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I know it’s already mid week but I still want to share this past weekends moments and outfit via some Instagram photos and a snap Dustin took of my new overalls. These days my weekends are somewhat different than they used to be. I’ve realized that when Friday rolls around we are usually more inclined to do things at the house or a friends house keeping it low key so that Saturday we can get up early and get to work on our to-do lists.  I like this adult life that has been evolving over the last couple of years. Partying has slowed down and I cherish nights in like I never thought I would. I appreciate quite time and slow cooked meals. But don’t worry, I still like to get out and about every so often and go dancing with my ladies-some things won’t ever change :)

Remember those looms in my last post? Well these are some of the pieces I’ve made from them using alpaca yarn, cotton and wool roving.
Saturday afternoon was spent doing chores, going to the gym and making a Lowes trip. That night we went to check out Evan Leggoe’s art opening at Hodge Podge Coffee followed by board games and whiskey drinks at Christina and Derek’s adorable midtown duplex.
I wore this Sunday to brunch at Parrish with my long time girl friend Ashleigh and continued to wear it through the day during and event I hosted (details below).  Don’t mind my glowing white winter skin I’m mostly showing off these new Free People overalls I scored at Avalon location! Also wearing- Loft top, Sam Edelman boots, Madewell bag and necklace and TOMS shades.
This is the inside of Parrish, I don’t know what it is but there’s something about antlers I’ve always really liked, even as a kid.  Currently we have way to many to count in our home and we’re about to get a full deer head!
Sunday’s event was a doTERRA essential oils class and party. Dustin’s cousin Elizabeth has been using doTERRA for a little while now and asked if I’d be interested in hosting an event for my friends. So I got some wine and snacks and had about 12 friends come over to learn about the ways of doTERRA. It was so fun! Dustin and I walked away with the family starter pack to try that includes bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue blend, Breathe blend, DigestZen blend and On Guard blend.  I’ll report back with which we like and what works!

Lastly here are some of my closest friends hanging on our little home’s stoop.  Not pictured are the seven stray cats I’ve been feeding every day.  Short story. I moved to this new home, started feeding two and they told their friends and now there are seven. I have such a soft spot for stray animals.  There are only two that enjoy being pet but the others have already started trusting me a lot more.  Dustin wasn’t really on board at first with feeding so many outside animals but has come to enjoy their odd behavior and company. It’s hilarious when we’re in the backyard doing projects and look up and have an audience!

Till the next post (which I don’t know what that is yet) have good days and nights and keep up with me on Instagram @ladyflashback


For the local ladies I needed to ask to be my bridesmaids, I hosted a brunch at my home on Sunday.  I had planned on making individual quiches but while at the farmers market picking up ingredients I decided it would be best to get pre-made entrees to save some stress that morning. So I got a large spinach artichoke goat cheese and sun dried tomato asparagus quiche and then stuff to make sides. In order for the ladies and myself to not get so stuffed we wanted to take post-brunch naps I kept things light with the sides and made a fruit salad (kiwi, blackberries and cucumbers with lemon juice) and rosemary fingerling potatoes. The potatoes were ADORABLE! Strange sentence I know but see for yourself:

*Drum roll please………….My matron of honor, Mrs. Ashleigh Smith!

Our story: We met our freshman year at Alabama in 2004 and lived together our sophomore year and again in Atlanta for a year and a half. We’ve been friends through many life stages and shared many adventures, tears, laughs, jobs, drinks, clothes (though I’m not good at sharing my wardrobe!) inside jokes and will now being sharing the role of being each other’s maid of honor! Love you Ash and I’m blessed you’re in my life!15245483396_e9baa5453a_k
All plates were my Nana’s that I recently inherited. Not sure if the two went together but when I layered them, making the larger plate the charger, I liked the look and went with it! The table runner was a last minute addition, kraft paper and white paint-easy peasy!

From left to right: Emma, Elizabeth, Ashley, ME, Ashleigh, Katherine
Not pictured: Liz and Ali, total of seven bridesmaids!

Lil summary of how we each met:  

Emma and I met our Junior year of college through mutual friends and connected over our love of jam bands, rock collections and retro decor-hippy soul mates from the start!
Elizabeth and I met through the all female promotions group Sorry,Darlin. I was the nightlife photographer and she was the food blogger.  A few parties, and a costume or two, later we connected and started to hang outside of events!
Ashley and I were introduced by Elizabeth after she relocated from Tallahassee where they originally met.  Even though during our first encounter I made a fool of myself, she still wanted to be my friend!
Katherine and I met when I was buying some of her produce from the Grant Park Farmers market and we quickly realized we should be real deal friends, so we were!
Ali (not pictured) is married to my brother and has been a friend ever since we met when they first started dating their freshman year. Nice to have a part of my family in the mix!
Liz (not pictured) is my oldest pal as we went to high school together in Maryland. She also takes the cake at being my silliest friend-when we are around each other we revert back to 16!
For the mimosas I got dry champagne, a sparkling chardonnay pinot noir blend and Harpoon’s white hefeweizen (beermosas). The Jacob’s Creek blend was my favorite-dry, not too sweet and bubbly! Also so we’d stay hydrated I put together some infused water-cucumbers and mint-just to liven up the water a bit.
I’ve always felt lucky when it came to my group of friends I’ve made throughout the years.  Growing up in a military family that moved every one to three years you tend to lose contact with friends from the past, but you can ask anyone, I’m not afraid to make new ones! Between my time in Maryland, Alabama and now Georgia-I’ve been fortunate to find some really great ladies! Each one plays different roles in my life and all come together to make a friend family I can rely on, trust and continue to grow with, love you all!


13371080415_0da2e6932c_bATL was so pretty this weekend Dustin and I took advantage of the comfortable evening temperatures and visited the Atlanta Fair over by Turner Field with a group of our friends.  On the walk over from our parking lot things were already getting kooky being that we were getting hustled to buy baby turtles and Krispy Kreme donuts so we knew we were in for an interesting night!  Since neither of us trusted the rides we only rode the ferris wheel which scared us a few times with strange noises but was overall fun and romantic. Dustin got tricked into playing balloon darts but then when we were “rewarded” with a prize and I picked the unicorn I was pleasantly surprised when it came with a rainbow! (see second to last photo of rainbow unicorn in my hand)

13371522374_7b67a9bab4_b13371210923_de670a19d1_b13371275333_35122d9835_b13371116595_f502483196_b13371442174_a04d2c4710_b brave ladies about to ride the Starship 2000!

13371240113_ae1f1892ea_b13371128505_966fe25ec9_bobligatory funnel cake!

13371193093_4dbd01e8f0_bpictured: Me, Caroline, Ash, Ashley and Muriel. not pictured: all of our boyfriends.

13371465814_d83b721cf7_bThought this ferris wheel photo looked neat in b/w since you wouldn’t expect it and the lights really pop.   If you live in or around Atlanta I’d suggest going with some friends, even if you don’t ride anything there’s always funnel cakes and corn dogs and if you’re into it, baby turtles…!

In other news, tomorrow I turn 28. No, I’m not going to have a panic attack or get worked up over the fact I’m nearly 30, there’s no way around getting older just gotta suck it up and roll on. In my mind I’m still 24 but just keep gaining more and more responsibilities and partying less.  I doubt I’ll feel or notice the difference between 27 and 28 but I’ll keep ya posted!

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DJ Taradactyl

VERY VERY VERY excited to share some of my faves from my shoot with Tara aka DJ Taradactyl at the Plaza Theater!!!!!!!!!!!!! The owner of WildFlag boutique, Meghan, was kind enough to provide the clothing and Brittany from Shear Love salon worked her magic creating Tara’s Charlie’s Angel/70’s bombshell hair and makeup. I took sooooooo many shots and there were so many great ones as Tara is super gorg but for the sake of your browser’s loading capabilities I narrowed it down.
700 Cleburne Terrace ATL
*locally made jewelry, clothes, accessories + MINKPINK + lots of goodie brands!
The black and white photos were shot in b&w in camera, the above one I made no edits to, really liked how they turned out looking like film shots.
no edits to the above photo either!
hair & makeup: Brittany of Shear Love
styling: Meghan of WildFlag
photography: Me of Lady FlashbackThanks for looking! Check back in the next day or so and I’ll be posting photos from my trip to Savannah where I rented a 5D Mark ii and played around with a bomb 35MM lens!


Since Halloween is my favorite holiday I thought it would be appropriate to set a blog record and post twice in ONE DAY! Last week my gal pals and I had our monthly wine potluck party and for the second year themed it VINO & VAMPS. The roomie and I hosted it at our place since everyone wanted to meet Flynn. I wore a cape dress, threw on my widow veil and added some fake blood tears and turned into VAMPY FLASHY!
All of my lady friends are great cooks and make delicious treats for our gatherings! I made a pumpkin yogurt dip recipe found on Pinterest-and by I, I really mean my friends..I just bought the ingredients and got too sidetracked playing hostess.
There you have it, the ladies and I doing our Vino & Vajayjaz thang!