I love that social media has led me to discover brands I may have not stumbled upon since I don’t do a lot of IRL shopping. AUrate is one of those I’ve been fortunate to find-fine jewelry with no concessions-yes please!  I’ve partnered with them to make an introduction to my favorite people-thats YOU-or if you’re already in the loop, remind you of the existence of this topnotch line.

You shouldn’t have to choose between high quality, fair pricing and doing good. So we focused on what matters: durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving. Here’s to one less concession you have to make.

First thing you may wonder-what’s with the name? Well, I wondered the same. So it’s a combo of two things-AU is the chemical element for gold and rate represents the ethics behind the brand-something they are big believers in. Read more here.

The pieces I chose to add to my collection of everyday jewelry were the signet ring and the mini pyramid stud earrings

I’ve been wearing the ring as a midi since the GA heat turns my fingers into sausages and literally haven’t taken off the studs except when I want to pop in some statement earrings.

As a big fan of gold, this line is perfect for me, but if you’re more into silver or rose-they have those options as well.

We approach our jewelry design in the same way we approach our wardrobes – a solid foundation of well-made classics, with the occasional wild card to add a bit of interest.

Precisely how I’ve been approaching my wardrobe and jewelry box – solid classics with added punches – check out AUrate if you’re into the same!

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