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well HELLO october

and hello to You All!
!!meet Tokion!!
a photo filled publication originally started as a cultural bridge between japan && the USofA by two americans living in japan.
the description is best put by the magazine themselves:

TOKION is an arts and culture magazine that reports from the street level where the creative community lives and thrives. Always willing to take a chance and try something new, TOKION goes inside the world of the contemporary artists, musicians and designers who are pushing boundaries and shaping the way we see the world. With its world-class photography and cutting-edge design, the magazine provides a one-of-a-kind platform for the emerging stars and the established icons of art, design, fashion, music and film to present their unfiltered visions to an audience of cultural messengers.

i took the time, and a lot of time at that ((!!!)) to scan in some of my favorite photos and will be sharing them here with you! here is just a few of some of the beautiful photos from the lovely magazine////
all about some oxfords and ked-like shoes these days. esp since it’s hard for me to wear heels, the oxfords are a great dressy alternative to heels.
got my first ((and DEF not last)) pair of TOMS a couple months ago, they are burlap like the ones here just don’t have strips. they go with everything and are SO SO comfy! ((TOMS TIP: always get a 1/2-full size smaller, they will stretch!!))
even though it’s now october, i still am able to rock some tanks living in georgia…and that’s exactly what i’ve been doing. love love love tanks, especially slouchy ones.
and what’s better than a tank that’s cropped?! and one with triangles is even better, i have long been obsessed with triangles, don’t know what it is about that shape but i dig it.
this article was called “WEEKEND WARRIOR” and i am def getting the warrior vibe from both the above && below photos. totally enjoying the studs and headflare.
this last editorial is really great, not only are the photos uber dreamy ((and PINK!)) but the styling is really great too. doesn’t this chick look like Alicia Silverstone??? -a prettier hip A.S….
i randomly stumbled upon this mag at a local hip gas station but i assume that some bookstores may carry. it’s only published 6 times a year so keep an eye out, it’s totes worth it! makes a great coffee table book, although i’ve been hoarding it my room constantly flipping through the pages for inspiration. oh and please excuse the poor scan quality, it was slightly bigger than my scanner and i had to hold it down each time to get it “just right” although some have some crappy shadows. check back as i will be posting many more pages!
info from && Wikipedia
happy happy weekend my fellow weekend warriorz!