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I’m going to keep this short because I”m sure your Monday is about like mine: playing crazy catch-up!

Our holiday was a good one. Visited Dustin’s grandfather at the center he was at for his post-op hip rehabilitation and then spent the day in Alpharetta at the house where Dustin grew up.  We hung around the kitchen, sipping wine and preparing a huge meal while catching up with all of his siblings. His baby cousins came over, who are now crawling so corralling babies consumed most of the night (allowing us to burn away some of those cals!)

Wearing an H&M shirt and jacket, Free People pants, Baggu purse c/o Shop Bop, MIA shoes, Anthro necklace.
15700812687_ee0e343ada_kThe day following Thanksgiving we got news that Dustin’s grandfather had passed away in his sleep. Dustin and the rest of his family were really close with Da so it was very difficult news. We spent the rest of the weekend honoring and remembering him. He was buried on Saturday with a 21 gun salute and his entire family in attendance. He will be missed.  I can say he was one of the strongest men I’ve ever met. 96 years young and charismatic till the end!

Ok, now get back to work and have a wonderful day!


this time of year is all about bbq’s, denim, Budweiser American flag cans, citronella candles, backyards and lighting things on fire, amiright?! hope everyone had a grand 4th of July and lit many’a fireworks and sipped many’a gold beers while yelling “America!” like my friends and I did :P we certainly didn’t let thunderstorms stop us from shooting balloons with BB Guns or grilling every form of linked meat under the moon! if I’m not mistaken I have celebrated our nations birthday a total of 4 times with the first round being a Backyard BBQ Bash with my V+VJJZ ladies at Jess Jones’ home in Kirkwood. here’s what I wore:
top via a clothing swap, UO skirt, Sam Edelman boots, vintage backpack, Free People sunnies, headband via Artlantis Art Festival

Happy Friday!


here’s an outfit I wore to a ladies crafting + vino night we had last week. since a bunch of my gal pals had been asking me to show them how I’ve learned to make flower crowns I figured why not tie it into our monthly meetup so that’s what we did over at Natalie from Pocket of Presh’s house!
above is one I made over Easter weekend and brought it along as an example. the purple flowers are actually oldies I had stashed away from high school!
outfit details: vintage top, TJ Maxx floral jeans, Sixtyseven booties via Anthro, Clothing Warehouse shades, V.LU Accessories necklace (via my showroom at Americasmart)
it’s almost the weekend which for some of us means music, Kentucky Derby and/or CHILL TIMES!
smile today :)


in the previous post i casually mentioned that a friend and i are sharing an art space at the Goat Farm, that being said one of my first projects is to whip up some DREAM CATCHERS! as an avid arts & crafts supplies collector it was time to get a space for my mega collection and since loft living in the city doesn’t provide office space at a reasonable cost i opted for a separate workspace. the farm is an amazing spot to get inspired, have some alone time, meet other artsy folks and really dive into projects while working close to a friend who has always been an inspiration. throughout the years i have done quite a bit of peddling my own creations- such as selling stickers, posters or “hippy halos” at music festivals so…when i decided it was time to get a space that also meant i need to make back a little bit of monies [hints] making some “inventory” to sell at local festivals and markets.

getting back to dream catchers… 

it’s sorta crazy how trendy they’ve become yet i really dig how unique they’ve gotten from the original “design.”  been collection inspiring photos as ideas to take the my supplies and turn them into something dreamy//
555 lune vintage dreamer - be kind
lace dream catcher
bethanybond lune dreamer
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((images via Pinterest, Tumblr, Lune Vintage, Free People blog, and Tastefully Tattered))

how the dream catcher is made: 
Using a hoop of willow, and decorating it with findings, bits and pieces of everyday life, (feathers, arrow heads, beads, etc) the dream catcher is believed to have the power to catch all of a person’s dreams, trapping the bad ones, and letting only the good dreams pass through the dream catcher.

don’t be afraid-you too can get inspired and DIY it UP!

great dream catcher tutorial here: