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meet Elizabeth
& her new pastel hair:

Elizabeth lives in a 1960’s carriage house apartment tucked away in the Virginia Highlands. When she’s not hitting the road (or sky) visiting accounts for TOMS..she’s decorating, cooking or catching up with friends. Her personal style is much like her abode: eclectic and improvised with nods to eras past. When I think of a someone who takes unique pieces and turns them into fashionable outfits and layers like a pro, I think of Liz!
see for yourself, below are photos we shot around the shopping and bar district in the VA Highlands as well as a few questions to get to know this fashionable Atlanta Lady:


What’s your secret to great finds?
Keep an open mind! You never know what you’ll find in that thrift store you always pass or at a big-box retailer’s sale. I never count anywhere out! 




Who’s closet would you most like to borrow from? 
To be honest…. any of the Olsens’.

What is your fashion faux-pas? 
I tend to over-accessorize. I just get excited about several pieces at one time! I’m always reminding myself less is more. 


What’s your favorite thing about your neighborhood? 

The big, beautiful trees and lush greenery. And I can walk to some pretty fantastic spots! 

outfit deets: 
jacket: Designer’s Closet by Billabong, top: thrifted (was a dress that I cut), pants: vintage via Rag-O-Rama, shoes: Urban Outfitters, brooch: from Flashy, bracelet: Macy’s, clutch: thrifted, sunnies: TOMS, hair: Green Peridot Salon-Tallahassee, FL

FYI: this only one of three outfits we shot so visit again (early next week!) for two more looks as well as a peak inside her adorable carriage home!

have a GREAT weekend party people!