With everything going on in the world it’s not the time to be complaining about not being able to travel. However, it is ok to be bummed about plans falling through. Recently I was having a moment where I was feeling jealous of those who are still able to explore, like some IGers I follow who live in Europe therefore are able to go to Italy or Greece. Then I stopped myself and thought “bishh you are lucky you’ve been able to see some of the places you’ve been!” and then it sparked an idea.

    I ran and grabbed all my favorite souvenirs and trinkets from traveling, a mirror and dried flowers and went outside.

    This is what unfolded:

    Baby Eiffel Tower from Paris the night we had dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel- a meal for the memory books!

    Vintage gold chain belt I nabbed while shopping at Sezane in Paris on our second trip for NYE. I actually ran into one of my favorite Instagrammers, Julia Mateian, who had this belt but decided on another. Snagged it real quick!

    Coin purse from a rad second hand shop in Amsterdam called Episode, Euros from all over Europe.

    Perfumes from perfumery Coqui Coqui in Mexico. Large is from our honeymoon, my first international trip EVERY and the second from my GFs wedding.

    Makeups by Rouje, a Parisian company, but I actually bought these after our NYE trip because the store was closed by the time we got there.

    Crystal skull from Paris catacombs gift shop, too fascinating not to leave with memorabilia!

    Lastly, bull fighter is from an antique shop in Spain. It’s actually a lapel pin but the back had broken off so I got it for free.

    *Wedding rings included since I’ve done all my traveling with my husband <3

    I don’t think I’ll post this on my feed but I love how these turned out!

    So yea. Not trying to whine over something minor as not being able to travel because I’ve been blessed with lots of travel over the last 5 years. And this Summer we’ve been safely exploring all over the Southeast which has been huge for our mental health!

    Here’s where the but comes in…

    But, when you make travel your priority as a couple, in leu of having kids, it is worthy of feeling some forms of bummed. Traveling is where we bond and find fulfillment. We don’t spend on certain areas of our lives, like driving a 1999 Jeep, so we can afford to go and explore places. So again, I feel blessed but I wanted to share these thoughts and show you how I turned low feelings into a creative moment with some of my most cherished souvenirs.


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