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This past weekend Dustin and I went on a inpromptu trip with my brother and his wife down to Edisto, SC. We got in late Friday night and went to the beach all day Saturday — playing in the waves, throwing frisbees and super bouncy ocean toys and sipping island drinks. On Sunday we did a quick run through of Charleston as Dustin and I hadn’t been there before–I know, I know..HOW have we not been there?! Unsure because it’s absolutely adorable! We walked along The Battery and Rainbow Row taking in the sights. I quickly took notice to the amazing windows and the mini gardens hanging outside of them. The shutters were also super neat–even found one with crescent moons! Before it was too late and we were no longer passing along said windows, I snapped some of my favorites:


As I’m typing this Dustin is waiting in the car for me as we are leaving for yet another trip! This one has been planned for some time now. We are heading to FL to meet up with my parents and then driving down to Key Largo for a week of deep sea fishing! Have a good rest of the week!

Next up: I’ll be sharing more photos from Charleston!


really excited to share my newest adventure with the artsy folks of
Common Creativ
in a nutshell the site is a group of Atlanta-based artistic professionals coming together and covering all things creative in our city. my column is called DIY + DRINK which is a monthly instructional write-up of a project including tips and tricks + a tied in drink recipe.
for the first post i did a little gardening project with some succulents as well as gave general information on indoor gardening.
▶▶▶ first things first-check out the yummy drink i crafted-
▶▶▶ extremely easy and so refreshing (one might consider it healthy..?)
to see the finished result as well as the Common Creativ editors and i enjoying a few cold ones-click HERE.
▶▶▶ next is the mini succulent center piece, windowsill or mantel art:
diy_1 copy
▶▶▶ few cheap ingredients…
diy_2 copy
▶▶▶ seperated the rocks by colors, got real ocd with it but the turn out was pretty cool! though if i were to do it over i’d use much larger pebbles, you could even use seaglass, shells or anything else you have in quantity-get crafty!
diy_3 copy
▶▶▶ the left-most little guy is a “living rock” so if you really lack a green thumb scoop up one of these. he was given to me on my birthday from Erin of Imagination Head and is still thriving with little to no attention! the specific plants you choose will determine their location in your home, mine are in a window seal for optimal light.

▶▶▶ please visit CommonCreativAtlanta(dot)com and check out my story in full as well as other the other stories written by fellow crafty Atlanta locals! 
▶▶▶ do feel free to wind down on this Hump Day evening with a Lady Flashback Mother Earth Mojito!