The first time we went to Paris, I did little to actually NO shopping. Mostly due to fitting in all the touristy things, so this second time I made sure to put into our schedule to hit up a list of French brands I wanted to check out, Sezane being at the top of that list. We went to the larger location, Le Grand Appartement Sezane, and it did not disappoint! Everything from the merchandising, decor, fitting rooms, sweater wall, EVERYTHING was just so elegant and FRENCH. I could have stayed in there for hours, probably did come close to at least two… Of all the trying on, I settled on a blouse and vintage belt.

    The blouse is a dreamy silk with all the astrology signs with fun graphics. HERE SHE IS –

    *keep scrolling for a sale alert at the end!*

    Been hoarding it for ‘the right time’ and as it turns out, a sunny Sunday at the start of my bday month, was it!

    Blouse | Sezane, Skirt | Jcrew, Purse | A.P.C., Boots | Oak + Fort

    Since it’s silk, tying the bottom in a knot worked so well, it drapes perfectly.

    To switch things up, I tried the top with a shorter skirt, and black accessories.

    Skirt | Free People, Boots | & Other Stories, Purse | Kate Spade

    Into both! But I felt most comfortable in the long skirt. This vegan leather mini rides up when I walk and doesn’t cover much when I sit.

    First and most certainly not the last time I’ll be wearing this top! I want to pair her with high waisted khakis like the ones I tried it on with at Sezane. They were belted and perfect. Kicking myself for not getting, don’t you hate that!

    Speaking of shopping, who else is in the MOOD?! Spring is slowly creeping which always puts me in the out with the old, in with the new. Lots of good sales out there but the one I’m stalking is Shopbop’s SPRING EVENT, happening now through 3/9. Peep the details HERE. The discount ranges from 15-25% off of full priced items. My virtual shopping bag is full!


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