a new beginning awaits….

T Minus 5 hours till the new year!!!!!
(where I am….)
Just got home from work + running errands and about to start getting ready for The Black Lips show/NYE Bash over in East Atlanta Village. I have been wanting to post ALL week but literally just now have time, so sad, but I’m stoked to be sharing all this fabulous gear from Barneys CoOp holiday lookbook (picked up at Phipps plaza where I just discovered the branch-and am SO FREAKIN HAPPY-though I cannot afford much, a girl can always look!) Anyways I’ve got to keep this short due to the time crunch we’re on, seeing as how we are going to pre-party at a friends house….but yea…check this shiz out…
are these not the most gorgeous earrings you’ve ever laid  your eyes on?!?! the craftsmanship is impeccable!
this bag weighs a TON, I know this because I held it in the store (wishing, hoping, praying….that one day….yea, probably never…) so awesome though!
in high school I stretched my earlobes and the first set of earrings I had were these tapers that looked just like the tusk-like numbers on the left….these are much much more classy…also dig the wooded righties 
this is a bag one could use everyday, with every outfit. love love love!
these talon earrings are especially awesome, they are a little native with girly touches which I can always appreciate. look closely at the price && get a good laugh :) 
well those are my favs from the publication, hope you likey too!
I’m out to start curling my hair (which is probably pointless since the weather is super shitty) but hey-doesn’t every girl want to get glammed up & sparkly to ring in the New Year??

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