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In addition to swimming in cenotes and experiencing in-Mexico-only adventures I had one big request on our to do list- visit Coqui Coqui-a hotel, perfumery, spa and restaurant on the beach. We almost didn’t fit it in our busy schedule but on the last day, just hours before our flight, we got in a visit.

The building is a unique kind of rustic. Definitely has Mayan vibes with the stone work with added minimal chic touches in the decor and furnishings.  I really like the flat roofs and linear walls. The owners did a fantastic job adding just the right amount of details while keeping it simple.


Even outside the door to the perfumery you can smell all the beautiful scents and inside it’s awesome, so many flavors mixing. Not overwhelmingly just right.

We smelled each scent and picked out the coco coco for both myself and his mom. Runner ups were- tobacco, orange, agave.

I mostly went with coco coco because I wanted to be reminded of the ocean and beach every time I wore it!

I just had to have one of these pitches and went with the smaller one on the right. The glaze looks solid but when you look close it’s somewhat crackled, like it’s vintage. Currently sitting on the counter top just being all cute and chubby.


Wearing my trusty Stetson, Ace + Jig top, Anthropologie pants, Birks and Le Spec shades

The hotel actually only has 6 rooms which fill up fast. Man, just looking through these images I’m re-inspired!

Have a good weekend!!



Sale alert! Shopbop is giving their friends and family (that’s YOU!) 25% off the entire site with the code SPRING25! Ends tomorrow at midnight so take advantage fast! I collected some favorites, here’s the breakdown—

1// Ordered this Free People dress for the upcoming Hangout Music Fest! It can be found here.

2// Spring calls for the perfect woven basket tote, like this Clare V. Kenya bag. It can be found here.

3// Bring on the sun! As well as mirrored lenses, these Ray-Bans can be found here.

4// Step into this Spring’s hottest shoe trend, espadrilles, with these fun Tory Burch kicks. Find them here.

5// Spring cleaning calls for an update on some home decor, do it with some boho flare. Find this dreamy dream catcher here.

6// Speaking of shades, how cute is this mug?! Use it for those homemade iced coffees, find it here.


This Christmas was the first holiday that Dustin and I divided things up between both of our families versus having to choose one or the other. It felt so good feeling the start of our own little family happening and having each other during all the traditions. Next Christmas we’ll have the same last name-crazy!

This year we first went out to Alpharetta for an early celebration of Winchester festivities and gift exchange both on Dec. 14th and the 21st — he’s got a large family and is the oldest of six!  Next we went to Alabama to hang out with the Smith crew. We kept the four days in Tuscaloosa very low key, which is exactly what we needed after packing and moving over the course of two weeks. For nearly the entire holiday we stayed in stretchy pants and lounged around. We cooked a bunch of yummy food, watched several traditional Christmas flicks (i.e. Christmas Vacation, Home Alone) played Cards Against Humanity and consumed copious amounts of wine. The second to last day I actually put on makeup and non-stretchy clothes and we explored around the wooded back yard, that was until I realized Frye boots are not make for hiking (or at least not these boots!)  My parents backyard is beautiful and leads down to a pretty big creek, here’s my one non-pajama look from this week:

Most of this outfit is new, but the newest piece is the Kate Spade sunglasses given to me from my younger brothers girl friend, Emily, thanks girl! Love the mother of pearl detail, these are definitely my go-to shades of the moment.  This was my first time wearing these boyfriend jeans I bought at Urban Outfitters and I really like the fit, though I think the next outfit I pair these with will I’ll have a more feminine shirt.

Details – Shirt/ Target, Jeans/UO, Sunglasses/ Kate Spade, Boots/Frye, Beanie/H&M
Today we fly into Denver, CO and then travel a few more hours into Beaver Creek to go skiing for a week. I’m both nervous and excited since I know it’ll be beautiful but also haven’t skied since I was 19 and I’ve broken many bones since that time. I plan to take lessons the first day out there as it’s been recommended that I do so. I’m taking my camera so expect a big recap post next week. Until then, enjoy ringing in the new year!


Lately I’ve been purging my closet by selling, trading and donating unwanted clothes.  My goal is to have more of a “capsule wardrobe” of quality pieces that are more timeless/classic vs. on trend though I know myself and will likely grab a few trendy articles here and there. One color I noticed that is still in abundance is black.  That’s probably because I’ve always felt like head-to-toe black is so chic but I usually like to add a few pops of other colors to break it up.  Definitely ok with having a black wardrobe especially when it comes to Fall and Winter-black clothes in the South during Summer gets a little trickier. Scroll down for outfit details!
What I’m wearing: Free People top, UO bra and jeans, Madewell tote, Nine West boots, TOMS shades, Ali Sage necklace, Chanel lipstick


I’ve had this H&M hat for a few years now. Guess it goes to show that if you take care of cheaper stores’ products they can actually last! I wore it last week when I hosted a wine party at my home’s atrium and wore it again when I had lunch with some friends in Grant Park. 14941346188_d2f7698d38_k
The wine party was part of our monthly vino club which almost every time has a theme. The theme wasn’t a dress code but rather all things picnic.  Almost every lady brought a picnic blanket so we had a huge patchwork area to sit! I got pre-occupied by food and wine and chatting and never took a good photo of ALL the food-there was a ton! Only thing I snapped was this cute cheese and champagne grape plate brought by Harmony.
Wearing a C&C California romper,  H&M hat, Birkenstocks, Madewell necklace

This was my first time experimenting with live garland. I followed a simple online tutorial that uses a leafy green. The instructions were to alternate overlapping and wire every 4-6 inches with floral wire-so easy! If I were doing it for say, my wedding, I’d definitely use a thicker plant or layer a lot more.

Saturday after lunch we walked over to Oakland Cemetery before the blazing heat ran us off. Then went home and chilled out, napped and then went out to Dragon Con.  I put together a very last minute costume of a vintage sailor romper and gold crescent moons painted on my face for a “sailor moon” outfit-silly but it did the trick!
Wearing an Urban Outfitters top, Free People shorts, Kenzie sandals, Madewell bag, TOMS sunglasses, H&M hat and Golden Stella necklace.

I popped into Free People to see if they had any Labor Day sale and they did! Got an extra 20% off sale and scored these high-waisted lace shorts for less than $20!
We did some work around the house, made breakfast everyday and hung out with friends. Though we didn’t leave town for the long weekend like we originally planned-it was a nice holiday spent in Atlanta!