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Turned 30 on Good Friday.  Not only was it on a Friday but we also had the day off from work! Coincidence or fate?

Like I mentioned in my little “letter to my 20s” in the previous post, we had a big house party at our place. Low country boil potluck complete with cornhole, beer pong, dance party and all my favorite people! Could not have gone better!

Here’s a recap of the whole weekend –

Thursday at work my lady coworkers surprised me with Sublime Donuts. That heart you see there was filled with raspberry jelly! Twas heavenly.  For lunch, we went to JCT Kitchen and had mussels, fancy cheese and salad-because ya know, balance.  Kept the party going that night and went out to Midway Pub in East Atlanta. Love my work fam!

Friday was clean clean clean. Love throwing house parties because it makes ya whip the house in tiptop shape! Though I was struggling from all the fun the previous day with the Indigo girls, haha!

Too pretty not to include in my recap, the birthday brunch we made in between cleaning up. What makes this avocado toast even yummier? Using this Ezekiel bread.  It also fills you up more, but without bloating, and holds you over for longer. Just started using this over regular organic wheat bread and I’m HOOKED! Another plus is that it’s kept in the freezer (because it’s made from live grains).  Since my work provides lunch and Dustin usually takes leftovers, regular bread usually goes untouched for a bit and molds too quickly-this is a great fix to that problem!

Now onto the PAR-TAY-

I know, porch needs a face lift but we don’t own the house sooooooo LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BOIL! Dustin really knocked it out of the park with his first try. Everything was flavorful and boiled to just the right softness-way to go babe!

Dips on point.

We provided the boil stuff and everyone else brought goodies like this hummus spread brought by a coworker and yummy homemade black bean dip brought by Sara (Psst! She has a great blog and IG, follow her along as well!)

Dustin asked what I really wanted to have at my party and I quickly responded “a 3 and 0 balloons!” Wish, granted!

Gal pal Cline and I went to walk around the neighborhood to find a good photo spot and stumbled upon this stone amphitheater just around the block from my house! Going to totally enlist a musician friend to play some tunes here one night!

Wore a dress I got while selling clothes at Buffalo Exchange (originally from UO) my trusty Sam Edelman boots (till I changed into Chucks) and my Salt shades.

Another guest, Kyle the pie guy, brought a vegan brandy blackberry pie and carried it over in his very own pie box! The lemon zest was a really nice touch, A+

It’s a good dang day when chocolate covered strawberries arrive in the mail! Sent to me from my bro and sister in law from Shari’s Berries. Great gift idea and really yummy!

I was told on your 30th, dessert calories don’t count! These beautiful cakes Dustin got from the same baker that did our wedding cakes. We just can’t get enough of them! Left is the strawberry cream and right is cuatro leches. Check’em out here.


My “Woes” put together this hangover gift basket for the following day, I certainly do get by with a little help from my friends! They are truly the best.

Spoiled rotten. Just look at all that fun stuff! One thing’s for sure, the Lisa Frank activity book that came with the hangover basket DEFINITELY cured all the next day blues!

Not covered in this recap are all the blurry photos of my ladies and I breaking it down on the dance floor-that’s for Facebook, ha!

Saturday was basically a wash (minus stepping out to get Pho at Soba in EAV) so next is Easter –

Easter morning was church with the in-laws and then lunch. Afterwards we came home to chill and I made some decorative eggs.  I was inspired by Homey Oh My’s pumpkins and recreated it on eggs which proved to be a little difficult but I’m very happy with the turnout! First thing, eggs sweat, which I discovered as the paint started to bleed. Annoying thing number 2, hand-painting! I should have followed her lead with paint pens. Not going to lie..painting on a small, rounded object was a pain! But if you want something unique and not super messy, these mud cloth eggs are it!

Since we had off Friday we had to work Monday but hey, I’ll take it!

Hope everyone enjoyed their time spent with family, chocolate covered eggs and/or Netflix!



In addition to swimming in cenotes and experiencing in-Mexico-only adventures I had one big request on our to do list- visit Coqui Coqui-a hotel, perfumery, spa and restaurant on the beach. We almost didn’t fit it in our busy schedule but on the last day, just hours before our flight, we got in a visit.

The building is a unique kind of rustic. Definitely has Mayan vibes with the stone work with added minimal chic touches in the decor and furnishings.  I really like the flat roofs and linear walls. The owners did a fantastic job adding just the right amount of details while keeping it simple.


Even outside the door to the perfumery you can smell all the beautiful scents and inside it’s awesome, so many flavors mixing. Not overwhelmingly just right.

We smelled each scent and picked out the coco coco for both myself and his mom. Runner ups were- tobacco, orange, agave.

I mostly went with coco coco because I wanted to be reminded of the ocean and beach every time I wore it!

I just had to have one of these pitches and went with the smaller one on the right. The glaze looks solid but when you look close it’s somewhat crackled, like it’s vintage. Currently sitting on the counter top just being all cute and chubby.


Wearing my trusty Stetson, Ace + Jig top, Anthropologie pants, Birks and Le Spec shades

The hotel actually only has 6 rooms which fill up fast. Man, just looking through these images I’m re-inspired!

Have a good weekend!!


This past weekend was the 2-day music fest here in the heart of Atlanta at Piedmont Park. It was my second year in a row attending with friends and my little brother. The first day was absolutely gorgeous but I cannot say the same for Day2 which was a soggy, wet, messy DOWNPOUR-much like my adventure at Shaky Knees-see post here. I am thankful Friday was so nice because I brought along the glam cam to capture festival fashion as well as goofy things I saw along the way-mm_2013
Day1 didn’t start till 4:00 with North Mississippi All Stars which I didn’t see because I was running around taking pics but the jam band could be heard all over the park. First show I actually attended was 2Chains, who is a local to ATL and was quite good.
since the festival attracts SO MANY PEOPLE attendees get creative with flags, poles and anything/everything under the moon to get the attention of their friends:
whether it’s the face of a dog, witch or flamingo-people were persistent on being able to find one another since cell phone service is almost non-existent, I got a real kick out of the creativity! 
my festival buddy, Blair, knows how to keep the party going with some contraband strawberry vodka that she likes to share-thanks for the headache lil lady! :P 
this was my other festival buddy ^
I wasn’t the only one rocking a moon shirt ^
Hadn’t seen shoulder tattoos like this, pretty rad placement.
I’m wearing a UO muscle tee, F21 skirt, FP necklace and AA sunnies (no shoes because I was a dumdum and didn’t wear socks with my Superga’s and then became BLISTER CITY!)


Festival goers rocking some cool hats!

Cool couple from Zink magazine and killer green ombre.






Pre-Fall plaid


Vintage Moschino



The Minute Maid guy was cracking me up, busting some moves and singing all the songs along with 2Chains, you go dude!



Gal on the left ended up becoming a buddy, we walked to the fest together on the Beltline and then ran into one another 3 total times during the fest! hey girl hey!





Fest dudes ^


Since I had already written quite a bit about the fest on my FB page, thought I’d just share from there: 
Day1 FB Recap: Music Midtown Day One Recap- ended up at 2 Chains, knew more songs than I thought and had a goodie time, Phoenix was fun and played oldies I loved back from the beginning of college, Cake on the other hand was disappointing as crap so we left to catch all of Journey who was the bomb. Weather was beautiful and I got some amazing festival fashion shots for LF (seen here!) Things I learned: do not wear Superga sneakers without socks and walk from your home to the park-blister city (told you it was bad!) the lead singer of Journey is a small Asian man who used to sing in a Journey cover band and now sings for the real deal! Lastly, I learned that I’m quite comfortable going on adventures alone (didn’t meet up with people till 6ish *but met my aforementioned lady pal) and can talk to ANYONE (well this isn’t new knowledge..) but I do prefer to hang with the good folks in my life.

Day2 (photoless) Recap: Started off hunting down ponchos and after the 6th stop almost gave up until a nice pedestrian gave us his RIGHT OFF HIS BACK and an extra he was carrying (thanks 1,000,000 stranger man!) walked in the pouring rain to the gate where we stood in the swampy line for nearly an HOUR or more.. bc tickets weren’t scanning due to the downpour, good thing we got in when we did bc we were a part of a less than happy group chanting to “LET US IN” that could have turned ugly if we stood in line through one more Weezer song. After Weezer we floated to ZZ Ward who was fun and kept uplifting the dedicated crowd. Next Tegan and Sarah performed and were their usual friendly selves and even sang the jam they did in collaboration with Tiesto (!!!!) Next was who I was looking forward to the most and had waited for since ’04 the YEAH YEAH YEAHS! Karen O is so freaking cool (which I told everyone in our group, repeatedly) she was wearing a glitter suit, Michael Jackson shrine glitter tee and had wild prison clown tears! She rocked the hell out! Lastly was RHCP which we stood in our very same spots for over an hour to keep-worth it! Things I learned: rain boots will only keep your feet dry for so long, Flea looks damn good, ponchos can double as “pee tents” and I can survive any rain with my good overpriced pal Dos Equis. 

Hope you enjoyed my festival fashion photos, see photos from Day2 on my Instagram! My boyfriend made a comment regarding a photo I showed him that I took as a HUGE compliment he said “oh wow babe, that looks like a pic you’ve posted from other Festival Fashion posts from other photographers” Since my recaps of other festivals come from sites like Elle, Harper’s, Vogue, R29, ETC this is a compliment! 


as usual, LOTS of things happening here in Atlanta, some of which is captured on camera..

mid September – last weekend via Instagram

Joan Jett rocking out at Music Midtown // visiting from FL, Liz and I on the beltline
Florence at Music Midtown wearing a fan’s flower crown // a peaceful Liz in between dance moves
MUSIC MIDTOWN 2012 was a damn good time! // DV by Dolce Vita flatforms with some striped stockings for the October Apparel Market
took some ladies home to Alabama for a girls weekend and we rented a pontoon boat loaded with cold beers and went tubing! // mom snapped this pic of us hanging on some rocks on Lake Tuscaloosa
gal pal threw a Las Vegas themed birthday, I wore a vintage sequin jacket and an old Jessica McClintock dress from highschool // bday party favors!
sitting in ATL traffic snapping pics=safety first // for real safe in this teal hard hat I call a helmet!
roomie baked a cake, it was good // flowers in Midtown on a rainy day
L is for Lady Flashback // MailChimp party balloons
wore a Forever 21 dress, Urban Outfitters flatforms and vintage bracelets for the Atlanta Style Bloggers 1-Year Anniversary at W Buckhead // ran into Marilyn at the Mail Chimp party wearing the same dress
hosted a clothing swap with Shear Love which was a huge success // took home this brand new VACANT top/tunic, love the scalloped collar!
a day in the life of a jewelry designer assistant (MIA boots, Citizen jeans) // spotted these wild Docs at the Atlanta Shoe Show
mirror and candle are thrift store scores totally something like $1.75 // vintage purse from Rag-O-Rama, can’t wait to put it to use!
Tater was put on a diet, needless to say it failed // took t-shirt pics for Fallen Arrows, had the most fun with this Lucha Libre tee
Front Page News, Little 5 Points // sporting my [current] favorite dress on Ponce (Jcrew hat, F21 dress, Elliot Lucca purse, Frye sandales)
“asleep” wearing V.LU necklace // cute lil Madewell earrings
MIA suede brogues // arm party including pearl & chain bracelet I picked up at the clothing swap
cheesing it in Madison, GA (vintage top, UO skirt) // flowers from a cute boy
grey on grey (Oakleys, UO top, Wetseal dress, DV flatforms, Kate Spade bag) // Alexa Chung for Madewell pouch and its contents
escaped to the historic town of Madison a few weekends back, hung out at my Great Aunts house for a day // wild flowers in their town square
clever guacamole dip display at this month’s Vino + Vajayjayz Halloween Edition // headless Flashy on the way to MS MR & Group Love at the Masquerade
(Kensie sweater, Current Elliot jeans, destroyed Aldo boots)
a Bama fan’s porch art // taking a rest after L5P Halloween parade
our take on Suzy & Sam from Moonrise Kingdom
[upper half] // [lower half]

is it just me or does it feel like Halloween has already happened? guess that’s cause I’ve already dressed up a handful of times…next up: ZOMBIE PROM!

have a good weekend!