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the girl with the cat tattoo

scored a very Alexa Chung worthy vintage Talbots dress at Rag-O-Rama i’ve been wanting to style and wear out. the velvet is actually stretchy and the fit is super comfy just didn’t want to look too “Wednesday Adams” which isn’t necessarily at bad thing it’s just not typically my thing. when i was shopping and found the dress i was with a guy friend who actually made the suggestion to belt it, which was GENIUS because it really toned down the gothic vibe i was trying to avoid. take a peep at some photos i took at my new loft:
outfit details—everything vintage, except the AA tights.
are you familiar with Charmaine Olivia and her badass style, art and website?
if not — 

if so, you may recognize the above lil sketch called “sharp rocks” and well, now i have it tattoo’d on my right foot! the above pic was taken with my mom’s cell immediately after it was finished so it’s super puffy but it’s now basically healed. by referral i went to Charles at Only You Tattoo in Grant Park who was really nice and did a great job! thanks dude!

my new friend is sure to pop up in more posts, stay tuned for a healed photo!

NYE: in a blog shell

no, I am not just now recovering from celebrating New Years Eve but am recovering from celebrations + trips to and from Bamaland + MOVING into my new loft. as I haven’t had access to the internet-as usual-I’m just now getting to sharing my night in Athens ringing in 2012! slightly embarrassing that’s its January 11th, but I’m a busy working lady, what can I say :)
NYE is one of my favorite holidays, second to Halloween so I always go BIG and it usually involves music. this year was no exception- four lady friends and I traveled to Athens, GA for the Reptar show at the Georgia Theater. Kat, Sarah and I recently sang backup for one of their songs on the new record so it was extra special fun times! Katherine’s brother is the keyboardist giving us VIP status for the night, I can honestly say this year’s celebration will be HARD TO BEAT!
see for yourself:
started the night with a potluck at a friend of Kat’s-her and her hubby had the cutest decor including that snazzy credenza!
-only in the South can you celebrate a new year and shoot BB guns…
-the boyz in the cool gear is Velveteen Pink-the opening band
(wish i had a full outfit shot)
top: vintage, circle shades: Party City
-the girls and I were responsible for the feather drop at midnight, giving us a stellar view!
-new friends with pretty feathers
-Reptar from afar
-Kat + Rebecca are pumped for 2012! AS AM I!
so there you have it, my exciting NEW YEARS EVE 2012-
thanks to Reptar for the amazing time and opportunity to rock out on stage! YOU GUYZ RULE!
getting internet installed Thursday, hip hip HOORAY!
happy humpday,

holiday party roundup:

don’t know about you but for me november and december have been quite the whirlwind! i’ve hit up several friend’s holiday parties as well as hosted my own all the while finding a new place to live for the next 1-2 years! (PLUSSS dealing with the additional chaos that comes with this time of year..)
with camera in tow, i’ve cataloged all the good times, fabulous outfits and home decor  transformations.


a freelance photo opportunity led me to meeting these lovely ladies with whom i quickly bonded with over our attire:
my outfit includes: a Miss B necklace, Kimchi Blue dress, Nana’s vintage sequin jacket and a vintage purse.
the december edition of Vino + Vajayjayz was held at my lil bungalow and was additionally dubbed as the “last party i’ll ever have here”-
tater was, as usual, the life of the party and decided to play a game of hide-and-seek with party attendee Elizabeth’s vintage skirt-
my room also got a lil holiday swag-
my girlyfriend Kris, celebrated her birthday with a “classy 80s theme” 
above is our interpretation-
(as expected: both dresses are vintage)
a romantic night in with a cute boy led to a ‘cafe-style’ dinner-
wine included!
Eliz and i wearing some vintage button ups at the Thanksgiving Edition of Vino + Vajayjayz 
Mary Claire and her yule log at the Dec. V+VJJ
Dinner at Empire State South
from the photobooth at the YELP shopping event: 
my outfit-Tucker for Target top, Target skirt, Steve Madden boots, H&M necklace
’tis the season of BLACK SHEER!
photo taken at the Denim on Denim holiday shindig-not a clue who took this and obviously i was unaware but im TOTALLY matching that pbr can!
outfit includes: vintage top, vintage Liz Claiborne blazer, UO skirt and PBR
hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season-there’s still NYE so if you haven’t enjoyed yourself to the fullest extent in 2011-


been wanting to introduce my newly thrifted over-sized GEM of a sweater so here goes:
dress, sweater, boots- thrifted. tights: Target. sunnies: UO, necklace: Lucky Brand. purse: via VAMP vintage sale

most of this outfit is actually second-hand or thrifted. oddly enough the dress gets a 1,000,000 compliments when i wear it out and it was found at Rag-O-Rama originally from Target. i know many girls out there can relate with how awesome that sort of thing is! additional praise is due to Rag-O-Rama for these killer boots! i traded in clothes and picked up these guys who seem to have been perfectly broken in by someone with the exact same feet
(which i find nearly impossible since i have the world’s weirdest feet…!)
-thanks anonymous feet twin!

this week while you’re shopping for last minute Christmas presents and stressing out, i’ll be packing up my entire house to move next week. probably the WORST time of year to move but looking at it this way:
starting a new year in a new place…..
(silver lining!)

FLASHBACK: The Infamous 5-Hour Brunch

many moons ago…Ashleigh, Kris and I visited Park’s Edge in Inman Park for what we THOUGHT was just a normal Sunday brunch gathering….
but what we didn’t know is that it would turn into the world’s LONGEST BRUNCH EVER!

originally it included a guy friend but we scared him off with lady talk and drunken laughter so it wound up just being us girls who later had an impromptu photoshoot on the walk home:
i love my girl friends!
(and if we ever form a band, photo #2 will be our album cover!)
My Look: vintage dress, tights, shades, and Steve Madden boots.
Kris’ Look: vintage top, necklace, boots and H&M shorts.
Ash’s Look: H&M blazer, UO romper, Clothing Warehouse shades.
it’s nearly the end of the week, which for some it means weekend chill time…not for all of us…
so enjoy your weekend for me-i’ll be working my bum off-though Sunday is nightlife photo taking so that doesn’t really count *wink!*
come see me on Sunday night for Noni’s Christmas party!