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Atlanta recently welcomed a new Williams-Sonoma located inside the wildly popular Ponce City Market and it’s a first of it’s kind in the South! What makes it unique is the comprehensive home showroom and design center.  It also features a direct pass-through to Chef Jonathan Waxman’s latest dining venture, Brezza Cucina-

A glass wall strategically placed between the restaurant and Williams-Sonoma will offer guests an immersive culinary experience with an exclusive view into the dining room, while simultaneously lending inspiration while they shop. This type floor plan is the first in Williams-Sonoma’s history with an independent business.

21466085656_d1d1e73589_kI’m super thrilled to share my partnering with W+S hoping to inform couples that are planning their registry that you can go beyond the basics and have a new experience with their wedding registry through their unique departments! For example, they have an entire DIY section which includes kits to make your own cheese, alcohol and even bacon! They also carry a ton of gardening supplies for that new home you’ll be settling into, or their convenient above-ground gardens if you’re renting.

With marriage comes combining not only your lives but your activities so why not add some spice with some of these gift ideas versus the pots and pans folks normally have on their registry.  Unless you need updated cookware-then you’re in good hands with W+S!


Our W+S Beyond the Basics picks:

Waxed canvas camping bag
Poler 2-person Waterproof Camo Tent
Lodge Camping Dutch Oven
Lodge Camping Tripod (for Dutch oven)
Enamelware Dinnerware bowls + mugs
Smart Phone Recharger with Flashlight
Antler Fire Starter
Telescoping Skewers


We are really happy with this tent for several reasons; the one-pole systems offers an easy non-confrontational setup so you can get in and enjoy the high ceilings that make for perfect hanging out with your beau. It’s also “camouflage” so you can “blend” in and do your thing without, say a bear or wanderer finding you!




In our new Dutch oven I made an easy version of chicken pot pie, here’s the recipe:

Frozen veg-all
Canned biscuits
Chicken broth + condensed soup

Spread veg-all in bottom, top with chicken and then pour in the broth and soup. Top with biscuits and close. Place oven on top of coals and then place coals on top of oven (see above photo). We cooked for 45 minutes which burned the tops so we figure 30 is perfect! Enjoy.

Handling the oven: we used a hammer (the part that pulls out the nails) to lift the lid, seems to be the best option. I’m not sure if the traditional oven mitt will withstand the heat so proceed with caution!


Right before my marshmallow caught on fire and we went into ‘save the ‘mallow!!” mode! I wasn’t worried about getting burned though since the telescoping skewers make it real safe to cook on open flames.

Pro-tip from my Eagle Scout fiance: “You wanna wait till the fire is more coals than flames, it will give you a more evenly cooked marshmallow and you’ll avoid it catching fire.”

But, we (read: I) weren’t that patient this particular day, ha!



Free People tee, Gap jeans, Sorel boots and TOMS shades.

This Wood and Faulk bag is not only stylish but very durable with the waxed canvas and leather, it’s sure to withstand all sorts of conditions! Also, Dustin has it in green so now we match and that’s just adorable!


The flashlight + charging station is a must-bring on all future camping trips! Gotta be able to IG our trip ;)


My man being all hunky and happy in our new tent which we’ll be taking for a real deal spin first weekend of October!

Lastly, here are some fun happenings going on over at the Ponce City W+S:

Atlantans are invited every Saturday for free technique classes at the modern, twelve-seat cooking island in the center of the store hosted by Williams-Sonoma culinary specialist Jon Lagardere. Younger aspiring cooks are invited to the store every Sunday for free Junior Chef Classes.  Williams-Sonoma has partnered with over 50 artisanal, small-batch food producers throughout the country as part of the company’s commitment to community at the new Ponce City Market location. The assortment will include featured representation of artisans from Atlanta and throughout the South.

Thanks to Williams-Sonoma for allowing us a fun opportunity and an excuse to go on all the camping trips this Fall!

Special thanks to Cristi who shot the photos of us!  Check out her site here.