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March 25, 2016

BIG 3-0

Goodbye 20’s!
Hello 30’s!

Today I begin a new chapter of life. My 30’s. I’m not scared or upset, I’m more amazed, hahah.  How did thirty whole years of ME go by so fast?! It’s nuts to think about all that’s happened in life and what’s still ahead. In the spirit of a birthday, a new year, I’d like to reflect on my twenties.

Dear 20s,

First of all, thank you.

Thanks for the dang good time! And for the relationships (especially meeting and marrying my sweet Dustin!) and friendships (new and OG’s!), ALL the parties and festivals (I could go on forever about all the good times had at various houses, clubs, open fields, backyards!), the fashion “trends” (shout out to all those horrific outfits! some of which landed here…) the pets (especially Tater who experienced 6 years of my 20s) 8 of 9 of my tattoos, the rentals I made my home and making A T L my hometown and on a serious note strengthening my relationship with my mom and learning to be a survivor.

It wasn’t all parties and young freedom bliss.  There were the real life lows. The very start as a twenty year old was rough. Lying in a hospital bed in Birmingham, Alabama with a newly put back together ankle and a torn ACL the ER failed to notice after a very bad car accident on highway 459. Not how anyone should spend a birthday (or regular day for that matter..)

But it was then I learned the real meaning of being tough. Leaving the hospital a survivor, returning to school in a wheelchair and beginning a long road to recovery was a hard lesson to handle. And I didn’t handle it well.  Took some time being too wild, too selfish and not the best student but after a while, turned myself around. For all the lessons learned, I am grateful.  All in all, twenties, you shaped me into the lady I am today and will be into my thirties.

Tonight we are having a big ole house party with a low country boil, friends and I hear fireworks may be in the mix – 30, LETS DO THIS!

May 20, 2014

weekend wear 03

14040046389_ceab99bd33_bI think I’ve found a reoccurring entry I can actually keep up with- these ‘weekend wear’ posts are fun and easy! Especially since I spend my weekends with my honey and he’s a great photographer and I feel comfortable asking him because he loves helping me out and is super supportive of my blogging. I hope to get them up on Mondays but sometimes my Monday evening after work is more for playing catch up on chores and decompressing since the weekend often goes until Sunday night.

Unlike the previous two weekends we did not get BBQ instead kept our Friday simple and walked over to The Bookhouse pub, one of my favorite pubs for Oberon on draft and a yummy dinner. On the walk over I commented about the chilly weather and Dustin said “yea, we’re having a ‘blackberry winter’..” to which I replied “oh yea? didn’t know that was a thing.”  He didn’t either until one of his coworkers had told him about it so we were both new to this Southern term which refers to a cold front that coincides with the time-frame that blackberries are in bloom.  As expected it didn’t last long since it’s about to be real deal summer here in Hotlanta. Always glad to take advantage of a cool front and continue wearing Spring layers and open up the windows in my loft. Speaking of layering, this “dress” has to be layered because it doesn’t cover much, don’t even think tights would be appropriate but with jeans it works!  Pretty hilarious when my mom gave it to me on a family trip last year and I put it on and came out and my brother was like “ah Jess!” and mom and dad said “oh no, think it’s a *little* too short!” OOPS!

14246879113_705d1a1ffb_bDuring the pre-Shaky knees Party at Free People White Provisions I was given one of these cute totes and it’s been my purse for the last week.  It’s been great because I like having a casual day time bag I can toss all of my chunky things in like planner and journal and then if I go out change things over to a smaller more dressy bag.

14226706615_7efae67b2a_bKeep growing hair, keep growing!

14246894573_d5661b70bd_b14224382812_a88111ed5b_b 14040061758_9387ccbe19_bJacket: H&M, Dress/Jeans/Tote: Free People, Desert Boots: Clarks, Shades: TOMS

The majority of the weekend was spent with my girlfriends on a mini getaway in Ball Ground, Georgia. Eleven of us caravaned up to my friends parents home in the mountains where we hiked, cooked out, day drank and played Cards Against  Humanity.  I left my camera at home and focused on enjoying time with my friends, though I did document all of our amazing meals for Instagram! I love how just an hour and fifteen minute drive up the interstate and it feels like you are in a totally different state all together~

Hope you’ve been enjoying my little weekend recaps, expect to see more!