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NYFW: Best Streetstyle Sites


*above photo by Angel’s Point of View

Each New York Fashion Week season I mainly get excited for one thing: STREET STYLE. Since I’ve only experienced the event from home via the internet, Instagram or Twitter the most realistic aspect to me is style on the street. I have several go-to sites for the best coverage of what I like to call “the concrete runway” and I wanted to share them with you, not an any particular order, here they are:


Mr. Newton


He’s a photographer and blogger with an eye for pretty girls in pretty clothes and usually snaps good angles. I like that it’s not always super fancy attire that I can actually relate to my own style.


Jak and Jil


Shot by Tommy Ton this blog is full of high-res up-close shots of fashionable men and women.  I’ve always enjoyed his focus on accessories and shoes.  His work is on and so you could also visit those sites to see photos that don’t make it to his Tumblr.


Harpers Bazaar


Harper’s is always capturing great street style and are a go-to for festival style as well, really like their large high-quality images. Also they take notice to fashion bloggers which is something I definitely appreciate.




As well-rounded as the magazine, is loaded with fashion week information such as complete shows and street style. Chose the above photo from the current NYFW because I’m mildly obsessed with her coat, ok, very obsessed!




I feel like this is a “DUH.” but their street style photography is different than the common strike-a-pose full outfit shot and like you’d expect they have detailed coverage of all things fashion week related even parties!


Vanessa Jackman


I really admire Vanessa’s site, it’s clean and simple, her photography is beautiful and she seems to really connect with the people she photographs.  The photos are soft and nicely edited. She travels all over the world so you can see style from Paris to Milan.


Refinery 29


Big fan of their emails which are usually funny and informative and also a fan of their style coverage from fashion week to the day-to-day streets of large cities, R29 is a must for a daily site and NYFW.

Additional great sites to visit: Style Caster, Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue or fashion bloggers that are in attendance such as Blonde Salad or Song of Style.  Have a super weekend!


past couple’a evenings have been spent on websites such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Style Caster and Vanity Fair scrolling through hundreds of snaps from the streets of New York taken during Fashion Week- to you this may sound tedious but it’s actually something I find really fun + not to mention inspirational! I noticed a few trends right off the bat, such as all-white-everything which I really like! also, t-strap shoes, peplum is still sticking around as well as reflective “mirror” shades + circle and cateye sunnies too and moto jakets (which will NEVER go out of style..) take a look at my favorite snaps and see if you notice any trends!


actually rocked the white on white (well, ivory on ivory..) for the Mumford & Sons show-pics coming soon!
my personal fav-denim on denim!
the top photo is so fun, look at everyone running around having a good time!
blogger Man Repeller with friends DJ Harley Viera-Newton and model Atlanta De Cadenet-all looking their usual FLYYY
look at these stylish men folk! skipped over some that were too….feminine… but I like how these fellas are stylish but still keeping it masculine.

coming from a photographer’s view point, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar had the best quality of photos as well as poses. found many duplicate photos of the same women and Harper’s seemed to catch the best stances and facial expressions. hope you all enjoyed watching NYFW happen from either the comfort of your home or the front row!!



welcome to the first of many SS:7’s! 
what is SS:7 you ask? simple: its 7 street style images that are inspiring to my taste or as coincidence has it have similar characteristics in my wardrobe. don’t get me wrong, I love perusing sites like Vogue that showcase designer, runway and couture looks but this just isn’t as practical to my closet as it “live” on the street. even seeing models and bloggers wearing high ticket priced items seems more real to me then seeing it in editorial shots which is why I gravitate towards photos of outfits styled and being worn on the daily. 
(none of these photos are taken by me, used for blog purposes only & found on Pinterest!)

many things in these 7 photos are currently circulating my wardrobe, ie the CAPE. a girl friend of mine-that shares my same name-gave me a cape jacket recently and I’ve already put it to good use. (outfit pictures to follow!)
next is the tomboy look, which lots of ladies are gravitating towards these days. I particularly like this look because it allows me to do my usual casual thing and still remain chic. large scarfs, ankle boots and fur collars have all been staples in my winter wear. having become better than ever at layering I’m looking forward to shedding the heavy layers and experimenting with layering in the Spring.
truth be told I’ve tried a few times since the “birth” of my blog to offer a reoccurring themed post and this time I’m going to do it, I can feel it! especially since I’m already crazily pinning and saving street style images….may as well put a habit to use!

enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to revisit come Tuesday for my cape debut!


as always street style is always my favorite part about New York fashion week and this round didn’t disappoint even though attendees had to deal with a BLIZZARD they still sported fabulous threads on the streets in between shows. I scoured through sites such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Calivintage, Free People, Vogue and Refinery 29 and collected my favorites from last week. 








my favorite trend: the FUR! being the cold natured lady I am, I would have totally been wrapped up from head to toe! even though the fashionistas had to layer in warm garments they still added bold and bright colors like Hanneli’s neon green jacket. if I end up making it to a fashion week I’ll have to be sure to go when I won’t freeze my bum off!
happy hump day!


this season i’m doing my “coverage” of New York Fashion Week a little differently as websites such as Refinery 29, NY Mag, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Nasty Gal have made it possible with street style photography i’ve collected my favorite showgoer and model street style looks. it took perusing many hours, sifting through 100s and 100s of photos plus using Photoshop to make it all fit but here are my farovite looks from the streets of NY last week-
a_4.5x-9 nyfw8 nyfw5 nyfw9 nyfw6 nyfw7 nyfw27 nyfw26 386241_10151183275190218_2070780736_n nyfw22 nyfw25 nyfw23 nyfw24 nyfw4 534266_10151187781360218_2022790151_n nyfw3 nyfw1 nyfw11 nyfw13
nyfw20 nyfw21 223127_10151182600620218_1602474641_n nyfw15 a_4.5x-2 nyfw2 nyfw12 Jessica Stein
can you spot fellow lady bloggers On the Racks, Trop Rouge, Man Repeller, The Glamourai, Buro 24/7, Hanneli, Late Afternoon and The Blonde Salad? it’s really cool to see how blogging has changed over the years and how these hard working ladies are getting recognition for being the fashionistas they truly are and being placed on the same “level” as designers, models, magazine contributors and other fashion forward thinking individuals.

trends i spotted while surfing the street style scene from this years NYFW include:
-loud and bold printed pants in both flared and straight leg
-maxi dresses now with a new slit which i think will help make the maxi more flattering for different body types (and my girlfriends agreed when this was brought up in conversation!)
-wearing blazers on shoulders for a classy “im keeping warm but not too hot” look
-wide brim hats 
-lots of WHITE, creme and ivory
-menswear and tomboy looks
-dressing up vintage tees with a fancy skirt
-denim on denim
-neons mixed with black help carry this trend into Fall/Winter
-casual chic
-colorful reflective shades
-rigid, THICK fabrics

even though this post is PACKED with photos…there’s more! i really had a tough time narrowing it down to a reasonable amount so i’ve put the remaining photos on my LF Facebook page. 

if you went to Fashion Week, i am jealous. hopefully i can plan it right and ahead of time next year and snap some of my own street style pics!