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Iphone Photo App Review!
just over a month ago sisters Elsie + Emma of A Beautiful Mess launched their super cute photo app and since day one I’ve been obsessed! I’ve always loved their doodles on their blog photos that they create using Photoshop and now for just .99 cents you can do it easily with their app and jazz up photos for your personal use, blog or Instagram (which is probably the most common use.) the application itself is quite simple: choose a photo from any of your photo libraries and start experimenting! they also offer some backgrounds if you just want to have a canvas vs. a photo, but I’ve stuck with spicing up my personal pics.  I wanted to share some of my creations and give a few tips as I’ve learned a thing or two from using the app quite a bit.
first, I’d like to think less is more with this app. so I typically do a little pre-editing of my pics using several different applications such as Afterlight, Camera+ and Mirrorgram. they offer a couple of filters with ABM but I prefer the ones through Afterlight the most. keeping it clean and simple with the doodles, borders and texts won’t distract from the actual image as that should be the main focus. 
the first .99cents will get you the app and some of the fonts/borders/doodles but add-on packages are available which I’d recommend because there’s some really cute additions and they are also just .99cents! I think I’ve spent a total of $4.00 and it’s worth it, especially with the fun fonts.
one of the small details in this app that I noticed right off the bat was how polite it is when you want to start over. it asks “are you sure you want to start over?” and you click “No Thanks” or “Yes Please” – that little detail made me say to myself, “how sweet!” and I think it shows this is something that was made with love. 
a small detail adds new life to a simple photo!
using this app has added some uniqueness to my Instagram and also helped gain some new followers through hashtaging #ABeautifulMess. originally, my one concern with the software is that the quality of my photos seemed to get slightly less crisp, however, that is something that has been worked out through an update so all is well and I fully recommend this app to anyone with an Iphone or Android!

Available through Itunes + App Store

Thanks Elsie+Emma for allowing us to have a piece of ABM!

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    June 19, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    The App isn’t available for Android until late Summer :( Love the pics

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    Candle Spas
    June 24, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Great first app review!

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