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I love that social media has led me to discover brands I may have not stumbled upon since I don’t do a lot of IRL shopping. AUrate is one of those I’ve been fortunate to find-fine jewelry with no concessions-yes please!  I’ve partnered with them to make an introduction to my favorite people-thats YOU-or if you’re already in the loop, remind you of the existence of this topnotch line.

You shouldn’t have to choose between high quality, fair pricing and doing good. So we focused on what matters: durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving. Here’s to one less concession you have to make.

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I am happy to announce that I am partnering with Bryanna of Be Good Shop to give-away a few pieces of jewelry! She’s a California babe who relocated to Atlanta just a few years ago and makes the cutest delicate jewelry working with thin metal and sells them locally and on Etsy.  See photos of the pieces she offers as well as what I’ll be giving away to a few lucky readers:


_begood begoodone

Bryanna says these banner necklaces that say “No New Friends” and “I woke up like dis” are her current best sellers, which are quotes from Beyonce- aka Bey, aka Queen B aka Yonce songs!


Love the little knot ring, pairs so cute with the heart!

begoodthreeagain To enter the contest you must: 

  • 1. “follow” the Be Good shop on Instagram: @_BEGOOD
  • 2. “like” Lady Flashback’s Facebook page
  • 3. comment HERE on this post with your email so I know how to contact you!

3 Winners will be chosen, 1 local will receive a heart ring and the other two winners will receive 1 heart ring OR 1 banner necklace of your choice and these winners can be from anywhere in the USA.

Bryanna is also offering 20% off to my readers, simply enter LOVELF in the promo code section when checking out!! I will announce the winners one week from today, February 17th!


this past weekend i attended one of my favorite events in Alabama
 at the beautiful Tannihill State Park called the Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show.
though this trip was my 3rd year i had a different mission than just perusing for personal bargains, i was on the hunt for SUPPLIES.
in my previous post i mentioned that i have projects in the works and for these projects i needed to scout out some beads, bones, fur, stones, trinkets as well as pendants.  trust me, i hit the jackpot! 
i scooped up a bolo tie for myself, it’s not pictured but is pretty darn cool. the main piece is an arrow head with a pendant in the center with foolsgold flacks inside and the tie is khaki and the caps are gold. 
photo (25)
hippy wizard heart throb!
my look- Michael Kors dress, Anthropologie hat, vintage bag
his look- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles belt buckle, vintage hat, magic
little fish kept inching closer and closer, think he was posing for the picture! // was super jealous of these kids and had thoughts about joiningtanni_1
this sweet mineralogist showed me a gorgeous mineral wrap that a friend gifted her, i thought her flare was super rad and asked if i could be in the rock club.
hand-carved arches
fine Southern concessions // fresh water shells 
Zuni ring i picked up from my last trip to the show a few years back. 
tannn5 copy copy
here’s some of my loot! pre-shopping my aunt July gave me loads of cool stuff like the antlers, geese feathers and stones-all acquired from their land in Alabama. the fur, water buffalo teeth and some of the crystals i bought plus there is supplies not photographed. also picked up a few strands of the howlite dyed skulls which will come in handy especially for the dream catchers
…..can’t wait to get to CRAFTING!

Coveted Closet

PNB_3 copy
(all photos via Purse’N Boots, collages by me)
For lots of you she is a familiar face but for the those who don’t know her – meet Ashley of Purse’N Boots. a stylist and fashion blogger living in LA this lady has one of my FAVORITE wardrobes out there. her jewelry collection is off the wall and her purse and boots stash is just as fierce! with a great sense of fashion also comes her humor, she’s freakin hilarious! the commentary under her outfits has me laughing cause sometimes fashion is sometimes just silly!
she’s also good pals with fellow California blogger Krystal of What is Reality Anyways and between those two closets they have me envious.
check out more of her fabulous wardrobe here:
and trust me you’ll want to invade her collection

Gillian, who?

although i didn’t know who this Gillian Zinser character was i sure do love her style, decor, and diy’d artwork. Elle & The Coveteur beautifully captured the 90210 star’s most treasured belongings-including some deluxe hats and hilarious artwork.
(yes, i had to look up her claim to fame, i don’t own a TV nor do i watch such shows!)
see full story [here]
hope everyone’s chuggin along the work week!