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after a small vaca from postings, i’ve resurrected and bringing you all some archived outfits! these are from my old camera and go as far back to the beginning of summer, a FLASHBACK moment at its finest!
love these acid-washed jeggings from H&M, so comfy and stretchy. however, i did buy some gray dye and plan to give them a new look, the light wash is just too light for me. will show the final product!
top: Free People, jeans: H&M, boots//purse//earring: vintage
shame this photo is so dark, but the background is actually what i was interested in. can you imagine being the secretary at this office space-sign me up!
blazer: Target, dress//boots//purse: Vintage
snapshot from my family vacation to Alligator Point, FL. this trip was bittersweet, you see, we normally go to Gulf Shores, AL but due to the oil spill we had to change our plans at the last minute :(( still a great trip filled with laughter ((as usual with my family)) and LOTS && LOTS of fishing!
dress is from an Alabama boutique-Private Gallery, sunnies: Marc by Marc, hat: H&M
night out with friends in Alabama after the beach trip, including midnight sushi and an Arcade Fire cover from a local band i freaked over!
top: Urban Renewal, shorts: BDG, boots//purse: vintage
my favorite shorts this summer! again, from H&M-such a hotspot! this was from the same visit to Bamaland but for a casual night hanging with friends.
tee:vintage, shorts: H&M, shoes: Toms, bracelet: gift from Dad via Africa-made of BONES!, purse: vintage
the roomie and i from the Electroport Aztec party at MJQ! i made our hair pieces from various feathers i’ve collected, the big brown one i’m wearing i actually found in New York at a music festival. my friend thought it was really gross that i was picking up a feather and keeping, but that is def not the grossest found object i’ve kept-hehe!
both Ashleigh’s and my outfits are mine && vintage
all about some casual outfits during the summer day time, esp THIS american apparel skirt with a tucked in shirt-of any kind-it’s perfection!
tee: Volcom ((a hand-me-down from my dear friend Sean)), skirt: AA, sandals: UO, purse: vintage
have no fear-i wasn’t driving and taking this photo-promise! liked the lighting and wanting to get a close-up of my beautiful Chloe shades, sooo lovely!
top: Free People, shades: Chloe, earrings: gift shop
in the old neighborhood i wore this out to grab coffee, the first time i think i actually wore this dress after having for a long time. which i tend to do, such a clothes hoarder!
dress: small boutique, moccasin wedges: Chinese Laundry, purse: Lucky Brand
this is the same dress from the dark photo ((#2)) different night and styled differently, it will most likely be around some more in the winter time since it is a little thick. this night some friends and i went to Eyedrum a:
non-profit organization developing an interdisciplinary approach to the arts by incorporating a wide range of contemporary art, music and new media in its gallery space.
pretty cool spot indeed! everything i’ve already shared where it came from but the suede headband is from H&M ((think it was $2.99!!))
packed a pb&j sandwich picnic and hung out at Kareem’s bike shop-LOOSE NUTS CYCLES-one summer afternoon in the above get-up. this mural was painted for a nearby homemade popsicle vendor that goes by “King of Pops” his flavors are anything but average and out-of-this-world NOMMY!
top: insight, jorts: vintage Levis, sneakers: UO, sunnies: by Keirin bikes ((thanks bebe!)) backpack: vintage Kenneth Cole, pompoms: Natural Life
another snap from Alligator Point. the water was not brown as it appears here but since im so extremely pale and added a little color ((letting you all in on a secret!!!)) it turned a dirty shade. we actually did some snorkeling further out and found some very interesting creatures, i was terrified of sharks-since we WERE catching them feet away from where we were swimming-but i had the parentals looking out for us!
bathing suit && hat: H&M, sunnies: Marc by Marc
this is the night i was introduced to my boyfriend.. i bet this dress is what stole his heart! originally purchased for HARD music festival in LA ((feat. Crystal Castles, Rusko, and lots more!)) but since i bailed out on moving to Cali i choose to wear it to LazerBeamKitty and then to Decatur Social Club Reunion: what a night!!
dress: Bill Hallman, bag: vintage Kenneth Cole, necklace: designed by Pretty Pink Poo, boots: vintage

this truly is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to unpublished photos, i am so behind and really hope you all can bear with my catching up. there is lots more coming up and i fully intend on posting more often..
thinking that 2 posts a week is good, what do you all think?? don’t want to overload but always want to keep your attention-your opinion is much appreciated!