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On Saturday night Dustin and I went over to my best gal pal’s loft for what we thought was a casual supper. When we arrived they gave us drinks and told us that the meal needed a little more time in the oven and that while we were waiting we should head up to the roof to see the sun set. We were all for it and took the elevator to the top of Mattress Factory Lofts. When the doors opened we were greeted with a group of our friends yelling “SURPRISE!” from the upper level! We were SPEECHLESS. Literally. Stood there confused and shocked, haha! When things finally started to make sense we dried tears and hugged everyone and then checked out the adorable diy decor Ashleigh and Ashley had assembled including this “Happy Engagement” sign:
atlanta engaged
decor event atlanta rooftop
The girls diy decor also included old soda bottles and mason jars filled with flowers, some of which even came from Ashley’s backyard! They took old fabric and dresses and jazzed up the chairs they rented. Additionally, Ashley asked that everyone draw on the “table cloth” with encouraging words or illustrations as she’d be saving them and making into a book. I won’t get into details about some of the “anatomically correct” drawings that occurred! (payback for other drawings Dustin drew for Jonny + Ashley at their reception!)
After we hung out sipping on Ash’s infamous gin punch and a few more friends trickled in we sat down for a potluck Southern feast. There was delicious 15-hour pulled pork, mac-and-cheese, fancy potato salad and more then for dessert we noshed on Muriel’s poppy seed blueberry hand pies!

Stuffed full and proudly wearing a grin from ear to ear we watched the sun go down and then packed it up to move indoors where we played “heads up” which was hilarious since we were slightly intoxicated- and our friends are naturally silly!
The whole night we felt so lucky to have great friends that would put together a special night just for us, we are truly blessed, thanks Atlanta family!

it wasn’t until a couple of days ago i was made aware that the Atlanta Magazine had awarded the superlative for “Hip Style Blog” in their December issue. when i found out about the possible mention back in November i thought it was just that-a mention. to my surprise i was told that i had actually made the “Best of Atlanta” list.
i am thrilled to get any recognition but a real life print magazine that just celebrated their 50th birthday, even more RAD!
so here is the scanned front of magazine and my spot on the page,
breast of atlanta
thanks Kareem for helping with the graphic setup!
and since i was so incredibly sick for and around Christmas i wanted to share some classy images from our Classy Christmas VINO party hosted by my roommate and i on December 16. thinking this party is where someone got everyone so so sick, since my friends were also ill a day or so later-opps .!. nonetheless we mingled, nibbled, laughed and got merry with some whites and reds.
got the house all shiny and tidy for the shindig!
my sweety even brought over some balloons!
they gravitated around the light and cast off bits of red, so festive!
myself, roommate and friend Mallory all smiles after a glass or three
one of my bff’s, jamey turned into james this night-classy guy!
Harmony and I hanging out in my bedroom
too many prom dates to choose, went for my two favs!
and pose!
wearing an EBV [vintage] dress
AA socks
Corso Como heels
have some wine with that CHEEZZE!
also wanted to snap some photos of the lovely Elizabeth and her eclectic outfit, she had henna tattoos on her hands-too bad i didn’t get a close-up!
i believe this is [mostly] vintage w//F21 heels
always adore her mix of colors, patterns and styles!
hosting potlucks & events seems to be my thing and i usually get carried away making foodies, this time was no different. i made stuffed feta mushrooms and a spinach artichoke fondue recipe i found via the Melting Pot. the mushrooms i free-styled because you can’t really go wrong with bread crumbs, shrooms, feta and seassoning… and the fondue was so easy, and it had everyone coming back for seconds, here it is:

    3oz. chopped cooked spinach

    3oz. chopped artichoke hearts

    1 spoon of minced garlic

    8oz. shredded cheddar cheese

    5 turns of cracked black pepper

    for dipping:

    cubed bread- french/rye/pumpernickel

    vegetables – coliflower/carrots/celery/broccoli

serves 4 so i multiplied everything x3 i believe, made a ton!
and lastly,
wanted to share my stingy santa gift i went home with from a friends holiday party,
magical right????
i plan to paint the frame and then hang it someone very visible in my apartment!
well that sums up some of my December happenings but the best is yet to come-
NEW YEARS EVE photos, stay tuned!