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My love for vintage extends to music.  Back in the day when I was avidly thrifting, before I even owned a record player, I would buy records by artists I grew up listening to and frame them and collected mostly for the album art.  Then in 2003, at a yard sale I found a mint condition 1955 record player with speakers and from then on would thumb through the piles at thrift shops and yard sales.  Some time later I broke the needle and didn’t bother replacing but kept collecting here and there.

Not long after Dustin and I started dating he took interest in my collection and bought us a modern record player to actually take advantage of all the music I was using as decor. Now, it’s become our hobby! We love the slow-paced afternoons and evenings just hanging around the house, sipping a homemade drink or my favorite chardonnay and listening to the crackly sound of a Lynyrd Skynyrd album. We’ve also purchased new music on vinyl like his favorite Blink 182 and our favorite St. Lucia and Alabama Shakes.

People either laugh at young adults listening to vinyl with apps like Pandora and Spotify (both of which we use very often) or they appreciate it.

On Saturday when we went to Highland Row Antiques and perused the vinyl for sale we met an older gentlemen that thought it was great we were into records. He’s also a collector but to a much higher degree than we are, completing artist’s box sets. One of these days I’m sure we’ll get into the hunt of finding that one record we’re missing in a set, but for now it’s just fun!

Here’s this weekend’s loot:


Interested in these records? Purchase from below links:
Eagles- The Long Run
Fleetwood Mac-Rumors
Aerosmith- Aerosmith
The Doors: L.A. Woman

record playerThis is the record player we bought off Amazon. Super easy to use, press start and it automatically does the needle for you and press stop and same thing, needle goes back to the holder. It’s been great! Even holds Flynn who’s decided to make it his perch for looking out the window and with the plastic cover it prevents dust and cat fur from getting in. We’ve recommended to two friends who’ve purchased and loved. Find the additional items you’ll need to enjoy tunes here, here and here.

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clothing swap, baby not included.

sorta doing this a lil backwards as ive already shown a swap score (see previous post) and never really showed pics from said event. didn’t really think i had enough footage but as it turns out i couldn’t hold back sharing the few snaps i did take at the BEST CLOTHING SWAP EVERRR!

the hostesses jil & jenny are huge vintage enthusiasts and let go of some really great pieces – some of which jenny so graciously offered into the mix from her Etsy vintage shop Two Tart –

– Kelly, a swap attendee trying on a gorgeous vintage dress she took home after everyone encouraged her to try it on assuming she was the only one who could zip it up // we were right, the gown fit! –
– hostess Jil and her mimosa drinking gnome – 
– everyone was involved with each swap // so pleasant to meet such sweet girls – 
– baby Ruby with her handmade mini blanket and Jil’s kitty were tired out by all the clothes swapping they passed right out! –
– Kelly and her new score in full length (i spy a BABY!) // Jil’s vintage broach and necklace collection on display in her bedroom turned into art! –
-j squad-
jess // jil // jenny
can’t wait to hang with these ladies again – i see vintage, tea/wine/both in the near future!

after the weekend expect to see a Style Spotlight from a fashionable Atlanta lady and gal pal who’s dying her hair pastel PINK!
be excited, yall!

happy pre-weekend,