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but really, beachwear.

Couldn’t be happier to be back on our favorite US island, Daufuskie, for the long weekend.

As for my holiday wardrobe, brought along my favorite Summer staples including this newish Free People kimono.


I don’t go bold with many articles of clothing these days but this gal, begs to be blown in the wind and captured.

Tree moment happened with a simple question directed at Dustin “if you were an artist and I was your muse, what photograph would you want to capture right now?”

And suddenly I was climbing a tree. I asked for it, and he delivered! My tactic worked! Coming to an Insta feed near you :)

And just to keep it real, this hat would not stay on, haha!

Love this place, love this look, love yall!


With a small, capsule-esque wardrobe like mine, the easiest way to repurpose an outfit a few different ways is with subtle changes, like the accessory’s color. I did this recently with a cropped sweater. I wore it with brown shoes and a straw bag then wore again with a new black beaded bag and mules- I liked the different vibes the slight change gave the outfit. If you’re a belt kind of gal, that’s also an option. Somehow, I currently do not own a single belt!


Burnt orange pairs nicely with both brown and black, just switch up small jewelry as well and you’ve got two fairly different looks.


I am such a big fan of these Soludos mules! Atlanta’s already getting hot, so I’ve been subbing these in for my classic black boot for work. Perfect combo of classy and comfy. They also come in tan, thinking I could put some miles in them as well- I love them that much! This is something I have done several times, find a shoe I like and buy in black and brown, especially for reasons like above!


No surprise I shopped and shopped for the perfect outfits for Mexico. Vacation wardrobe is best life. Also not shocking that a lot of it was found way last minute-it’s how I roll. Not going to blow anyones mind with the fact that most were dresses and rompers. Your girl has a type, and easy to grab and go is a must. Especially with our hectic travel “plans” – always bouncing from one destination to another within a destination. Below are my most loved outfits I wore to Vallalodid and Isle Mujeres, Mexico.

Obsessed with small prints. This H&M dress was a last minute score. So flowy and comfortable to high tail it to see the sun set on the streets of Vallalodid. More Spring staples here.

This Vetiver jumpsuit was my first ever Poshmark purchase. I couldn’t be more happy with it. So airy and breathable for walking around blazing hot Mayan ruins. More jumpsuits here.

Found this Free People two piece set last season and knew I had to save for Mexico. Wore it together and as separates. More Free People here.

This dress was a short lived outfit around Vallalodid with the wind. Tad bit short and had to walk around holding her down haha, but LOVE the color and will be wearing around town asap. More Spring dresses here.

Lastly, probably my favorite. Can’t go wrong throwing on a fun crop top and short. Picked up both of these with the first dress from H&M. Never gravitated towards yellow, but this pale linen top is dreams! More crop tops here.

Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!


Let’s talk trends. Well, one in particular. The wide leg pant. I don’t even know if you should call this a trend, because in my mind, it’s more of a classic that’s come back. But either way, it’s hit and I hope, here to stay for a while.

Last Fall I bought a pair from Madewell, called the Emmett. She’s high-waisted, wide throughout the leg, has the perfect amount of stretch and cropped above the ankle. I’ve been rocking them through all the seasons!

Since the successful release of this color, they’ve come out with a jean version I really dig and feel like my closet needs. I mean, as you can see, she’s very versatile!Here are a bunch of other great wide cropped jeans.

Which outfit above is your favorite? I vote for the last one, which is the most current way I wore them, or the mustard top. Obsessed with both rust and mustard these days and not afraid of mixing both in one look!


Have you tried the monochrome look? I’ve definitely done denim on denim but this may be the only monochrome vibe I can do with my current wardrobe. I felt so cute and chic in this!

Wish these jeans were higher waisted, they’d be more flattering, but I couldn’t pass up these Free People jeans while shopping in Boulder. They were on sale for $25 and have gold details- a rarity I have found.

Speaking of sale, a top favorite online retailer, Shopbop is having one of their biggest sales starting today – with your early access via your girl ;)

Use code EVENT19 for 20% off order under $500 and 25% off order over $500 – includes both on sale items and full priced!

To shop a similar vibe, and take advantage of Shopbop’s sale – here are some links I’ve made for quick access to white crop tops, white denim and Converse sneakers.

Have quite a bit of white items packed for our trip to Mexico which begins tomorrow, but tight skinny jeans aint one! The highs are supposed to be in the 90s, can’t wait! So much so, last night I had pre-trip insomnia, my coworkers were like no way but I’m curious, does that happen to you? As a kid it was anticipating Christmas morning, as a 33 year old adult, it’s getting out of Atlanta for a week!

Happy shopping! Next up: Mexico recap!