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I’m happy to say that mine and Dustin’s curse of rainy outdoor music has been broken! This years Music Midtown was absolutely gorgeous-no ponchos or rain boots-just warm pre-Fall sun! We were especially excited since we took advantage of living on the Beltline and rode our bikes both days using the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s bike valet service, so easy and convenient! Music Midtown made a few changes this year with stage setups and policies but my favorite change, or rather upgrade was the expanded artist and vendor market area. There was a short time frame we didn’t care to see the bands playing so we grabbed a beer and walked around looking at the jewelry, handmade guitars, folk art, blown glass, and more-it was a nice break.

Our beer of choice and even better that it’s local! There wasn’t a ton of choices so if it’s between a light, watered down beer or a flavorful high gravity for a little more, you’ll find us always going to the more bang for your buck option.
The back of this top was perfectly breezy for a music fest! Leave it to Free People to create the best attire for such occasions.

Outfit details: Free People top and jean, Birkenstock sandals, vintage bag and Oakley shades
This years crowd flags and markers were really fun, couldn’t help but snap this hip Mario! On day two we stood by someone’s flag and used it to our benefit to help friends find us. Maybe next year we’ll actually bring something fun and creative though it seems like a chore to keep up with anything other than yourself or group and belongings!
Friday’s lineup for us included Bear Hands, Run DMC, Lorde and Jack White. All very different but the one artist that stole the show was Lorde! She had killer dance moves, changed into three different outfits and had huge bubbles raining from above the stage! Whoever said she was boring live was proved wrong, she really impressed this lady!
Day Two’s Outfit which I coined the “hipster farmer look” was comfy and breathable during the peak of the heat.

Details: Free People hat, Madewell shirt, Target overalls, Clarks desert boot, vintage bag and Oakley sunglasses
Saturday’s lineup for us included Sleeper Agent, Third Eye Blind, Twenty One Pilots, Fitz and the Tantrums, Bastille and Eminem. The artist that was my favorite, and I wasn’t surprised, was Fitz! We didn’t attempt to get close to really anyone else but knew there show would be fun up close so we got there early and camped out which proved to be way worth it! Frontman, Michael and his co-vocalist Noelle have really great energy and boogied down!
Loved how silly some people got for the festivities, these bananas are dedicated!
This bearded man of mine loves concerts about as much as I do, if not MORE! Couldn’t ask for a better festival companion! Processed with VSCOcam with e6 preset
Next up we are going to Outkast, Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino this weekend at Centennial Olympic Park. Bought these tickets so long ago and can’t wait to see Outkast perform in their hometown-should be epic!


14185935822_3016af6e10_b    So you’ve seen the festival fashion from Shaky Knees, now I want to share my personal experience! Having gone to last year’s fest and getting caught in the crazy weather that is typical of the month of May in the South (thunderstorms, rain, unexpected heat) I knew I must be prepared with round two. Dustin and I packed rain jackets, SPF, water-proof pouches, and rain boots along with the rest of our things before heading over to the apartment we rented for the weekend in Atlantic Station.  The apartment is a friend of mine’s who listed it on Air B and B and since we didn’t want to bother with parking, cabs, etc we figured it was safest to stay close to the festival grounds. Ended up working out perfectly and was very convenient!  Especially since the size of the festival has grown tremendously since last year’s inaugural year it seems like exiting the event area was a pain.  The crowd seemed to be from all over.  I talked with lots of people from out of town, even a gal from Australia! Makes me happy for the businesses which benefit with an increase in revenue.  Before I start bragging about ATL lets get to more about the festival weekend..

14188464254_55e95636be_bThis was Day One’s outfit, a Gap t-shirt, Free People shorts, Hunter rainboots, and vintage AE backpack (have had this thing since early high school, so strange but that is actually vintage!)  When we were first walking over and the sun was out I was a little pissed I was wearing heavy and hot rain boots, but then when it started POURING I was happy that I was a lot more prepared then other attendees who were shivering and soaked. They learned the hard way but come next year they’ll have the proper attire and be a pro.

14188484844_b99b249215_b 14001884360_58d32908be_binsta_oneINSTA-FLASHY  |  This kid was the cutest! During Local Natives he was snapping away on a cell phone while chilling on his dad’s shoulders. His dad saw this pic on Instagram and commented “He looks familiar @ladyflashback haha nice shot!” … Dad approves, yay!  My roommate also attended and shot festival style for Paste Magazine so we were both on fashion patrol!

14165353686_2bb2994e6d_b14001876470_9442780ef9_bWhen it wasn’t raining this is how you could find Dustin and I, armed with a cold beer and fan!

14185924752_0c8a680fcf_b14208665773_24061a0181_b1/2 yard beer at Yard House, we ate there before the shows on Saturday, tallest hair-of-the-dog I’ve ever seen!

14001901607_0cd9eac140_b14001867830_9173101dd2_b 14001902937_bd3e0417ee_bEach day our walking route included walking over this neat bridge and one day we spotted this guy who decided to belly flop into the water after this photo!

14188483244_314a3fe11a_bOveralls-Target, Shirt-Cynthia Rowley, Hat-Jcrew
Went searching for a fashionable rain jacket at Target but had no such luck, however, I did leave with these overalls shorts for less than $25.00!

insta_twoINSTA-FLASHY  |  I never want to drink another Dos Equis ever again ….  or at least not until next year’s Shaky Knees // Alabama Shakes putting on one helluva show!

14208645363_ffbed452ae_bThe last day, which was the sunniest, Dustin brought along his vintage 35mm camera loaded with Lomography film. Excited to see how these turn out!

14001863438_babcc593d3_bFriend and momma Tara working one of the drink stands that had a great view of both the city and the two main stages! Volunteering or working is something Dustin and I are considering for an upcoming festival, maybe Tomorrow World.

14165355546_8c25d00284_bMy look from the last day, a Madewell dress, Free People shades, same backpack I used the whole time and comfy Dansko clogs.

14001853288_a64a3692f1_bMy top favorite performances-
Modest Mouse, turned out to be the most we danced the whole weekend, who would have thought dance party when talking about MM, so much fun!
Cage the Elephant, they always put on a great performance, and I love the lead singer’s outfit (velvet shirt, white denim jeans and Doc Martens) who crowd surfed in the rain!
Local Natives-been wanting to see these guys forever and they did not disappoint, rocked out so good!
Band of Skulls-for a 3 piece band they really jam, especially their lady bassist!
Jenny Lewis-she’s been a long time favorite artist of mine so to see her again in my city was great. always look forward to seeing what she’s going to wear, for this particular performance she kept it on the casual side with cut off shorts and a vintage tee.
Alabama Shakes-they closed the festival and man did they put on a show. I was teary-eyed singing and dancing it was THAT good!

This festival holds a special place in my heart. It was where I met and connected with Dustin last year and now will be one of many of our traditions.  We’ve saved our wristbands, paper bag koozies, and other trinkets we collected along the way and will be making a shadowbox to remember our great time at round DOS!


13987610457_7f721fef0a_bSince I’m feeling like myself again after 3 days of music, rain and Dos Equis, I wanted to share my favorite of the festival fashions from Shaky Knees Music Festival! Despite the crazy weather fest-goers rocked some really great looks, here are the ladies I thought wore it best-

13987578757_aca286fa30_b14171534082_38f59636bc_b14171584922_7ae169aae4_b13987617857_59e9b2d095_b14171589712_707a2205ea_b14194364623_e71ef5c1bf_b14170940011_2498873ece_b14174303374_2a1d6b8082_b14194341643_bce9991cc5_b14194349433_eae9b16407_b14194355693_75602048c4_b14174271744_7f8712c110_b14174257215_273b1fae24_b14171536272_a602140100_b14170913371_087ed14742_b14170927381_973fec5140_b13987608937_44bc22a8aa_b13987595840_3d343e2e48_b13987592727_a4df9a3d20_b13987580138_770e2a1e95_b13987576597_6d3c25f57f_b13987564060_a7542b30db_bLastly, my favorite of my outfits, a Madewell dress I bought specifically for the occasion which turned out to be a heavier linen that I thought so I sweated my bum off! (worth it!)

13987574718_059e941896_oI’ll be sharing a more detailed post of mine and Dustin’s adventures along with my other two outfits which are even more casual but also blue. Apparently I’m on a blue kick which is A-Ok with me!

Recap coming up!

Factory Flashy: Curious Provisions

I’m starting a new little adventure here on the blog called “Factory Flashy” where I visit workshops and studios around Atlanta that make local goods.  Whether it’s food, crafts, clothes or accessories I want to shed some light on what’s getting made locally by talented folks! My first stop was the Curious Provisions showroom over on the Westside.  They take vintage suitcases from the 40s, 50s and 60s and turn them into portable BOOMBOXES that have Bluetooth capabilities as well as an aux cable and rechargeable battery. The two owners, Javier and David, met while working for Home Depot corporate and decided to set out on their own adventure. Their main gig is a digital design agency, Launch Interactive, but after getting tons of compliments on their suitcase boombox creation they had in their office they decided to launch their online store and that’s when they started Curious Provisions. With celebrities such as Shaq and Bruno Mars owning their goods, I’d say their creation is quite unique! Check out my studio visit-
take your thumper around town! 
around the studio: they love all things vintage including an oldie but goodie classic boombox.
around the studio: their kitchen note cracked me up!
Pamela, a friend and intern turned staff member, sitting at one of the DIY’d sewing table desks, these fellahs are crafty! Pre-speaker’d suitcases.
around the studio: this MC Hammer Barbie is EVERYTHING awesome, my Barbie dolls would have been totally swooning over this guy!
instructions and tags, Pamela showed me the ropes with tagging each piece with their DIY’d tags.
this is what I wore! comfy casual for hanging, chatting and sipping beers.
outfit details: Bill Hallman top, F21 skirt, Superga shoes, Vieta bag and Deck Specks sunglasses (also a locally made brand!)

I snapped many behind the scenes photos but due keeping their designs confidential I promised the guys I wouldn’t post the photos but I will say the insides of these things are pretty cool! Also, LOUD, these things can reach 200 watts! As big fans of EDM (electronic dance music) the guys wanted the boomboxes to be able to produce high quality sound.

Thanks Javier and David for allowing me to hang and check out the studio and Pamela for giving me the whole opportunity and idea for this new adventure!

visit their website for more details and check back for more FACTORY FLASHY posts!


This past weekend was the 2-day music fest here in the heart of Atlanta at Piedmont Park. It was my second year in a row attending with friends and my little brother. The first day was absolutely gorgeous but I cannot say the same for Day2 which was a soggy, wet, messy DOWNPOUR-much like my adventure at Shaky Knees-see post here. I am thankful Friday was so nice because I brought along the glam cam to capture festival fashion as well as goofy things I saw along the way-mm_2013
Day1 didn’t start till 4:00 with North Mississippi All Stars which I didn’t see because I was running around taking pics but the jam band could be heard all over the park. First show I actually attended was 2Chains, who is a local to ATL and was quite good.
since the festival attracts SO MANY PEOPLE attendees get creative with flags, poles and anything/everything under the moon to get the attention of their friends:
whether it’s the face of a dog, witch or flamingo-people were persistent on being able to find one another since cell phone service is almost non-existent, I got a real kick out of the creativity! 
my festival buddy, Blair, knows how to keep the party going with some contraband strawberry vodka that she likes to share-thanks for the headache lil lady! :P 
this was my other festival buddy ^
I wasn’t the only one rocking a moon shirt ^
Hadn’t seen shoulder tattoos like this, pretty rad placement.
I’m wearing a UO muscle tee, F21 skirt, FP necklace and AA sunnies (no shoes because I was a dumdum and didn’t wear socks with my Superga’s and then became BLISTER CITY!)


Festival goers rocking some cool hats!

Cool couple from Zink magazine and killer green ombre.






Pre-Fall plaid


Vintage Moschino



The Minute Maid guy was cracking me up, busting some moves and singing all the songs along with 2Chains, you go dude!



Gal on the left ended up becoming a buddy, we walked to the fest together on the Beltline and then ran into one another 3 total times during the fest! hey girl hey!





Fest dudes ^


Since I had already written quite a bit about the fest on my FB page, thought I’d just share from there: 
Day1 FB Recap: Music Midtown Day One Recap- ended up at 2 Chains, knew more songs than I thought and had a goodie time, Phoenix was fun and played oldies I loved back from the beginning of college, Cake on the other hand was disappointing as crap so we left to catch all of Journey who was the bomb. Weather was beautiful and I got some amazing festival fashion shots for LF (seen here!) Things I learned: do not wear Superga sneakers without socks and walk from your home to the park-blister city (told you it was bad!) the lead singer of Journey is a small Asian man who used to sing in a Journey cover band and now sings for the real deal! Lastly, I learned that I’m quite comfortable going on adventures alone (didn’t meet up with people till 6ish *but met my aforementioned lady pal) and can talk to ANYONE (well this isn’t new knowledge..) but I do prefer to hang with the good folks in my life.

Day2 (photoless) Recap: Started off hunting down ponchos and after the 6th stop almost gave up until a nice pedestrian gave us his RIGHT OFF HIS BACK and an extra he was carrying (thanks 1,000,000 stranger man!) walked in the pouring rain to the gate where we stood in the swampy line for nearly an HOUR or more.. bc tickets weren’t scanning due to the downpour, good thing we got in when we did bc we were a part of a less than happy group chanting to “LET US IN” that could have turned ugly if we stood in line through one more Weezer song. After Weezer we floated to ZZ Ward who was fun and kept uplifting the dedicated crowd. Next Tegan and Sarah performed and were their usual friendly selves and even sang the jam they did in collaboration with Tiesto (!!!!) Next was who I was looking forward to the most and had waited for since ’04 the YEAH YEAH YEAHS! Karen O is so freaking cool (which I told everyone in our group, repeatedly) she was wearing a glitter suit, Michael Jackson shrine glitter tee and had wild prison clown tears! She rocked the hell out! Lastly was RHCP which we stood in our very same spots for over an hour to keep-worth it! Things I learned: rain boots will only keep your feet dry for so long, Flea looks damn good, ponchos can double as “pee tents” and I can survive any rain with my good overpriced pal Dos Equis. 

Hope you enjoyed my festival fashion photos, see photos from Day2 on my Instagram! My boyfriend made a comment regarding a photo I showed him that I took as a HUGE compliment he said “oh wow babe, that looks like a pic you’ve posted from other Festival Fashion posts from other photographers” Since my recaps of other festivals come from sites like Elle, Harper’s, Vogue, R29, ETC this is a compliment!