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It isn’t hard for photos to get lost in my Iphoto library. Currently tasked with moving 2013’s photos to an external hard drive to be exact that’s 14,805 photos just from last year! While that is a lot, you have to remember I do event photography and also snap way more photos than I ever need at shoots because it’s always better to have more than wishing for additions after the fact.  So recently when I was going through said humongous photo library I stumbled upon photos that Dustin took when the tree still had leaves and we were able to wear a lot less layers.


Shawlsmith London sent me a few of their scarves to test drive.  I selected this pretty light blue, an electric blue and a grey/white mix.  What I like most about their shawls is the length.  You can really play with the way you wear them, such as looped around your neck or just hanging on either side.

doubleLF copyH&M jacket, H2O jeans, Michael Kors shirt, Clothing Warehouse shades, Gola sneakers, Shawlsmith London scarf


IMG_5616 IMG_5641 IMG_5633 IMG_5652

This afternoon was so pretty! Missing warm weather like crazy but at least ATL isn’t covered in snow like other cities at the moment.

This past weekend I went on another bike ride but this time it was girls only! I’ll be working on those photos and posting them soon, check back for the “Critical Asss” ride beginning of next week but to hold you over I’ll be posting some sort of inspiration post on Friday.

day to day

On the daily I try to keep my outfits comfy while still keeping them chic. I wore this outfit to work and to a brunch date with my boyfriend. At the showroom one of the designers said “Jess, you can pull off anything, I mean…if I wore houndstooth with polka dots and track shoes people would ask me if I forgot to take my meds!” Compliment? I thought so! Currently mixing patterns is trendy and while it’s not difficult to do with my wardrobe, since I have a TON of patterns, it’s got to be done strategically. You can’t take two random and wild patterns and put them together and head out the door, or you might actually get asked if you forgot your meds. I’m no fashion expert by any means and I’m still trying to nail down a particular personal style but I have noticed many do’s and don’ts through style websites and my own trial and error.
I posted about wanting new sneakers and included a wishlist from and low-and-behold these bad boys were marked down! Comfy, foreign and red, white & blue-SCORE!
I thought (and still think) these patterns complimented each other nicely, mostly since they are black and white and one is more bold then the other. I’ll continue to pair patterns with patterns but if I post photos looking like a fool, just know it’s one of my “error” moments and it should be worked out!This weekend I’m heading to Savannah/Tybee Island with my man. We are going for his half marathon run and turning it into a getaway and using Air B&B for the first time! It’s a house outside of Savannah, backed up to woods, complete with a hammock and even a tandem bike! Super excited to chill out for a few days with my love.


after a fun filled weekend spent in Melbourne Florida with my folks I’ve returned back to the grey skies of ATL and plunged right back into the “real world” of work and house chores. it was really great to get in beach and pool times since it hasn’t felt like summer here at all. two of the days we went offshore deep sea fishing and had a blast catching snapper, amber jack, bonita, shark, and other little guys we didn’t keep. it was Dustin’s first time going deep sea fishing but you wouldn’t have known it since he caught on so quickly and manhandled monster fish from the depths of the ocean! it was so fun watching him reel in fish and help my dad with the boat duties, needless to say, the meeting of the parents and traveling together for the first time went great!
as I mentioned previously, there are more photos from my Grant Park adventure with Betsy I’d like to share. on a recent visit to the Anthropologie on Howell Mill I scored a denim jumper for a mind-blowing $34! I’ve mostly styled it casually but thinking some leather wedges would also compliment this garment nicely.
Anthropologie hat and overalls, Free People necklace, vintage top from Rag-O-Rama Lil5, UO sunglasses
since these photos were taken my hair has already gone through some color change. the ombre has actually gotten lighter as the toner has subtly faded-I suppose this is from salt water, chlorine and SUN. I’m loving it even more! though I need a hair cut pretty badly I’m thinking I’ll hold off for a bit and see what the color does before snipping away any length.

speaking of deals, on our last day in FL we hit up the Orlando outlets where I got some really great pieces from Loft, Forever 21, 7 for all Mankind and Banana Republic. excited to style them up and share here on the blog!

hoping you have a good week!


you never know what the heck is going to happen and where the paths will lead but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I very rarely have regrets. especially with relationships because even if it didn’t work out, chances are you both learned something about yourself and have a bunch of good memories to take with you onto the next journey. all this being said, I’m basically getting to the fact that my relationship with the “Silver Foxxx” ended last week.

so now it’s back to being a:

 many things factored into the split but one main hurtle that put a strain on things was not living in the same city. an hour and a half trek when you both work mon-fri often times till 6pm or later means you basically have the weekends to spend with one another. most weeks we’d have Wednesday as well but still..starting and building up a relationship not living in the same place at any point proved to be more difficult than I thought. like I said, many factors came into play with the ultimate decision to go our separate ways and I don’t normally put my personal life out in the open but so many people have asked and expressed concern and he had a presence here on the blog so just putting the news out there..

all in all, everything is great and I couldn’t be happier for the next chapter!  
Single Lady Attire-
necklace: UO, sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs, top: F21, jeans: O2 via WildFlag, boots: Rag O Rama
what’s next? don’t know but I’m real intrigued!
I’m really thankful for all the support and love from my friends + family. man, I’m truly lucky! it’s never easy when a relationship ends no matter the circumstances and I am fortunate to have great people in my life.

speaking of, a group of my gal pals and I went to Panama City Beach on an adult Spring Break adventure that was JUST what the doctor ordered! epic pics coming up next!
watch out Atlanta and surrounding area, Flashy’s on the prowl!


like i mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend and i traveled to Asheville, NC for a little weekend escape. while i love my city, it’s nice to get away and get a breath of fresh air in new surroundings. Ryan and i had both only spent a very brief time in Asheville prior to now so we wanted to make sure we soaked up as much as we could in our 2 short days.  Friday we arrived relatively late so we checked into the Renaissance Marriott, hit up the Asheville Barcade 2 (barcade=bar+arcade), had a dance off and a few beers and called it a night. Saturday’s ‘schedule’ was packed with brunch, breweries and exploring downtown as well as West Asheville. i had the new lens in tow and captured a large majority of the trip minus Saturday evening, unsure why the glam cam didn’t make it out, but per usual i’m going to let the photos do (most) of the talking!
ashe_1 ash_hotel 76 ashe_ville ashe_ville_2
buildings_ashe ashe_band copy
The 13 String Band!
ashe19 ashe_11

too busy guzzling down the first beer flight at the Thirsty Monk i didn’t snap any pics but here is our tasting card, complete with silly notes!
was real excited to bring my new Sanctuary jacket on our ‘mountain’ trip!
second beer flight of the day-WEDGE brewery-in the River Arts District!

wedge_ashe_brews ashe_ jess
sweater by Staccato via SQ/FT in Decatur, undershirt by Toska, H&M jeggins, vintage boots, Clothing Warehouse sunglasses
ashe_ copy
Ryan wears: H&M jacket and knit, slacks from ASOS
-Wedge brewery notes-
this beer flight is not for the faint of heart as all the beers weigh in at an above average ABV % (alcohol by volume), average being near 5%. my favorite tipple was easily the Vadim. it is heavily reminiscent of an Earl Grey Tea Infused Italian Chocolate Mousse w/ Raspberry Port sauce i recently made for a friend’s birthday. just…YUM.
-Ryan, Native Crave

we weren’t really in a rush to head back home after our checkout Sunday morning, so we headed down the road to the Biltmore Estate. while it’s not a super cheap day trip, at $60 per ticket, you get to tour the entire Vanderbilt mansion and the Antler Hill winery + a ‘complimentary’ wine tasting at the end of the tour.
ashe.12 copy copy
outfit: H&M jacket, Arden B. jeans, Kate Spade bag, MIA boots
IMG_7277 copy
Ryan wears: Banana Republic knit, vintage pocket silk, J.Crew button down, ASOS jacket & slacks, ROGUE boots
ashe_10 copy
we were sad to leave but our time spent in Asheville is one we’ll cherish!

have a good pre-Christmas week!