While shopping around Amalfi, I spotted the prettiest pasta I’ve ever seen! Take a look –

    HOW GORGEOUS?! Almost too pretty to eat, almost ;) Few Sundays back we cooked up a version of this recipe. Only thing I recall leaving out was the heavy cream and cheese, to keep it a little lighter, instead used shaky parm.

    Luckily, it yielded enough for two nights, glad we got to eat again because it turned out so yummy!

    To make the Italian themed dinner even more complete, we made Lemon Spritz, which are so tasty and easy.

    • 2 ounces chilled limoncello
    •  8 ounces chilled prosecco
    •  sparkling water
    •  2 slices lemon
    •  ice
    •  fresh mint, for garnish


    1. Divide limoncello and Prosecco between two glasses. Top up with as much sparkling water as you’d like. Give each glass a squeeze of fresh lime juice, stir, and add ice.

    During our dinner we brought up categories from our trip and listed off our favorite memories – few examples – excursion, city, meal, souvenir, etc. it was so fun to relive the trip while it was fresh in our minds. I highly suggest this idea – grabbing something to cook on a trip, cooking with partner or travel friend or even someone who didn’t go but sharing the experience and reminiscing!


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