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Merry Merry Christmas to ALL!

Happy Holidays to everyone from

woke up surprised to find that even the south is getting ((somewhat)) of a white Christmas with big fluffy flurries, while it’s not the kind that sticks it does make you smile. hope everyone is getting in some good quality family time and you aren’t suffering from the same sickness as i,

Fashion Week After-Partiezzzz!

as im sure you’ve all gathered by now, i LOVE to party! if i had the chance to go to New York Fashion Week, one of the many things i’d look forward to would be the AFTER PARTIES! half of the event seems to be dinners, parties, events & socializing. Vogue.Com covered the behind the scenes moments that your average blogger chick only dreams of, take a looky and get ready for YOUR WEEKEND!

pretty headgear, a must in every party girls wardrobe!

yes, please.

look closely at the table, are those FOX TAILS clips? i want some fur flair so badly!

looks like a scene out of a gossip girls ((not that i watch, but after reading only one book)) i can see this occuring..

lumberjack will never die! and im ok with that.

fashion forward cuties!

at Iggy Pop!

Rachel’s hair is perfection.

such a cute, reserved couple

someone channeling Cher?

yes, you are both cute.

im interested in this leggings? tights? ??

short hair, specs, lip & cheek color are all RIGHT ON. im going to rock some menswear hard this fall, can’t wait!

DVF’s show was one of my favs, her bold patterns and eyewear were fabulous!

nice twist on the classic baseball tee!

the photos are from parties such as:
Fashion’s Night Out//DVF//Iggy Pop at Don Hill’s and Rag & Bone After-party//Tommy Hilfiger 25th Anniversary Party//Last Night at Marc Jacobs and the journal//
happy friday && the end of NYFW!

A Crystal Castles Flashback

hello beautiez!
hope the weekend was splendid, always is here in Atlanta :)) and esp one that includes Sloppy Seconds…those photos will appear soon but i am really looking forward to sharing my pics from the Wednesday night Crystal Castles show! no joke-i am still sore! we were beaten to hell and back fighting to keep our close spots and even though it was brutal beyond any description, it was totally worth it!
carpooled with fellow lady friendz:
Natalie, Ashleigh, Myself, Elizabeth
Gina Marie addition-whoot!
two stylish friendz of friendz && newly acquired bathroom buddiez!
Gina && Taylor ready for the show to begin!
met up with megan and her mustard dress was totes eye-catching! she is also wearing Dolce Vita boots for Target that i actually picked up yesterday ((pumped!-even though all my friends have them, whatevs-TWINKIES!))
these boots will N.E.V.E.R. be the same. seriously. may be ruined but they are now my token i-don’t-give-a-shit-if-people-spill-booze-on-my-feet-boots ! and it’s always nice to have a pair of those. my tights would seem ruined to some eyes but for me-perfection-and i esp love cause it’s all dIY and will only get better!
outfit deetz:
dress: 2nd-Hand Urban Renewal, bag//boots: Vintage, tights: Gap ((have them in 3 colors!)), bow: My Personal Vintage, had since 3rd grade or so!, watch: non-working white Power Ranger ((vintage? kinda.)) eyemakeup: Urban Decay
Elizabeth! also rockin tights, and mighty neat ones too! her ((real!)) specs are uber great as well//she is all around a.d.o.r.b.z.
wearing: vintage top//purse//bow, BDG shorts, UO flats
the masquerade
we were in the “Heaven” section, but the crowd obviously doesn’t believe in harmony as we literally had to fight for our lives! Elizabeth and i ended up being the only ones to stick it out in front, the others moved back to a safe distance. just recapping is making me realize more and more how NUTTY it really was.
cheerz to the GOLDEN YEARZ!
on a serious note:
i ((+ We)) reached a whole new level of DRENCHED at this show! never have i ever been this covered in others sweat, my own, beer, and whatever else was being slung in the air.
and that should impress because i’ve been to a lot of music, of all kinds and can honestly say that this was insane.

.fo real.
all bl▲ck EVERYTHING
Colin && ▲driana
front row warriorz show no sweat shame!
what a fabulous time, i definitely recommend paying them a visit if coming to Your city!

Crystal Castles

i have been waiting for tonight for some time now and been listening to Crystal Castles nonstop getting myself uber pumped for tonight’s show at the Masquerade! here are some images of the bandmates to get myself even more hyped as im about to start planning the outfit and getting ready for the pre-show dinner with my friend Elizabeth.

all photos found via by untrust_me via photobucket, Cobrasnake, Sekasortoa,, and two different tumblr accounts i couldn’t locate!

i absolutely adore her style && haircut, really looking forward to seeing her preform and will def be snapping some photos of the cutie!

happy HUMP day!

an eclectic afternoon..

▶▶atlanta street style▶▶
since moving to atlanta i have always thought that the local fashionistas needed to be given the credit they deserve and that someone should shed that light via street style photos. a little bit a go, i realized that “someone” should be ME! i have long kept up with my own outfits and admired so many others, well now, i’m going to do the best of both worlds. i am still going to post my own looks ((always!)) but definitely want to give credit, where credit is due to those other fashion forward folks out on the streetz!
yesterday i had planned to attend the free in-store Tegan & Sara show at Criminal Records in Little Five Points and being that it’s in a hip part of town i thought it’d be a great day to break into the street style scene. it went very well, and with the help of my new camera-Canon Rebel 500D-i got some great shots of many laid back looks!
the manager at Rag-O-Rama, one of my favorite second hand shops, surely knows how to rock the knee highs! a look i’m def going to try this fall!
outside the show i spotted this local fashion student dressed to the nines. when asked if he was dying from the scorching heat he replied “hell yea i am, but it’s totally worth it!” and yes, he’s looking mighty sharp!
another show goer sporting a vintage acid-washed tee tied in a side bow, a style i love to rock when wearing over-sized tees.
this friendly lady is a comic book artist and really good at what she does, as i was able to see some of her sketches later in the day over at Java Lords. loving her fun mix of colors and those rad sneakers!
pretty flare!
cyclist Joey wearing a vintage eye-catching Hawaiian top, very appropriate for this H.O.T. afternoon!
such a nice color combo, but i must say this photo does not do this outfit justice, i wish you could see her gold accents better because it really gave the overall look a nice touch. chloe works at American Apparel and was showing me all these new high-waisted shorts they recently got in, i am on a mission to at lease have 1-2 colors very soon! i actually found the top she is wearing at Rag-O-Rama in grey, super pumped about my newest crop-top addition!
not only was i attracted to the colors of this top but also the cut, really like the longer sides-very unique.
these dudes were great, they are sporting some hand-crafted shades by a NY lady friend, aren’t they fabulous?! you go boyz!!
check out amber’s adorable gremlin tattoo! she turned out to be a friend of friends and after chatting it up we snapped some photos and talked music, it’s nice living in a city where you can meet folks you kinda already know.
rrrrreally loving the choice of colors in her outfit, red definitely suits her-right?!
.a natural.
checking out some threads outside of Rag-O-Rama, wearing some vintage roping boots i’ve been on the hunt for-for no joke, over 2 years! haven’t found the perfect fit yet, but one day, these fabulous boots will fall right
admiring this stellar 90’s grunge revival jumper, don’t know if she ended up purchasing, but i sure hope it makes it into a good home!
her friend also had some nice kicks, vintage Aigner oxfords, adorbs!
this tattooed southern belle was sporting a lovely Urban Renewal dress in the prettiest shade of blue, complimented her skin and hair color nicely.
and lastly, laura, a Brazilian fashion designer who turned out to be the friendliest person i’ve met in a very long time! she actually made the top she is wearing and has some other designs in this Bill Hallman as well. she mostly designs tops & dresses-check out her designs at
i am very grateful for all of the excellent feedback i got while out on the street scene, everyone was very kind and supportive-thanks so much everyone!
totally wanting to hit up some other neighborhoods because Little Five Points is just the tip of the city iceberg when it comes to fashion!