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a YELP shindig

im excited to share an event with you all-
from the Yelp Team:
     To kick off our pledge to shop locally this holiday season, you and a guest are invited to the next all-Yelper party: Yelp’s Stylin’ Shindig! 

If you like to shop, if you like to eat and drink, if you like to dance… this party is for you: fantastic local boutiques will be bringing in their finest wares and selling them for at least 50% off regular price! We’ll have a bevy of wonderful drinks, local eats, and DJ Dibiase will be back spinning to get you dancing! Photography provided by Mike Cooke of Mikedesigns and Brittany Wages, and OMG Booth will be on hand with their crazy fun photobooth antics! 

** You must be RSVPd on Yelp to get into this event. We’ll be checking at the door!

to read about how to RSVP and other details
collage by me, photos via The Beehive
collage by me, photos via Fearless Weirdos

though personally i have only shopped at The Beehive i’m excited to check out the other stores, brands, artists, as well as the sips + snacks! not to mention i’m all about Sunday Funday!

if you are not familiar with Yelp, you should meet and be very good friends. the site is a great way to research restaurants, salons, stores, hotels, nightlife, art and so much more. it really helped me when i first moved to Atlanta and still find myself referring to it weekly.

hope to see everyone at this event looking sharp!
have a good week,


photos via – collage by ME!

-the second collection by Alexa Chung for Madewell to be released in stores and online-

tonight I’m going to the Lenox party to check out the line and *crossing fingers* to grab up one of those adorable coin purses that will only be give to special party people, hehe. TRUST that i am wearing an Alexa-worthy outfit complete with my leopard booties!

hope to see you ladies at the event or rocking some Alexa Chung for Madewell on your blogs!



been work work working away this past week at America’s Mart for Natural Life [again] as well at other outlets of money making so i apologize for my absence.!. i’ve compiled some photos of outfits from the past couple weeks of my nightLIFE explorations:
Facelift 01_07_10  117
for a monthly party called Facelift at Halo Lounge downtown
top [seen on LF many times] vintage, leather shorts: Silence+Noise, tights//bra: AA, boots: Dolce Vita, earring: BabyCakes {an atl local}
Facelift 01_07_10  109
pictured here with my good pal Kristie, who will be a real Atlanta resident come Feb1st-pumped!
Facelift 01_07_10  073
above photos courtesy of:
at another monthly party-Hot and Sticky-where i shot photos for Sorry,Darlin
blazer: Kenneth Cole, tank: Old Navy, skirt//purse: vintage, ring: Betsey Johnson
even though i was photographer for the evening many people insisted on turning the camera around on me – def did not mind :))
eastside lounge
the roomy got me this Betsey Johnson ring for Christmas and im IN LOVE with the size, pattern and jewel! thanks ash!
date night with my boyfriend
rabbit fur coat: vintage, top: BDG, vest: Flying Tomatos, skirt: Target, tights: Luxe, boots: vintage
IMG_4360 copy
flare deetz:
unicorn necklace: vintage, elephant necklace: j crew-gift from my brother’s gf, single chain: vintage, blue button: Kentuck craft fair, pink button: gift from friend after her trip to Spain
after spotting a shopper at UO wearing a very similar version of this coat all casual-like i’ve since decided it doesn’t need to be a super fancy night to bring it out. it’s no longer going to sit lonely in my closet just because it’s glamourous, i had fun wearing it to dinner and drinks as well as around town the next day.


big apologies,
with the new job and fighting off a nasty bug i’ve been hella behind on comments, outfits, news and all things internet related. i hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was splendid and you all are as pumped for the upcoming holidays as i :))
speaking of …. i have some BIG NEWS to share!!! recently i was asked to join forces with “ATL’s freshest girl-based blog” and local party promoters ::::
used for blog purposes
**artwork by Ant Sims**
im sure my loyal readers are aware, i have been a SorryDarlin supporter for a while now and it was a huge honor to be invited into ‘the gang’ of awesome gals as the FASHION WRITER ((EEEEEEE!!!!)) you all will be seeing more and more of Atlanta’s fashionistas as i’ll be cross-posting for your viewing pleasures!
lets meet the faces behind the Darlin Dynasty//
meet SarahDarlin:
creator of SorryDarlin and Atlanta’s Party Princess
Sarah Mincher is behind all the party planning//hosting, bar//venue relationships, managing the blog, the SD goody bags given away at all events and even DJ’s under DJ MinchyMinch!
used for blog purposes
photo by 35MM
used for blog purposes
photo by Zoe of
used for blog purposes
photo by Ryan of
meet TaraDarlin aka DJ Taradactyl:
when it comes to music Tara definitely knows what’s up and that’s why she is behind all the music posts on as well as a resident DJ of Graveyard Tavern, MJQ and many SD parties!
used for blog purposes
photo by Ryan of
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photo by Zoe of
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photo by Zoe of
meet ZoeDarlin:
behind the lens is where you can find Zoe at most parties, although if you checked the dance floor first she could also be spotted in or around boogie’n down! being a grad of the Art Institute of Atlanta keeps the youngest Darlin on top of her game when it comes to capturing all the right party moments!
used for blog purposes
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photo by ((her boo)) Ryan of
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photo taken with her own cam, with no hands-so talented!
meet ElizabethDarlin the vegan foodie:
knowing good food comes easy for this Darlin as she does loads of traveling working for TOMS shoes and gets to try it ALL! she is vegan//vegetarian and has the capability of not only spotting great eats but also preparing it herself. she posts about Atlanta hotspots both new and established as well as tasty recipes with helpful hints.
used for blog purposes
photo by Zoe of
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photo by Zoe of
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photo via
here is just a tidbit of parties thrown or hosted by SD//
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^^^one of my favorites yet^^^
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^^^pretty poster art can be spotted’round the streets^^^
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^^^next SD exclusive event^^^
for updates on added photo galleries, upcoming events, good tunes, tasty food and all things GIRLY check out:::
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Blue Tiers

months ago i reluctantly tried on a blue tiered Lauren Conrad for Target dress at Rag-O-Rama..i think that girl is a joke but the dress was way to beautiful to pass up. plus it was super cheap-$12.00 i think..anyways the second i put it on i knew i didn’t care what the tag said, it was MINE! i’ve worn it many times now to several different events, here’s some photos of myself and the dress in action:
lunch outing with roommate in L5P
Sunnies: Vintage Liz Claiborne
Backpack: Vintage Kenneth Cole
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Bakers
Watch: Swish Army
Sloppy Seconds!
Watch: Vintage McDonald PowerRangers ((White Ranger!!))
((above two photos by Ryan of!))
a VIP night out in Midtown
Blazer, Purse, Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Vintage by BodegaATL
Tights: UO
Heels: Steve Madden
Ring: ? Gilt Groupe
you totes can’t even tell it was FREEZING this night and im in agony! i do it for the blog!
photo by Wil MAY
photo from MakeSHIFT’S party at Whiskey Park, dig the blue tint he gave it!
Photo by Wil MAY
the sweety sporting his dad’s vintage leather jacket, we both love some hand-me-downs!
what do you think of it?