Recently had my third roommate switch-a-roo and thus gone through yet another phase of home decor in the loft which to me is both fun and refreshing.  Each time I’ve deep cleaned and moved furniture since the roommate moving out has taken chucks of the living room with them, though most of the overall housewares are mine.  One thing I love about my place is the amount of plants.  A neighbor that was leaving gifted me tons of tropical plants and I’ve collected a bunch myself so my home feels as if it’s an indoor garden!  This is not always the case as plants come and go, I sorta got my dad’s green thumb but sometimes plants just die for no good reason. Two of my plants were grown from clippings of a 24 year old plant my parents have had since my youngest brother was born!  I enjoy getting inspired from Pinterest and not just fashion-wise but also for the home and thought I’d share some of my favorite rooms with plants:

briemery 16house tumblr birchandbird localmilk DLF fp freepeopleapartmenttherapyThis one doesn’t have quite as many plants but it actually has many components that are currently in my loft such as a chalkboard wall (that’s in our kitchen), an antique dining room table that my mom has let me borrow and many skulls around the house, mostly deer.


1//Design Love Fest, 2//16House, 3//Tumblr (sorry dead end), 4//Birch and Bird, 5//Local Milk, 6//Design Love Fest, 7&8//Free People, 9//Apartment Therapy and lastly 10//Leena Reena

Plants are great for many reasons not only do they add life to your home but they add color and most importantly they also improve the air you breath!  A while ago I did a DIY post for Common Creativ with plants, see post here.  Expect to see more posts like this coming soon from a new contributor, Ciara of Glass and Stable! Get inspired by visiting my Walls & Rooms Pinterest board!


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