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When you hear “20 million daffodils” you gas up the car and go!

And that we did, a few weekends back. While Dustin is a skeptic to believe there was actually 20 million, I’m terrible at math and am a believer, I mean, they just went on and on and on- as far as the eyes could see. With all the trees still in dormancy, the flowers really shined!

What I wore – Madewell overalls, thrifted Banana Republic sweater, Frye boots and Brixton hat

You’ve probably figured out my love for all things onesie- overalls, jumpers, coveralls- can’t get enough! Here are some great options if you’re looking to try for yourself or add to your growing collection, like me! In particular I gravitate towards overalls like the above Madewell or a classic Levis, but explore for yourself, more options, click here.

These were Dustin’s favorite, they were more petite than the others. Working on this post, I got curious. How many daffodil types are there? So, I Googled. Including hybrids, THERE ARE 13,000 TYPES! What?! That’s crazy! Not sure how many varieties we saw, but with “20 million” probably a lot! ;)

These were my favorite!

This is a “paperbush” tree aka Edgeworthia Chrysantha – how stinking cute?! Wish you could smell through the screen because those lil bushes are so deliciously fragrant. We had one for a while, but it recently bit the dust. Yes, even a blessed green thumb has casualties…

To quote D “I’m wearing my wife’s color palette now” haha but it looks good right?!

Gorgeous and easy trip outside of the city. There’s always something in bloom too – visit the gardens to see what’s fresh!

Next up, some exciting SALE news, details to follow!


You guys, I found the most perfect denim dress!  Last week I wore it three days in a row and I’m not embarrassed to say that.  It’s that freakin good. Here she is >>>>

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Who’s ready for the weekend?! *raises hand

We have a packed schedule! Goes something like this: The High Museum tonight, tomorrow going glasses shopping (yep, found out I have astigmatism and need specs) followed by snapping a surprise proposal, then Sunday we are going to Oysterfest and an Oscars party.

So ready to get it started!


This outfit has been on repeat in various combinations.  In case you didn’t know, all about comfort!


Details: Madewell under shirt, jeans, purse and hat  /  Penfield jacket  /  Gap sweater  /  Chuck Taylor hightops

Hope you all have a great weekend!

weekend wear 01

14058743414_abdcb73faf_bWeekend Recap:

Friday evening was date night for Dustin and I at a new spot in town called Sweet Auburn Barbecue in the Highlands.  We had heard it was a must visit from so many friends so we wanted to give it a go. I knew I’d like it right off the bat after walking in and spotting rustic decor and a vintage American flag. We each ordered a specialty cocktail and meat platter for dinner consisting of BBQ pulled pork and sides. I got the Sweet Water 420 baked beans and mac-n-cheese he got the grits and brussel sprouts. We were blown away! Seriously.  The baked beans were my favorite part, they had the perfect amount of added bacon.  We were so full after devouring we couldn’t fathom getting dessert, that was until we were literally convinced by a neighbor at our communal table to try the banana pudding-so we made room and were glad we did!  As any Southern dessert should, the yummy dessert was served in a cute little mason jar.

14078333343_4362015a06_b14058300375_4a2637e9e0_b14058739144_7658775c58_bI’m wearing: Michael Kors top, Jcrew purse, Free People hat and jeans, TOMS sunglasses and Sam Edelman boots

Then on Saturday I went out to Arabia Mountain with a local singer songwriter named Sydney Ward to shoot photos for a soon to launch website called “I Spy Atl.” Sydney and I both squealed many times with joy over how the photos looked in-camera, I’m super excited to share with launch. More details on ISPYATL coming soon! That night we went to Dustin’s cousin’s house in Cumming, GA where we hung and grilled out and played with their 6-month old twin boys. Needed a low key night after hiking and getting partially sun-burnt for sure!

Sunday we went to the Braves game with Dustin’s family and a friend. The game was slow but we enjoyed conversation, beers and brats. At the end of the game a crazy storm rolled through and even though we ran to the car, which was parked far away from the stadium, we got drenched. Dustin had my purse (which contained my camera) tucked under his arms trying to keep it dry while I was running and laugh-screaming. My camera was unharmed and we had many good laughs, love silly memories like these!!

If you experienced any of the scary weather or tornadoes last night I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are ok! My two biggest fears are sharks and tornadoes, so you can imagine how high-strung I was this morning at 6:00am when our power went out and wind was sucking my blinds up against the window. The weather seems to be better but watching the forecast like a hawk.

Have a pleasant rest of the week!