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You guys, I found the most perfect denim dress!  Last week I wore it three days in a row and I’m not embarrassed to say that.  It’s that freakin good. Here she is >>>>

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If you haven’t been to Nashville then you may not know that it has much more to offer than honky-tonks and college football, they actually have a really great coffee scene, that’s right. Coffee.

Last weekend I went up to visit my girl friend Courtney who had recently moved up there and she took me to several of their coffee shop hot spots that pride themselves on artfully crafted coffee.

First stop, Barista Parlor.

The venue is really interesting, it’s an old transmission shop turned into an open air spot to hang and work while sipping your beverage of choice while vinyl spins in the background.


All those fancy gadgets and handsome baristas produce a strong cold brew that’s sure to please pallets and awaken even the most hungover gals!

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Oh and not to mention the decor, which included my favorite things: flags and taxidermy. Really reminds me of the shop here Brick + Mortar which I wrote about here.


Second stop was Crema near downtown.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Not only does Crema make their own coconut milk from scratch but they also make the most incredible avocado toast I’ve had, must recreate! (avocado, goat cheese, red pepper flakes, sprouts) Court said the granola was real tasty too. One thing we didn’t try, and I’m now regretting, was the coffee soda. Think: carbonated coffee. Heard it’s unreal.


We gave no craps about being touristy and taking pics in front of this mural, too good to pass up! I gotta say it: USA!


Me: Free People top, Gap shorts, UO hat, Birkenstocks, KMM&CO bag, FP necklace and Kate Spade shades. Court: Free People shades, romper and bag, H&M sandals

Next was hitting up Imogene + Willie.

I had been drooling over IG pics and blog posts about this shop and had to see it for myself.  Trust me when I say, it’s everything you’d hope it would be!


All of their oils and candles smelled heavenly, and look at those incense huts, adorable!


The staff was very friendly and, of course, stylish. One of these days I’ll get fitted in a pair of perfect, Southern crafted, jeans and wear them until they give out!


Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Not that either of us wear glasses, but I+W is a Warby Parker retailer and we couldn’t help but try on a few pairs. I fell for these “Jennings” and when I (finally) get my eyes checked, if there’s even the slightest chance I need glasses, I’ll be sporting these!

Other spots we ate at that I didn’t photograph: Local Taco + Burger Up + Koi, all very good! Other activities not yet mentioned, learning to “nay nay” and laughing a whole lot with Courtney and her friends that I now call my friends-good, good time!

Next up, the Slow Living Kinfolk Supper!


This time last week Dustin and I were planning to hit the gym after we finished our work day but then decided a sunset picnic at Piedmont Park sounded better! In order to make it somewhat exercise we opted to ride our bikes to Wholefoods for the groceries and then take the Beltline to the park. We picked up wine, cheese, chicken salad, fruit and tabouli salad. On the way we stopped at this in-progress mural that Hense is working on, it’s changed a little bit since then but still the same concept. Found this sweet little leaf that was given a makeover during the process —
Wearing — Anthropologie top, Citizen jeans, Birkenstocks, TOMS shades

We set up the picnic at a dock on the pond. We didn’t know that shortly after assembling everything we’d be ambushed by ducks but they ended up leaving us alone.  That was until these two Turkish women brought bags of old bread and started feeding them, then it was a frenzy! Even a catfish and turtle showed up to get in on the crumbs, that was pretty darn cute!

Cheers! Does this look inconspicuous since it’s in a coffee cup?!

After finishing dinner and enjoying the sunset we hopped back on the bikes and headed home. I just love the convenience of my current location to everything and being able to travel on bikes!

Have a great weekend!

weekend wear 05

overalls denim stripes
I know it’s almost a new weekend but I have a good excuse for just now getting my ‘weekend wear’ up; my laptop has died. I keep holding out waiting for it to turn on but sadly, I think it’s gone for good. I mean I bought it in 2007 so it’s been a darn good computer! Now I’ve got to extract everything off, most importantly my programs! Ugh, don’t even want to think about that headache right this second so onto my outfit!
overalls denim stripes
Target overalls, Free People hat, Bar III shirt, Madewell bag, Birkenstock sandals, Toms shades.
overalls denim stripes
This week’s been pretty laid back and after a packed weekend it’s definitely what we needed!

On Sunday we have three venue visits; 2 barns and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center-so excited to get the ball rolling!

shawlsmith london

It isn’t hard for photos to get lost in my Iphoto library. Currently tasked with moving 2013’s photos to an external hard drive to be exact that’s 14,805 photos just from last year! While that is a lot, you have to remember I do event photography and also snap way more photos than I ever need at shoots because it’s always better to have more than wishing for additions after the fact.  So recently when I was going through said humongous photo library I stumbled upon photos that Dustin took when the tree still had leaves and we were able to wear a lot less layers.


Shawlsmith London sent me a few of their scarves to test drive.  I selected this pretty light blue, an electric blue and a grey/white mix.  What I like most about their shawls is the length.  You can really play with the way you wear them, such as looped around your neck or just hanging on either side.

doubleLF copyH&M jacket, H2O jeans, Michael Kors shirt, Clothing Warehouse shades, Gola sneakers, Shawlsmith London scarf


IMG_5616 IMG_5641 IMG_5633 IMG_5652

This afternoon was so pretty! Missing warm weather like crazy but at least ATL isn’t covered in snow like other cities at the moment.

This past weekend I went on another bike ride but this time it was girls only! I’ll be working on those photos and posting them soon, check back for the “Critical Asss” ride beginning of next week but to hold you over I’ll be posting some sort of inspiration post on Friday.