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This time last week Dustin and I were planning to hit the gym after we finished our work day but then decided a sunset picnic at Piedmont Park sounded better! In order to make it somewhat exercise we opted to ride our bikes to Wholefoods for the groceries and then take the Beltline to the park. We picked up wine, cheese, chicken salad, fruit and tabouli salad. On the way we stopped at this in-progress mural that Hense is working on, it’s changed a little bit since then but still the same concept. Found this sweet little leaf that was given a makeover during the process —
Wearing — Anthropologie top, Citizen jeans, Birkenstocks, TOMS shades

We set up the picnic at a dock on the pond. We didn’t know that shortly after assembling everything we’d be ambushed by ducks but they ended up leaving us alone.  That was until these two Turkish women brought bags of old bread and started feeding them, then it was a frenzy! Even a catfish and turtle showed up to get in on the crumbs, that was pretty darn cute!

Cheers! Does this look inconspicuous since it’s in a coffee cup?!

After finishing dinner and enjoying the sunset we hopped back on the bikes and headed home. I just love the convenience of my current location to everything and being able to travel on bikes!

Have a great weekend!

Little Striped Dress

Since it seems I’ve come down with something and I don’t feel well, thinking allergy related, I’m going to keep this short. I’ve worn each of the following pieces sometime on the blog but here is a look I wore out to dinner Sunday night:

12961305214_966eb7dfab_b12961299314_1eae09b470_b12961018443_5ae4421b8d_bHere is the new tattoo I got done at Southern Star Tattoo on Valentines Day night with Dustin. Like I mentioned, his is a larger version of this puzzle piece but we both wanted the same one as we think of each other as the other’s fitting piece.  I’m so in love with this little tat, healed so quickly and looks great!

12961303384_eced1594fc_bI’m wearing a cape I got from a friend, Loft dress, Nine West shoes, Madewell socks and TOM sunnies.

Even though I’m not feeling well I’ve got a fun weekend to look forward to and supposedly Georgia is going to be sunny and WARM! Enjoy the rest of your work week, Flashy.


I’ve always loved the ‘milk maid’ braids look and recently attempted with my thick hair. After many failed attempts I enlisted my boyfriend to help. I found a four-braid style that mimicked the milk maid look on Pinterest and together we accomplished a woven braid “nest” that ended up turning out really neat! As my hair gets longer it should become easier to braid.  I thought it was the cutest thing ever as Dustin was braiding my hair he said “you know where I learned to do this, Boy Scouts but with leather and tree bark!” Gah, I love this guy!


After we finally got the braids to hold Dustin took me to downtown Roswell to check out a few antique shops, art galleries and get in some freelance work snapping street style pics for Jezebel. We went to Ceviche and had some really great lettuce fish tacos and explored around the quaint streets before ending our adventure sipping wine on the lawn of a picnic area connected to Nine Street Kitchen.

12895022765_11378e61e8_b12895437124_1f79df8276_b12895114353_28d3430200_b12895443764_c0966b769e_bWearing: H&M jacket, Loft top, H2O jeans, Nine West boots, Kate Spade purse that you could say I’m mildly obsessed with-especially the tassel!

12896373325_dcae59b8dd_b 12896455765_91fe10295e_b

This past weekend we carpooled down to Alabama from GA with my little brother to celebrate our Dad’s 50th birthday. Yes, fifty. My parents are both young considering I’m turning 28 on the 25th but they met young, married young and started a family young.  I’ve always loved having young parents, it’s like we all grew up together!  Friday we got margaritas and Mexican at the local Jalapenos and took the party back to their house. Saturday we went out to Bower’s Park to play disc golf-think golf but with frisbees.  We split up into two teams-me and my parents against Dustin, Brad (brother) and Emily (bro’s gf)-and played all 18 holes. What’s so neat about this course is that it’s actually in hilly woods so you feel like you’re hiking (because you ARE!)  We had stopped by Which Wich for lunch and ate on a bridge that we found along the course until it literally BROKE (oddly enough it was right after I had taken a seat…) and we all freaked and finished our food on hard land.
The game was close but Dustin’s team ended up winning. Since the weather was so incredibly nice we ended up doing some more hiking behind my parents yard because it’s pretty much a mountain’s valley. We found the creek and walked around finding salamanders until it was time to eat dinner. Mom made white bean chicken chili that we all devoured. Seriously could not have asked for a better weekend with my family!

black, white and khaki

12804354235_81bee9b229_bI don’t know about your city but Atlanta’s temperatures have plummeted once again.  We had another cold front roll through and it feels like we may not get Spring for a little while longer.  I’ve seen it snow in March in Alabama so I try not to get my hopes up with warmer days until around April. This outfit is from a few weekends ago when Dustin and I went shopping around Atlantic Station. We each splurged at H&M getting basics and the pieces we wore on Valentines Day.
12806040385_3ea3826475_b12804435973_98ff4fab45_b12804333165_e6656dee29_b12804756714_510bb3a559_b 12804358375_af8a5e866b_bWearing my all-time favorite jacket by BB Dakota, Free People top, Gap khakis, Nine West booties, TOMS shades and Kate Spade purse.

Currently on my last lunch break at the Mart. My boss couldn’t make it in today so I’m holding down the showroom fort solo, a bit anti-climatic if you ask me but I’m definitely happy for the new beginnings to happen on Monday!


it’s time for another COMMON CREATIV x LF D+DIY!
this month’s is a fruity vino and easy nail art how-to
-Georgia peaches, apricot, blueberries, lemons, chardonnay and seltzer-
visit CommonCreativ for instructions!
wearing: Free People top, Nordstrom Rack maxi, Frye sandals, Betty Carre druzy necklace
in the post I talk about how to create salon style nails with a few easy steps. my roommate and i combined nail polish forces and came up with this combination for her nails:
extending lines past nail bed onto skin and later clean off with a q-tip and polish remover will give your brushstroke a clean finish. 
Lisbeth’s confetti ring: vintage
both are pretty simple “projects” and they each have their benefits.  be sure to check out the rest of the post and my geometric press-on army green concoction!