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the girl with the cat tattoo

scored a very Alexa Chung worthy vintage Talbots dress at Rag-O-Rama i’ve been wanting to style and wear out. the velvet is actually stretchy and the fit is super comfy just didn’t want to look too “Wednesday Adams” which isn’t necessarily at bad thing it’s just not typically my thing. when i was shopping and found the dress i was with a guy friend who actually made the suggestion to belt it, which was GENIUS because it really toned down the gothic vibe i was trying to avoid. take a peep at some photos i took at my new loft:
outfit details—everything vintage, except the AA tights.
are you familiar with Charmaine Olivia and her badass style, art and website?
if not — 

if so, you may recognize the above lil sketch called “sharp rocks” and well, now i have it tattoo’d on my right foot! the above pic was taken with my mom’s cell immediately after it was finished so it’s super puffy but it’s now basically healed. by referral i went to Charles at Only You Tattoo in Grant Park who was really nice and did a great job! thanks dude!

my new friend is sure to pop up in more posts, stay tuned for a healed photo!