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photos via NastyGal
aren’t these photos gorgeous?! the minute i spotted them on Nasty Gal’s site i saved them to my desktop for inspiration. wanting to try a similar style photoshoot with a girlfriend who’s agreed to some modeling. highly doubtful it comes out this badass but experimenting is always fun.
about halfway into the San Diego vacation and already done so much. a lot of riding bikes and eating. my boyfriend did his undergrad here so im traveling with a sort of local who has been taking me to his favorite spots. today we road to the swap meet and i picked up some vintage and Mexican jewelry. they also had a booth with tons of Urban Outfitters, Hurley, American Apparel and other brands i like that was super cheap. snagged some floral leggings and a tank for only $10. also came across a vintage 100% silk Saks Fifth Ave. sweater that is perfectly over-sized. i’d say today was a shopping success!
tonight we are going to a warehouse party a bike shop friend of Kareem’s is throwing, should be interesting!
hope everyone is having a marvelous weekend!