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shoe soul mate

have you ever had a pair of shoes that you loved SO MUCH that you actually didn’t want to wear them? if so, you can relate to my issue with these leopard booties. i have posted them before but not an up-close and personal pic of the lovelies. scored for a mere $19.99 via Urban Outfitters I have found my shoe soul mate. they have attracted strangers all over Atlanta with their shape, texture and print. seriously whenever i wear them i have many many randos that tell me how awesome they are, even guys! the only reason i worry about them not lasting for the long run is because the pony fur is already starting to rub where the laces cross across the top, sad times-i know. but even if they look haggard i’d still wear them out, especially to all my nightlife outtings.
shooting photos for Sorry,Darlin this particular evening my camera turned on me. i never mind, hehe
had to strike a pose with my fellow leopard wearing friend, Meg T
-her wedge booties are Jeffrey Campbell
outfit details: top: vintage, shorts: Silence + Noise, tights: Hue, purse: vintage, ring: Betsey Johnson, necklace: Rampage
ended up not going on the Nashville bachelorette trip due to money making opportunities at home. being a responsible adult isn’t always fun. but next week i will be in sunny San Diego and all my troubles will melt away. unfortunately the same can not be said for Japan, the photos are frightening and i can’t imagine what the people of that region are going through. let’s send all positive thoughts to Japan and hope for the very best.

Alice + Olivia

enjoying the feedback from the Suno post, keep it coming!
wanted to share more of my favorites from this year’s Fashion Week:
when i first viewed this collection i was overwhelmed with excitement, it truly is ready-to-wear and i would wear it all! the designer’s unique presentation of having the models stand on tables and velvet cushioned chairs, also added to the elation. and can we talk about that crown modeling and ceiling tiles in that room-stunning!
this collection stands out to me for many reasons-first off, the colors. some of the looks are muted with fall tones and others have loud colors that pop, it’s a nice mix. the velvet touches definitely stood out, as well as the fur. much like Suno i am very fond of the gold accents used, even in the tights and props. gold for the win, every time! as for the models they choose, another good mix in this presentation, different shapes and all fit their chosen outfit.
also enjoy the thick cat-eye and fire lips, looks good on each one of them. the shoes don’t really thrill me that much, however, some of them have unique toe shapes-the drastically pointed and square detail are fun.
being a Fall collection its packed with jackets and lovely ones at that, the last one specifically i enjoy. as a whole it’s on the dressier side which i also admire, could definitly see myself in many of these outfits for a fancy date night with my boyfriend. if a favorite had to be chosen overall it’d have to be the plum silk suit with sparkle top, that color had my immediate attention and with the wide-leg trouser and crop top it won me over!
if you HAD to choose a fav, which would it be?
[more Fashion Week favs coming up]