since the snow storm we atlantans have been waiting patiently for some sunny days and low and behold-we received! naturally Kristie and i took advantage of the enjoyable temperatures and went around town hitting up some of the best antique shops such as Paris on Ponce, Scarlet Loves Retro and the Fainting Couch. my objective was to find the perfect desk for a small space in my bedroom and while i didn’t go home with the price-winner, i know there is the right one at the right price out there…somewhere…
needless to say we had a good time, here are some snaps of the adventure//
IMG_5663 copy
((L)) Kristie’s vintage oxfords && ((R)) my LuckyBrand boots
other outfit deetz:
Me: dress: UO, jacket//purse//sunnies//necklace: Vintage
KJO: dress: H&M, jacket: BillyReid, purse: Vintage Fendi, necklace: various

i am so so so so so so so so so so SO excited to finally be able to wear my Lucky boots that were a Christmas gift from mom! you see the day after NYE i broke a small toe on my right foot and since then it’s been comfort shoes only, which is not all that fun when you love to dress up. now the little guy is healed and i can sport these amazing green boots i’ve been dying to take for a spin-what do you think???
another [green] item i am ecstatic about is this jacket Kristie found at a yard sale and actually got on the free. when she came home and showed me i was ALL about it, begging her to trade it with something-anything of mine..she agreed and said we’d figure it out later-such a lovely friend i have ! :)) !
IMG_5665 copy
IMG_5668 copy
sitting in front of our dream vanity at the Fainting Couch looking distraught over her imaginary hubby who was sent off to war-“Oh Frederick….”
IMG_5673 copy
one of the hippest Creative Loafing distribution boxes in all of Atlanta, wishing i had this print as wallpaper!
IMG_5676 copy
i spy a lady friend!
IMG_5678 copy
whenever i get that huge porch i’ve always wanted, i will have some form of these metal rocking benches to sit and read on.
vintage sign at Scarlet Loves Retro
IMG_5680 copy
so there you have it, just a tidbit of our afternoon perusing around town checking out vintage.
as yesterday AND today have been nice as well all of atlanta is out and about. for the most part i spent yesterday at an office desk but today i did manage to get out to L5P via bike and get these legs a’movin!
tonight is a clothing swap + vino//potluck party with my ladies-will be sharing my trades later this week!

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