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Getting our backyard the way we envision has been 3 years in the making, and is still continuing. Weekends at home are sometimes few and far between and most of our savings goes towards retirement (boring) or travel (now we’re talkin!) so we’ve just been taking our time and not stressing about it.

Recently we made a small update with a new umbrella that’s really elevated the space on our back porch- have a look!

Shopped around the web for the perfect vibe and fell for this canvas bohemian umbrella from World Market. It ended up going so well with current pieces I had like these vintage chairs and Ikea rattan ottomans.

Couldn’t wait for cooler temps so despite sweating our bums off, we set it up and popped open some bubbly with my bestie <3

With all the rain we get here, I currently have it stored away and the rattan is inside, but this setup is perfect for hosting guests until we get the stone area finished. Speaking of, Dustins’ working on that today. Next up, we’ll be working on a little fire pit area to the right of the above photo. One step at a time!


Dustin came up with the brilliant idea to transform our hosier cabinet into a bar and before he could even tell me the full thought I was taking out the stored bowls and knickknacks and moving over the booze.  SO PUMPED ON THIS! It really took our dining room up a notch.

Bitters on point but need to restock our alcohol. Dwindled down :P

Bought this ornament at West Elm for mine and Dustin’s first Christmas and never put it away because I love it so much. And now that it’s got this sweet flare from Floral Asheville, it’s pretty much never getting put away!

I realize a bunch of the photos look the same but I could not pick my favorites and these are even the narrowed down ones! The lighting was too good this morning.

Tomorrow I’m hitting up Scott’s Antique Market for the first time. Bringing some ladies and my camera. Hoping to find a few treasures. Keeping an eye out for brass candlestick holders, sugar molds and anything mid-century. Blog post to follow our adventure!



Dixon Rye is the Westside’s newest retail addition carrying an array of items for your home and tables.  It resides in the old Atlanta Iron Works building between tons of really great restaurants and the Westside Provisions District.

They invited media and friends over to take a peak at all their hard work and oh my did they do a fantastic job with the building’s makeover, it’s unreal dreamy – inside and out!

My date for the night was my Maid of Honor, the trendy Ashleigh-

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These chairs! I watched everyone pause and admire these beauties.. I may have gone back to them around eight times, so good!

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Bradley the owner, a Mississippi native, has helped opened 80+ West Elms across the US then he went back to school at SCAD Atlanta when he was 40 to get his interior design degree – Impressive resume right?? It’s no wonder Dixon Rye is stunningly curated!

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The indigo pillows were my favorite accents.  I’m not surprised since they look like our cyanotype wedding invites as well as the indigo table napkins we made, I don’t stray far from what I like!


My comfy outfit: Billabong kimono, Zara tank, Matt Bernson shoes, Madewell tote, TOMS sunglasses and Madewell necklace

Dixon Rye opened to the public yesterday so if you’re in the area, head over!

1085 Howell Mill Road


Originally I had written a whole bunch for this post and then something happened and none of it was saved. So I’m going to keep it short because, well, no one likes to do things twice so I’ll just let the photos do the talking *Insert wide-eyed emoticon here*

My buddy Kristie Jo moved to the Morningside area of Atlanta and I paid her a visit with camera in tow since her home decorating skills are always on point. I had planned to take interior photos but when I saw the porch situation I fell in love! Take a peek:



The prettiest blue eyed Siamese around, Miss Mod. Don’t let her fluff fool you, she’s tiny!


KJO watching one of the many hummingbirds that sipped and zipped by her feeder.


Our dinner was a tasty chicken caesar salad. Not pictured: the delicious champagne and St. Germain concoction she whipped up!


This is the entrance and front porch. The apartment is part of a three-story home with the owner living on floors one and three, unique right? He did a great job transforming the space!


Tucked inside city woods, this little space is the perfect hideaway. Still can’t believe she found it on Craig’s List, I swear these rad living spaces find her!

Thanks girl for letting me share your home!




Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the newest Atlanta West Elm, the 14,000 square foot Ponce City Market location!  The above photo is the living wall backdrop of their cashwrap. Nicole, the Director of PR for West Elm, explained to me that there’s an irrigation system installed in the reclaimed wood. Living artwork, how cool!

They salvaged the original floors and columns of the first tenants, Sears Roebuck. Read more about the history of Ponce City’s building on the trusty Wiki page here.


Local artist, Britt Bass, painted the art in the front window displays. She’s one of my favorites and definitely has West Elm vibes so her work fit in perfectly with the merchandise.


Can’t beat natural light and high ceilings!


The decor I favored most were the deep shades of navy and crisp whites. As it so happens, these are our wedding colors too! Additionally, we are registered at West Elm. Just putting that out there, heheh.


This location will be the third of it’s kind in the US with it’s Market that will brew local coffee as well as sell Market will include a coffee shop and an extension of West Elm’s kitchen, personal care, homescent, gifting, food and bath assortment.






One of the many many reasons I love West Elm is their support for local talent. In this shop alone they feature and sell 15 Georgia artisan’s goods. To see the full list, click here.

This store may be huge but since the merchandisers cleverly packed all 14,000 sqft. it makes it feel cozy and not like you’re perusing around a big, empty warehouse. Everywhere you turn, there are different vibes sure to please anyone’s style!

Hope you enjoyed my little preview of the store! Get over there and see for yourself!