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13728992533_96eb80f0aa_bSaturday I joined the ladies-only bike ride, Critical Asss, for my second round at taking over the ATL streets.  We started the ride at Bookhouse Pub, road through the Highlands to Little Five Points, down Edgewood and ended around where we started. The cool breeze and sun provided a beautiful day for riding!

13728977343_e12c69371a_bHanging with repeat riders Stephanie and Elizabeth.

13729073263_f94cca2b50_bBabette Dj Taradactyl riding in style!

13729376764_034ea6de06_bMatching Linus X TOMS bikes!

13729389554_73ec30c937_bBorrowed Dustin’s helmet cause it matched my outfit better than my mint one, Yep, that’s a thing.

13728952805_8ee5ec7ac5_bI’m so proud to be a women when I participate in lady-only events. The natural bond that women share is so powerful.  This ride is proof- no one is left behind, left out or criticized. Each lady is included in the group even if you’re new and don’t know a soul. If you are in the area, I encourage you to join!

13728925993_4db32a1852_bTara sporting some new high-top Chucks, looking ultra casual chic!


13729021955_e64ba10cf0_bBike outfit details- top/jacket thing-LOFT, t-shirt-H&M, jeans-7 For All Mankind, sneakers-Gola, shades-Oakley

See my first ride here.

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Hope everyone survived their Monday! Over at my offices we are gearing up for the Apparel Show so it’s the usual pre-show crazy but it feels good to keep this month fast-paced since January seems to drag on and on.  This weekend Dustin and I saw the new movie, Wolf on Wall Street and had many’a good laughs! That film was wild, long and hilarious-definitely recommend if the F-word and nudity doesn’t offend you because Leo’s roll is phenomenal! We also attended the Winter Beer Fest at the Masquerade Music Park, of course we had lots of fun as we both love beer and live music.  In between these activities I snapped photos for Jezebel street style and visited Molly Rose Freeman‘s art studio at the Goat Farm. I’ll be working on those photos this week and will post a little interview with her soon. Today I’d like to share my photos from the lady bike ride, Critical Asss-


Critical ass 001Flyer by Lindy Lane

Ride started at Estoria in Cabbagetown and went through O4W to Little Five Points back around to the bar. It was a brisk sunny day that was filled with catching up with old friends and making a few new gal pals.


I gave our bike gang the name “Ally Cats” cause clearly are rebels that wreak havoc on the Beltline :P


Big fan of the detail on this Gap sweatshirt, fancy space lady attire.


Jess, Jessica, Elizabeth, Stephanie

ca6 CA3 CA7

To stay warm I wore an H&M hat, Gap sweatshirt, Gap denim shirt, 7 For All Mankind jeans (yes my ankles were cold!), new Asics from Free and a Tulle Jacket I got via winning an Instagram contest via Need Supply

I don’t always bike in the cold, but when I do it’s with a bunch of kick asss ladies around the streets of ATL!

For more information on the upcoming rides, follow along their Instagram account @critical_asss_atl

shawlsmith london

It isn’t hard for photos to get lost in my Iphoto library. Currently tasked with moving 2013’s photos to an external hard drive to be exact that’s 14,805 photos just from last year! While that is a lot, you have to remember I do event photography and also snap way more photos than I ever need at shoots because it’s always better to have more than wishing for additions after the fact.  So recently when I was going through said humongous photo library I stumbled upon photos that Dustin took when the tree still had leaves and we were able to wear a lot less layers.


Shawlsmith London sent me a few of their scarves to test drive.  I selected this pretty light blue, an electric blue and a grey/white mix.  What I like most about their shawls is the length.  You can really play with the way you wear them, such as looped around your neck or just hanging on either side.

doubleLF copyH&M jacket, H2O jeans, Michael Kors shirt, Clothing Warehouse shades, Gola sneakers, Shawlsmith London scarf


IMG_5616 IMG_5641 IMG_5633 IMG_5652

This afternoon was so pretty! Missing warm weather like crazy but at least ATL isn’t covered in snow like other cities at the moment.

This past weekend I went on another bike ride but this time it was girls only! I’ll be working on those photos and posting them soon, check back for the “Critical Asss” ride beginning of next week but to hold you over I’ll be posting some sort of inspiration post on Friday.


this year marked the 4th Annual Seersucker Social and my second year in a row in attendance for the fancy ride through Atlanta’s hilly streets! dressed in our finest Southern duds, bike baskets loaded with blankets, food and drinks we peddled, waved to cars and jammed to swing jazz for about 7 miles before setting up a picnic area in the Historic Oakland Cemetery!
take a look into one of my favorite events- 
packed and ready to RIDE!
check out Cole’s super nifty ‘picnic table’ on-the-go that you simply pressed into the ground, came in handy for all of our fancy glasses!
Kensie dress, Banana Republic (mens) fedora, Clothing Warehouse sunnies, Superga tennies
ps: i wore bike shorts don’t you worry!
Tannis was the youngest of riders and a really rad 6th grader!
Kyle helped host the event while keeping us laughing during the ride and taking action shots! caught him assisting Cole with getting his sprinkle print bowtie straightened out for my photo :P
meet Kwanza Hall a city councilman representing District 2, we met while I was working at Fastsigns and helped him print up some campaign signs many years ago. he came along for the Social riding his brightly colored fixed gear and rode the whole time wearing a blazer in 90 degree Southern heat! I asked “how in the world are you still riding with that on?!?!” he said “I’m just keeping it cool” per usual might I say, he’s changed the way I think of politicians!
(right side photos are father and son!)
meet Cameron Adams, a fellow blogger and photographer. we’ve been buds for a while now and have collaborated on photos and blog posts. check out his street style on 

a serving accessory that goes with that snazzy picnic table!
this couple met at the first seersucker social four years ago and this year Erica was surprised with a proposal! it was so awesome to witness!
more Southern gentlemen
Steve & John
Tim Ho pre-ride // Kwanza Hall post-ride
Junks & Kemeza
hanging with the couple awarded with “best dressed couple” superlative
Joanna’s mom MADE her romper and Cole’s matching sprinkles bowtie-too cute and crafty!
after we packed up our picnics we headed to Grant Park to hang at Junks and Kemeza’s cute lil duplex where they had these TALL beautiful wild flowers. great porch sitting and sipping times!
beautiful light captured by my man!
this guy makes my heart happy

join us next year!
special thanks to the folks that keep this event going and getting us safely around the busy streets of ATL!!!!!


this past October I was snapped by my friend Matthew Smith of Shadowboxer Photography cruising down Highland Ave. during Atlanta Streets Alive October Halloween Parade Edition in a wacky space girl costume flashing a peace sign.  this month the photo made the COVER of Atlanta Intown in celebration of the upcoming ride that’ll be taking place in downtown ATL! it’s been loads of fun having my friends post on my FB wall and texting with “IS THIS YOU?!”
YEP, its me, Lady Flashy!
Picture 2
ASA started in 2010 and I had the pleasure of attending the very first one with two of my girl friends and posted about it here on the blog, here’s the post!  It’s been neat seeing how it’s evolved and improved. Looking forward to many more rides to come!

interested in participating? you’re in luck since the next ASA is THIS SUNDAY! and this is the first time we’ll be taking over Peachtree Street, which should be interesting especially since the weather isn’t looking ideal, but I’m crossing my fingers and doing my anti-rain dance so maybe mother nature will have mercy on our active souls :)
bring your bike, walking/running shoes, hula hoop, razor scooter or JUST YOU and join us this Sunday from 2-6pm!

Picture 3
visit the ASA website for more information:

HAPPY FRIDAY, yall have a good weekend!