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If you’re like me, you consider Thursday to be the unofficial start of the weekend. Which means today is technically the beginning of a new weekend (!!!) but I want to backtrack to last Friday-Monday because they were real good!

Friday and Saturday, Dustin was off with his dad and brothers doing Father’s Day weekend manly stuff so I took the alone time to get in some KJO hangs. We started off meeting at her place for wine and snacks then went over to the High Museum for jazz and art.

But before going in, got in some pics (duhh).

Aren’t my dates the prettiest?! Aleesha and Kristie Jo’s style is always on point.

My dress, an all time favorite, is from Free People. It’s so comfy and flattering.

We popped into the atrium for a little jazz then made our way around the museum to see the permanent art as well as new exhibits.

One of the most enjoyable things currently in the museum, for me, is the furniture.  Seeing designs and decor from centuries past is so cool! Lots of it would fit right in with my current pieces ;)

One of the new exhibits is ‘The Rise of Sneaker Culture.’  Really rad seeing the evolution of the first “sneaker” (which is really a fancy, more comfortable boot) to the first Chuck Taylor (my personal favorite) to what’s in style today. So many odd designs, we loved it!

After the museum we went to Establishment in Midtown for drinks and more food. We had terrible service, almost leaving 2 different times and I ended up having to complain to the manager which I hate doing and only do so when it’s absolutely necessary.  The one thing we ate, the crab cake, was really good so I’m hoping to give the place a second chance.  They’ve been open for only three months so maybe they are still working out kinks..

So the restaurant/bar was a bummer but we made up for it with the funnest Uber ride back to KJO’s place singing and laughing with the driver, too silly!  We ended up slumber partying and hanging out the entire following day. Did a lot of sitting on the porch (above) watching chipmunks and every species of bird in Atlanta frolic around the backyard forest.

We made a bomb breakfast, gave ourselves mani/pedis, ate a cheese and vege spread for lunch, watched Trainwreck, day drank + danced and ordered Thai takeout- pretty dang good Saturday if I do say so myself!!!

Dustin picked me up on his way back from the mountains and on Sunday we spent the morning and early afternoon doing things around the house and giving Flynn all the affection his little heart desires.

For a late lunch we met up with Sara Longsworth and her hubs at our favorite, La Fonda (read: margaritas!)  Then headed to Park Tavern for Sunset Sessions, a free concert series.  On the way to the venue, I spotted this bug and couldn’t resist a pic.

Originally we went to see our friend’s band, Sydney Eloise & The Palms but upon arriving realized another friend’s band was playing, Book of Colors. Yay for awesome local music AND WEEKENDS!

But wait! Fun didn’t stop on Sunday! Since we had missed Silversun Pickups at Hangout we decided it was worth it to drive to Chattanooga to see them at Track 29. IT WAS SO WORTH IT. The drive was under 2 hours each way, the venue was intimate and in a really cool part of town.  Beforehand we grabbed a bite and drinks at STIR.

Holy moly, if you visit Chattanooga, do yourself a favor and hit up STIR. We started off with a dozen raw oysters (bomb) then shared a seared tuna salad (above, heavenly) and a side of asparagus (even these tasted unique!). What a meal! Not to mention the delicious cocktails that had uncommon ingredients. So so good.

Silversun put on a great show and seeing Chattanooga for a few hours was a great way to start the week! We want to plan a visit and stay in the above train hotel. Yes, that is two trains that used to be in service but now are converted into a HOTEL!

Hope you’re cruising through your Thursday!


Turned 30 on Good Friday.  Not only was it on a Friday but we also had the day off from work! Coincidence or fate?

Like I mentioned in my little “letter to my 20s” in the previous post, we had a big house party at our place. Low country boil potluck complete with cornhole, beer pong, dance party and all my favorite people! Could not have gone better!

Here’s a recap of the whole weekend –

Thursday at work my lady coworkers surprised me with Sublime Donuts. That heart you see there was filled with raspberry jelly! Twas heavenly.  For lunch, we went to JCT Kitchen and had mussels, fancy cheese and salad-because ya know, balance.  Kept the party going that night and went out to Midway Pub in East Atlanta. Love my work fam!

Friday was clean clean clean. Love throwing house parties because it makes ya whip the house in tiptop shape! Though I was struggling from all the fun the previous day with the Indigo girls, haha!

Too pretty not to include in my recap, the birthday brunch we made in between cleaning up. What makes this avocado toast even yummier? Using this Ezekiel bread.  It also fills you up more, but without bloating, and holds you over for longer. Just started using this over regular organic wheat bread and I’m HOOKED! Another plus is that it’s kept in the freezer (because it’s made from live grains).  Since my work provides lunch and Dustin usually takes leftovers, regular bread usually goes untouched for a bit and molds too quickly-this is a great fix to that problem!

Now onto the PAR-TAY-

I know, porch needs a face lift but we don’t own the house sooooooo LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BOIL! Dustin really knocked it out of the park with his first try. Everything was flavorful and boiled to just the right softness-way to go babe!

Dips on point.

We provided the boil stuff and everyone else brought goodies like this hummus spread brought by a coworker and yummy homemade black bean dip brought by Sara (Psst! She has a great blog and IG, follow her along as well!)

Dustin asked what I really wanted to have at my party and I quickly responded “a 3 and 0 balloons!” Wish, granted!

Gal pal Cline and I went to walk around the neighborhood to find a good photo spot and stumbled upon this stone amphitheater just around the block from my house! Going to totally enlist a musician friend to play some tunes here one night!

Wore a dress I got while selling clothes at Buffalo Exchange (originally from UO) my trusty Sam Edelman boots (till I changed into Chucks) and my Salt shades.

Another guest, Kyle the pie guy, brought a vegan brandy blackberry pie and carried it over in his very own pie box! The lemon zest was a really nice touch, A+

It’s a good dang day when chocolate covered strawberries arrive in the mail! Sent to me from my bro and sister in law from Shari’s Berries. Great gift idea and really yummy!

I was told on your 30th, dessert calories don’t count! These beautiful cakes Dustin got from the same baker that did our wedding cakes. We just can’t get enough of them! Left is the strawberry cream and right is cuatro leches. Check’em out here.


My “Woes” put together this hangover gift basket for the following day, I certainly do get by with a little help from my friends! They are truly the best.

Spoiled rotten. Just look at all that fun stuff! One thing’s for sure, the Lisa Frank activity book that came with the hangover basket DEFINITELY cured all the next day blues!

Not covered in this recap are all the blurry photos of my ladies and I breaking it down on the dance floor-that’s for Facebook, ha!

Saturday was basically a wash (minus stepping out to get Pho at Soba in EAV) so next is Easter –

Easter morning was church with the in-laws and then lunch. Afterwards we came home to chill and I made some decorative eggs.  I was inspired by Homey Oh My’s pumpkins and recreated it on eggs which proved to be a little difficult but I’m very happy with the turnout! First thing, eggs sweat, which I discovered as the paint started to bleed. Annoying thing number 2, hand-painting! I should have followed her lead with paint pens. Not going to lie..painting on a small, rounded object was a pain! But if you want something unique and not super messy, these mud cloth eggs are it!

Since we had off Friday we had to work Monday but hey, I’ll take it!

Hope everyone enjoyed their time spent with family, chocolate covered eggs and/or Netflix!


Our weekend was packed with so much fun stuff, just the way we like it!  Started off with meeting friends at The High Museum on Friday evening.  No jazz this time but there was live performance art going around the exhibits which was pretty eclectic.  We only got in about an hour before the museum was pushing us out the door.  It’s funny that it was yet another night we didn’t see that much art because we have a track record of showing up and not getting in but around an hour and this night we tried really hard!  Need to dedicate a whole day and break the curse!

Above outfit- BB Dakota jacket, Madewell jeans and bag, Sam Edelman boots

Puts all my weavings to shame!

Dustin look a little different? I wanted to see his face again and requested the beard be gone but he was digging the stash when he was shaving, so, for now we have this version! His coworker said he looks like he belongs in a barber shop quartet, ha!

Followed by The High we all walked down to the World of Beers for brews and huge pretzels with beer cheese. They serve so many beers they give you an iPad to browse selection!  I liked it because I could narrow down my search with the filters and not get overwhelmed and order something I don’t like. Usually pay the most attention to style but also ABV.  I gravitate towards Pilsners, IPAs and now sours.

Saturday after we made a huge breakfast scramble we went to Warby Parker for glasses. YEP, that’s new. About to turn thirty and I find out I need specs. Astigmatism in both eyes. Felt like it happened over night like I went from an HD tv world to old 80s monitor.

Dustin’s always worn contacts and due to a resent eye infection has been wearing his old college glasses that we both don’t care for so he needed an upgrade.  I went with two because a girl needs options!  Above are the Haskell in burnt lemon tortoise and the Percey in crystal. Not so secretly – I can’t wait! Mostly to see better but also to accessorize with these babies! At two stages of life I got personality glasses to “spice” up my look, haha!


That right there on the upper right is the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve had to date!  I didn’t expect it to wow me as much as it did but holy moly it melted in my mouth. If you had no teeth you could still eat that sandwich! Shake Shack you thoroughly impressed me! I’d say us both but Dustin got the hamburger and was a little jealous of my sandwich after I shared a bite!  Also that beer is wonderful. Must track down.

After shopping and eating we headed North to RInggold, GA to help Dustin’s long time friend surprise his girl friend with a proposal!  I took some stealthy photos while another friend recorded on a hidden camera.  All the while family and friends were waiting nearby to give hugs and share the happiness!

Wearing my other pair of SALT sunglasses. These are the Lionel frames. Light weight while still being durable. So impressed with this brand!

Following the surprise we all feasted on barbecue from Saucy Bones.  Dustin and I explored the grounds and met the above donkeys! It’s mother and daughter! I wish I could remember their names, something old Southern women sounding. Darn. Nonetheless they were adorable and friendly! JUST LOOK AT THOSE EARS / EYES / MOHAWKS!!

Sunday after we ate the rest of that scrumptious scramble from the previous day we got ready and set out for the 28th annual Steamhouse Lounge Oysterfest! First item on the to-do list: shuck some oysters! And find beer better than Bud Light (they were a sponsor)  We opted for roasted over raw and found some Goose Island IPAs.

I mentioned in an earlier post that oysters are a new thing Dustin and I have gotten into. Together this was the first time we had to actually shuck them which I left up to him while I made the little saltine stacks. HE WAS A SHUCKING MACHINE!  Some of the smaller ones were fully cooked while a bunch of the large ones were dang near raw. All in all great time getting dirty and baking in the pre-Spring sun!

Besides the bucket of oysters we had some lobster bisque, a pretzel with beer cheese (yes, again!) and these glorious old bay steamed shrimp. Little squeeze of lemon, dip in the seasoning and dunk in the sauce and all was right with the world!

Slimy and looks like a small human organ but has a beauty to it don’t you think??

So glad for this new found food addiction!

After indulging in underwater sea life we went home to get glam for our friends Oscars party.

Our talented friend Sarah made these bingo boards for funnsies! Wish I took a photo before I started killing it because under all those x’s are funny things like “presenter is white” (if you watched you’d understand the humor!)

Who wore it best?

I’m wearing a vintage dress I’ve had forever and Cristi is rocking a bridesmaid number. Elizabeth did some braids to take my outfit up a notch. So fun getting fancy and rooting on my boy Leo! Yay Leo!

And because I’m a good blogger friend I wanna share with you all this great sale Shopbop is having >>>


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