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We had a gorgeous Sunday and like the sun craving people we are, took full advantage of it!

I’m in the mode of not wanting to spend any more money on cold weather clothing so I’m reworking things I already have. Got inspired by Keiko Lynn layering a sweater over a romper, and gave it a go myself. What do you think?

I liked it! Tho, right after these were taken, the strapped snapped so, next! This isn’t the first time it’s happened either, had a terracotta jumper last year I loved so much and it suffered the same demise. #tallgirlproblems

Also, Hi!!!! First post in a long time due to malware and a sucky hosting company. Special shout out to Nicely Built for getting her up and running again! More to come and hopefully more SPRING TO COME sooner rather than later!


Wish I could take credit for these pretties that were put together by the local talent, Evan, who’s blog is full of pretty flowers and yummy food! I wrote about these flowers in my West Elm post and wanted to share them separately and give a spotlight to their beauty! 15365167563_b2817cfaac_k15984782285_def5a07e10_k
There you have it, a simple post with peonies to brighten your day! (or at least your computer screen!)


13438750623_3ba3b49674_bAs obsessed as I am with all the blooming flowers you’d think this was my first Spring ever. I’ve literally pulled my car over to smell wisteria, stood in rain to snap pics of plants and blown up my IG feed with floral pics. Perhaps it was the harsh winter but it seems like Georgia’s flowering plants are out of control, and even though I do get stuffed up from all the pollen, I’m a huge fan! Here’s two different series of photos taken around my neighborhood, enjoy!



directionsAtlanta locations:

Lenox Square Mall

3393 Peach Tree Rd NE

White Provision

1170 Howell Mill Rd. NW

hope everyone had a good 420! for the second year in a row i went to the Sweet Water 420 Fest in Candler Park, felt good to be getting in a small festival experience since im missing COACHELLA #2 this weekend (and if you are reading this…chances are, so are you) bummer right!? 

oh well, tomorrow i’ll continuing pretending i wouldn’t rather be at Coachella and keep myself busy with other cool events-LIKE THIS ONE! can’t wait to take pictures of my baby wild flowers!


happy Earthday weekend, yall!


la fonda

assorted bracelets, gold ring from Rag-O-Rama, large ring via F21, nail color is Urban Outfitters “purple 6”
leather and fur earrings made by an Atlanta local-Ali aka Birdalupe.
funny thing about these is they actually turn into “ear wings” when i ride my bike, learned this bombing down California hills as they flapped profusely in the wind.
last set of outfit pictures from my travels to San Diego. didn’t take that many outfit shots since i was mostly concentrating on staying comfortable ( and warm!) riding my bike.
two items in this look excite me, number one-the hat. purchased at my boyfriend’s friend’s vintage shop this vintage Anne Taylor 100% wool piece is a new staple. doesn’t destroy my hair and adds the perfect amount of accessory to most looks-you all will soon realize how much i like this hat! number two is the sweater-also vintage-picked it up at the San Diego Swap Meet. for just $4 i walked away with this vintage Saks Fifth Ave. 100% silk sweater. it has already gotten it’s fair share of wear as well!
outfit details in full:
hat: vintage Anne Taylor, sweater: vintage Saks Fifth Ave, jeggings: H&M, kicks: UO, bag: vintage Kenneth Cole