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13987610457_7f721fef0a_bSince I’m feeling like myself again after 3 days of music, rain and Dos Equis, I wanted to share my favorite of the festival fashions from Shaky Knees Music Festival! Despite the crazy weather fest-goers rocked some really great looks, here are the ladies I thought wore it best-

13987578757_aca286fa30_b14171534082_38f59636bc_b14171584922_7ae169aae4_b13987617857_59e9b2d095_b14171589712_707a2205ea_b14194364623_e71ef5c1bf_b14170940011_2498873ece_b14174303374_2a1d6b8082_b14194341643_bce9991cc5_b14194349433_eae9b16407_b14194355693_75602048c4_b14174271744_7f8712c110_b14174257215_273b1fae24_b14171536272_a602140100_b14170913371_087ed14742_b14170927381_973fec5140_b13987608937_44bc22a8aa_b13987595840_3d343e2e48_b13987592727_a4df9a3d20_b13987580138_770e2a1e95_b13987576597_6d3c25f57f_b13987564060_a7542b30db_bLastly, my favorite of my outfits, a Madewell dress I bought specifically for the occasion which turned out to be a heavier linen that I thought so I sweated my bum off! (worth it!)

13987574718_059e941896_oI’ll be sharing a more detailed post of mine and Dustin’s adventures along with my other two outfits which are even more casual but also blue. Apparently I’m on a blue kick which is A-Ok with me!

Recap coming up!