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February 22, 2017


For our Valentine’s celebration we got fancy in our neck of the woods hitting up The Optimist in Atlanta’s Westside.  Truth be told, we went earlier than we normally would so that I could capture everything. Dustin totally gets it though I’m not sure the people around us knew what was up… The atmosphere and presentation are just too stinkin pretty to experience a third time and not finally get some shots!

Madewell jacket and jeans, Baggu purse, Bussola boots

I wore a shirt I picked up while buzzed shopping in Santorini late one night. Def paid wayyyyy too much for it but I couldn’t get over it’s unique construction *keep scrolling for better view ;)

The restaurant has lots of seating options to accommodate whatever type lunch or dinner you’re trying to experience whether it’s hopping over for $1 oysters or throwing down to celebrate a holiday or special event. I’d like to go and hang on the oyster bar side which is less formal but equally as stylish as the big open side.

Ford Fry’s The Optimist brings a seaside fish camp experience to landlocked Atlantans. From fresh oysters from the Alabama coast and Maine sea scallops to whole roasted Georgia trout, guests enjoy high-quality, sustainable seafood from the country’s best suppliers. Tucked in an old ham-aging house, The Optimist serves up beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails with hickory-roasted fish and raw oysters, while beach-food classics like hush puppies and lobster rolls transport you to your favorite coastal haunts.

EL CAPITAN | Amaras mezcal, Ancho Reyes chili liqueur, broVo chocolate, Giffard orgeat, lime, sea salt, star anise

First things first. WE LOVE MEZCAL. Yep, that needed all caps, it’s that much love. Both of us could drink it neat but when it’s offered in a cocktail-even better.

Much like our marriage, we shared everything <3 Started with oysters from the South and East Coast and Spanish octopus.

Look at that beauty └໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७┘ What… I didn’t keep that shell to take home and show Flynn (our cat)…and definitely didn’t put in with other shells and stones…

CHARRED SPANISH OCTOPUS | crème fraiche, marbled potatoes, chorizo, chimichurri

Not going to act like I’m some kind of rising food blogger chef star I’ll just say, nom nom nom! And add that the crispy grilled end was the tastiest part!

OPPORTUNIST PLATEAUX | oyster, king crab, shrimp, ceviche

This mahi and snapper ceviche was an explosion of flavor every*single*bite. I voted it and the lobster the best I’ve had of both ever and that’s saying something since I’ve had them in both Mexico and Greece! (humble brag much….)

Didn’t save room for dessert so we settled with a nightcap then went home and watched Lady Gaga music videos (sharing our glorious singing along skills on IG story) and sipped on champagne. Life is good with this one <3 *looking at you Dustin!

And because I couldn’t get dolled up (for me this is dolled, I’m pretty casual most days!) and not get Dustin to risk his life in a busy cut-through, here’s some more photos of my look:

See you again soon you delicious and beautiful restaurant youuu :*

and see you on Instagram <3

March 25, 2016

BIG 3-0

Goodbye 20’s!
Hello 30’s!

Today I begin a new chapter of life. My 30’s. I’m not scared or upset, I’m more amazed, hahah.  How did thirty whole years of ME go by so fast?! It’s nuts to think about all that’s happened in life and what’s still ahead. In the spirit of a birthday, a new year, I’d like to reflect on my twenties.

Dear 20s,

First of all, thank you.

Thanks for the dang good time! And for the relationships (especially meeting and marrying my sweet Dustin!) and friendships (new and OG’s!), ALL the parties and festivals (I could go on forever about all the good times had at various houses, clubs, open fields, backyards!), the fashion “trends” (shout out to all those horrific outfits! some of which landed here…) the pets (especially Tater who experienced 6 years of my 20s) 8 of 9 of my tattoos, the rentals I made my home and making A T L my hometown and on a serious note strengthening my relationship with my mom and learning to be a survivor.

It wasn’t all parties and young freedom bliss.  There were the real life lows. The very start as a twenty year old was rough. Lying in a hospital bed in Birmingham, Alabama with a newly put back together ankle and a torn ACL the ER failed to notice after a very bad car accident on highway 459. Not how anyone should spend a birthday (or regular day for that matter..)

But it was then I learned the real meaning of being tough. Leaving the hospital a survivor, returning to school in a wheelchair and beginning a long road to recovery was a hard lesson to handle. And I didn’t handle it well.  Took some time being too wild, too selfish and not the best student but after a while, turned myself around. For all the lessons learned, I am grateful.  All in all, twenties, you shaped me into the lady I am today and will be into my thirties.

Tonight we are having a big ole house party with a low country boil, friends and I hear fireworks may be in the mix – 30, LETS DO THIS!