Things have been s.o. great lately! Last week went to two different concerts and by different I mean the sounds were complete oppisite (as well as the crowd) on Wed was Bright Eyes w/special guest Maria Taylor-so much fun and totally fell in love with Maria. I actually lived with her cousin two years ago but never really checked out her music, until my friend Justinn (girl) burned me her two albums. Bright Eyes was amazing as I expected, Conner is so musically gifted.

On Saturday went back to Birmingham to see WideSpread Panic. One of the b.e.s.t. set lists they have played since I’ve been following them. That whole evening just went so well, we ate an incredible meal at a friend of a friend’s place and went to the show with nose bleed tickets only to be handed FREE floor tickets. Our luck was just happenin that night.

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