This was the shortest part of the trip but maybe my favorite, this place is MAGICAL. Everyone needs to get out there and see the Joshua Tree National Park!


Our original plan for Saturday was to get up and enjoy the pool a bit then head back to Los Feliz for a lunch Court had planned. After chatting it up with Aleksandra, we both got really excited about the possibility of seeing Joshua Tree.  Ultimately decided it was worth skipping the luncheon and making the trek out to the real deal desert. We knew it was too hot to go out there during peak heat hours so we killed time on the Palm Springs strip. IT WAS A JOKE.  Felt like we were in Orlando or somewhere even cheesier.  Silly souvenir shops and overall not good shopping.  Best thing we found were the sunglasses in these photos, pretty stoked on these especially for $6, but still we both wish we would have skipped that and spent time around Joshua Tree’s strip instead. Live and learn!



Steson hat, cheapo shades, Free People X Trunk Ltd. shirt

When we got to the entrance it was the perfect lighting.  But there was a line to get in I mean, who would have thought at 6pm…. By the time we got in I was in “we’re missing premo light!!!” panic mode. For real, acting like a crazy person.  In my defense, it was so dreamy and I knew if I didn’t get hyped up I could lose the chance to get some great shots but I could have kept it a little more chill.  As mentioned in the last post, sometimes you just gotta enjoy life and not worry with photos but occasionally that thought goes out the dang window and I’m a weirdo.  That day, I was in that form.  Unfortunately, Court had to deal with it but turned it around with her amazing positivity and all was good!

She got me to step back and think “this is beautiful and I need to enjoy and capture what I can with the time we have” while learning that for the next time, get there with a lot of timing to explore and choose what location is most photogenic.  So take it from our hiccup, the place is gigantic and there are so many different areas and rock formations. We pulled over at the first pretty looking spot and I hit the ground running (literally.)






This dude scared us half to death! What looks like a rock in the desert, may not be a rock, watch where you step!

This dude scared us half to death! What looks like a rock in the desert, may not be a rock, watch where you step or sit!




I really do have this thing with plants <3

I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of these wacky plants back in 2007.  In route to Las Vegas on a buddy pass I got trapped in Phoenix and had to rent a car and drive to Vegas. Though it was annoying I was immediately thankful because the ride was so scenic! Tall-as-houses cacti and joshua trees. I was in love and been infatuated with cactuses ever since.


The lighting changed so much, kinda crazy that all these pics were taken in about an hour. The skies turned from gold to pink to a faded blue then got all kinds of MORE BEAUTIFUL like above. I’d love to take Dustin back and go camping (maybe glamping…) for a few days and get a longer experience. Thankful for the time we did get!

NEXT UP: some Greece, finally..

Happy almost weekend!


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