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Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Tallapoosa, GA for our wedding weekend! I can’t believe it’s here! We’ve been engaged for a year and three months and it’s almost go time!

If you’re wondering if I’m freaking out that answer (today) is…..sorta but not really. Since we’ve had all this time to prepare we chipped away at the to-dos one by one over time so there’s only a small list left (nails + pick up flowers, we are DIY’n!)

The whole experience has been pretty chill! My handsome husband-to-be has helped with stuff and even opted to make part of his groomsmen gifts, which makes him even more swoony!


(took this photo at the Party at Ponce event, the lighting was too good!)

We worked on other projects last night and today we took half days to complete the list so that tomorrow will be as stress-free as possible and then Saturday we’ll be able to float through the day while other people handle all the tasks, and then….

We’ll be husband and wife, ah!

Tomorrow’s rehearsal dinner is going to be fun. We didn’t have many options in the area around the venue but Dustin and his mom found this fun place called The Little Hawaiian that could host our large party and so, we’re having a luau! A Halloween weekend luau. Doesn’t get more random, love it!


I’ve got a million things on my mind, and feeling a little too cloudy to write down all my feelings but I thought for now I’d share our story (again) if you haven’t already read or heard it in person <3

Here is our story-

Dustin and I met at the first Shaky Knees Music Festival on May 4th 2013.  It had been heavily raining all day and we managed to stick it out but were both alone listening to Band of Horses. I was huddled under a broken umbrella and struggling to shield myself from the water when Dustin leaned in and asked if I could use some help. I accepted and let him fiddle with the broken piece and after he got it sorta held more upright I invited him under to seek shelter from the unrelenting rain.  I began to ask him questions about himself and we got to know a little bit about one another. At one point he was staring so deeply into my eyes I asked “what?” and he leaned in and kissed me. Just like that! In the rain, during Band of Horses, at his first ever music festival. BOOM. And then I told him I had a boyfriend…

However, the relationship wasn’t in a good spot and I knew the inevitable was about to happen and I’d be single so I gave him my number. We ended up hanging around and chatting under a more legit tent and stayed under security left, we were the very last concert attendees! We went our separate ways not knowing if we would ever see one another again.

A week later I was single and another week later I heard from Dustin. It was friendly texting back and forth until I informed him I was no longer in another relationship and we made plans to go on a date. He asked “would you like to get coffee” and I said “no, lets grab a beer!” so we met at TAP on Peachtree for what would be our first and last first date. We have been inseparable ever since!

Dustin told me months later, that on that first night at Shaky Knees when he was standing behind me and saw a glimpse of my face, a thought came out of no where that there, in front of him was the girl he was going to marry. The next thought was “well, I guess I need to talk to her” and the umbrella was the ‘excuse.’ So glad this shy guy didn’t hold back and asked to help, thanks umbrella!

I just love our meeting story and telling it doesn’t get old!


(he turned the camera on me because the light was seriously, that good!)

Though I’m tired and busy-minded, I am clear headed enough to say that I’m pretty dang stoked to be joining forces with someone who loves me through and through, puts up with my very bad indecisiveness, who’s up for any last minute adventures I throw out there, lover of cats, leftovers and vinyl records plus a million other reasons!  Dustin, I can’t wait to be your wife!

This is my last post before we do this thang and then zoom off to Mexico for our honeymoon in Tulum. Rest assured there will be so many posts filled with all the feelings and adventure recaps! Wish us luck!

Best, the future Mrs. Winchester <3

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”


Sarah and I met online through a female Facebook group that connects like-minded gals through dialog, opportunities and now organized suppers.  She expressed that she needed volunteers for a couples photoshoot as she had recently moved to Atlanta and wanted to bring her East Coast wedding photography business to the South.  I very quickly volunteered Dustin and I and we started emailing back and forth.  She had a really unique idea for an engagement shoot that she had been wanting to execute with the right couple and she thought we’d fit right in line.  First, she wanted to meet at a local farmers market and shop around for ingredients, next we’d head back to our home and cook said ingredients and lastly we’d hang around in our natural habitat and just be us-all the while she’s snapping away. We loved the idea and carried it out exactly as she envisioned! We met her at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market and bought some corn, a squash, a purple pepper and shallots.  We made a yummy vegetarian stir fry.  Check out our photo session with the very talented Sarah Gormley —

Outfit #1: Madewell top, 7 for All Mankind jeans, Birkenstock sandals
Outfit #2: Free People bra and dress, Madewell necklace

I love these photos so much! It’s fun to share here because it gives you a glimpse into our daily lives and our home.  Thank you Sarah for the wonderful photos that we will cherish for a very long time!

Visit her site here, and book her for an engagement shoot, wedding or family portraits!

Wine on the Beltline

last weekend a buddy of ours invited us over to check out his airplane hangar turned junk shop turned new loft/event space in Old 4th Ward. we hung out in the back and watched folks & their dogs stroll by on the Beltline while we enjoyed some vino. Ryan and I only sorta coordinated our matching blue and white polka dots. ;)
Ryan wears-Jcrew button down, H&M polka dot suspenders, and Peoples Market jacket
tattoos and light layers
(don’t be fooled, I’m mildly freezing here!) 
wearing-LOFT tee, UO Skirt, AA socks, vintage boots and Zatchels bag 

sadly, over the years, I’ve realized I’m unable to drink red wine due to stomach problems, and out of all the whites I’ve realized said problematic tummy really only likes chardonnays. this is actually not all that bad considering all of the common characteristics chards can carry. the body can be light and fruity to  complex and buttery. also considering possible tasting notes like figs, honey, peaches, melons, hazelnuts, as well as herbs and spices; who could possibly get bored? not to mention its versatile and can be paired with most meals. having a boyfriend who has been raised to appreciate good wine has taught me a thing or two which also has me passing on Kroger’s on sale selection! he has been giving me tips on how to drink it properly in order to pick up different smells and tastes as well as sharing how the different regions and temperatures add to the complexity of chardonnay’s many varieties. no complaints here!
though I cannot wait for Spring, it was nice to see the sunset and full moon from ground level through the trees.

next few days consist of a double date Alt-J concert and a ladies only clothing swap at Young Blood Boutique + Mint Gallery.

if you are an Atlanta local and want to join, visit the Facebook event page for more details.