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Leslie Tessler is a designer who’s put a spin on a classic piece and made modern, wearable cape jackets. She is based between Buenos Aires and New York and is paying us a visit this weekend in Atlanta! She’ll be showcasing her new cape designs at a private trunk show and I’m so excited to attend! Wanted to share some of her collection with you here on the blog and if you live in (or around) Atlanta and would like to attend, please let me know!
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“I have been collecting and wearing vintage capes for as long as I can remember. I searched the globe for updated versions and could never find any with as much character as my vintage pieces. So I created this line of women’s capes for clients who are looking for a modern twist on a timeless classic.” -Leslie Tessler
My Wishlist:
Aren’t these darling??!
Can’t wait to see them in person. I currently own a cape jacket that a friend gave me in March, posted about it here. I’d love to add another piece to my wardrobe as they are very practical jackets. You can throw it over many layers and still be able to move around. I’ll definitely document this weekend, don’t you worry! Check out more of her designs on her site,


so my day was just made with a little email from The Trend Boutique telling me that I was picked to be featured as their “BLOGS WE LOVE” blog for this week! *squeal!*


as mentioned in an earlier post i had the pleasure of teaming up with 7 other Atlanta Style Bloggers for the W ThinksPINK Cure on the Catwalk event on Sept 27th. We were each paired with a breast cancer survivor and given a specific boutique in Buckhead to “shop” for our model’s look. unfortunately my model couldn’t make it and poor Ebony of Fashionista Next Door couldn’t attend so i was paired up with her model and visa versa. they had picked out two looks and i got to choose the final outfit so in a way i was able to “style” a runway look :) here’s the press photos by Sara Hanna Photography and a few i snapped during the event. 
IMG_1019 IMG_1110 IMG_1497 IMG_1107 IMG_1273 IMG_1317 IMG_1355 cure_2 IMG_1370 IMG_1258 cure_4
fellow Atlanta Style Bloggers who attended-Miss Natalie of Pocket of Phresh and Kel Cadet of R-ki-Tekt


all in the detail!
Kensie dress, hair by Van Michael salon, Target shoes (Dolce Vita knockoffs!) 

thanks to the W Buckhead for having us, Atlanta Style Blogger Mattie James for inviting me to participate, both my awesome models and the Pink Heels Foundation for starting an organization for strong woman!


up next: tomorrow my D+DIY column (actually from Sept but pushed till now) is getting posted…lil hint: the craft is a throw back to my hippie days!