucchini and apple fritters and apple pancakes. All of it was delicious and paired very well with the featured cocktail.
This photo screams Fall-love it!  That little fruit is called a flying dragon fruit and was picked by Katherine. The bar juiced 4 pounds of these little guys and used them in a spritzer. It’s taste is citrus with piney, earthy notes.  She gave us one to take home, the cats have been sniffing and curious about this fuzzy little fruit!

Speaking of all things Fall, we are going to the Blue Ridge mountains this evening until Sunday. We plan on having lots of fires and making smores, going hiking, cooking a little bit and maybe going to the Mercier on Sunday if there’s time. Have a good weekend!


Remember this post recapping my experience with the CAMP Summer Supper? It made such an impression on me that I had to attend the recent Fall Supper!  The venue was the same as the last supper but this time around they transformed it into a cozy Autumn hangout.  Sun in My Belly fits the vibe of the group of folks that host and show up so nicely, it’s a perfect fit!

The motivation of this event is meeting and mingling, so most of the night was nibbling on food in between talking to new and old friends. So I mostly stuck with the easy finger food options, my favorite was the appetizer pork tacos, I could eat a taco any season of the year! Check out my photos from the low-lit evening —

What I wore: H&M dress, Gap chambray shirt, Sam Edelman boots, Ax and Arrow necklace, Madewell tote and Stetson hat.
There was a Smile Booth, fire pit, and a really great raffle of the above prizes (more not captured in this photo.) I was crossing all my fingers and toes for that Atlanta stamp made by Yes Ma’am Paper Goods!! Sadly I didn’t win anything but I did leave with a great time and some new gal pals! Thanks for another great time CAMP!


On Saturday night Dustin and I went over to my best gal pal’s loft for what we thought was a casual supper. When we arrived they gave us drinks and told us that the meal needed a little more time in the oven and that while we were waiting we should head up to the roof to see the sun set. We were all for it and took the elevator to the top of Mattress Factory Lofts. When the doors opened we were greeted with a group of our friends yelling “SURPRISE!” from the upper level! We were SPEECHLESS. Literally. Stood there confused and shocked, haha! When things finally started to make sense we dried tears and hugged everyone and then checked out the adorable diy decor Ashleigh and Ashley had assembled including this “Happy Engagement” sign:
atlanta engaged
decor event atlanta rooftop
The girls diy decor also included old soda bottles and mason jars filled with flowers, some of which even came from Ashley’s backyard! They took old fabric and dresses and jazzed up the chairs they rented. Additionally, Ashley asked that everyone draw on the “table cloth” with encouraging words or illustrations as she’d be saving them and making into a book. I won’t get into details about some of the “anatomically correct” drawings that occurred! (payback for other drawings Dustin drew for Jonny + Ashley at their reception!)
After we hung out sipping on Ash’s infamous gin punch and a few more friends trickled in we sat down for a potluck Southern feast. There was delicious 15-hour pulled pork, mac-and-cheese, fancy potato salad and more then for dessert we noshed on Muriel’s poppy seed blueberry hand pies!

Stuffed full and proudly wearing a grin from ear to ear we watched the sun go down and then packed it up to move indoors where we played “heads up” which was hilarious since we were slightly intoxicated- and our friends are naturally silly!
The whole night we felt so lucky to have great friends that would put together a special night just for us, we are truly blessed, thanks Atlanta family!


14369746626_9684f68803_bMy good friends Jonny and Ashley exchanged vows in Florida but because they are loved so much by their Atlanta family who didn’t want to miss out on celebrating the nuptials we all pulled together and hosted a reception for them in their own backyard last month. I took on the duty of decorating with all of my rustic findings from home, including deer antlers, mason jars, drift wood, vintage Readers Digest and other knickknacks. Friends brought additional decor that really pulled everything together like flowers and burlap.

14206228048_653d28ea97_bThere are lots of special things about J+A’s home but one of the coolest parts is that they built the back porch all by themselves! Additionally they commissioned mutual friend Olive to do the bird mural on the back of their home. Bet you’re realizing why we choose to do it at their house!

14391796814_32e25632ee_b14206279230_4b3008394e_b14391794864_90dbc7567b_b14391790504_27d559195f_b14413020443_3c33f14e73_b14206607250_eb05cf3393_bEvent photography has always been at the top of my list of favorite things to photograph. I’m especially proud of these since I planned it, decorated and snapped the photos.  I couldn’t have done it without the help of many, so thanks! (y’all know who you are!)


13527839694_82f34364e5_bThis time last week I had the pleasure of visiting the all-female creative space Studio South.  They hosted an evening of networking, photoboothing, sipping and nibbling. One of the best parts of the night was that I was able to finally meet several people I had connected with online but hadn’t met in ‘real life’ such as photographer Paige Jones. While I was there I had my Mark II snapping photos of the amazing decor and styling. Really like how moody they turned out, take a look-

13527614683_4d2ddafa22_b13527607263_0523afb4f7_b 13527478045_0314380113_b13527471765_7d7c762df4_b 13527448015_aa286916a8_b13527553323_e56dc16d7c_b 13527779554_cd82fa6e5f_b13527816354_c6c3dc9539_bThe space is home to several photographers, a wedding planner, florist and calligrapher- talk about some creative ladies! Everyone was so kind and welcoming which made for a really good time!

Read more about the current residents of Studio South here.