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I’m going to keep this short because I”m sure your Monday is about like mine: playing crazy catch-up!

Our holiday was a good one. Visited Dustin’s grandfather at the center he was at for his post-op hip rehabilitation and then spent the day in Alpharetta at the house where Dustin grew up.  We hung around the kitchen, sipping wine and preparing a huge meal while catching up with all of his siblings. His baby cousins came over, who are now crawling so corralling babies consumed most of the night (allowing us to burn away some of those cals!)

Wearing an H&M shirt and jacket, Free People pants, Baggu purse c/o Shop Bop, MIA shoes, Anthro necklace.
15700812687_ee0e343ada_kThe day following Thanksgiving we got news that Dustin’s grandfather had passed away in his sleep. Dustin and the rest of his family were really close with Da so it was very difficult news. We spent the rest of the weekend honoring and remembering him. He was buried on Saturday with a 21 gun salute and his entire family in attendance. He will be missed.  I can say he was one of the strongest men I’ve ever met. 96 years young and charismatic till the end!

Ok, now get back to work and have a wonderful day!


Dustin and I love and frequent a local restaurant called JCT Kitchen.  We went last week and I wore this hip trench coat I picked up at the end of last year at H&M.  Since I wore it with a black dress it gave it the appearance of a long vest.  Also paired it with my favorite two-toned bag. that if I had to admit, I use everyday :)
My handsome date wearing his new RVCA shirt-
For Halloween we are going to The Hanger on the Beltline for a costume and dance party.  Dustin and I are dressing up as Rick and Maggie from The Walking Dead.  Though the show is pretty gory, we really like it!  Fun fact: most of it has been filmed in and around Atlanta, the first season was very close to my old loft!

Have a safe and candy-filled Halloween!


I’ve always loved the ‘milk maid’ braids look and recently attempted with my thick hair. After many failed attempts I enlisted my boyfriend to help. I found a four-braid style that mimicked the milk maid look on Pinterest and together we accomplished a woven braid “nest” that ended up turning out really neat! As my hair gets longer it should become easier to braid.  I thought it was the cutest thing ever as Dustin was braiding my hair he said “you know where I learned to do this, Boy Scouts but with leather and tree bark!” Gah, I love this guy!


After we finally got the braids to hold Dustin took me to downtown Roswell to check out a few antique shops, art galleries and get in some freelance work snapping street style pics for Jezebel. We went to Ceviche and had some really great lettuce fish tacos and explored around the quaint streets before ending our adventure sipping wine on the lawn of a picnic area connected to Nine Street Kitchen.

12895022765_11378e61e8_b12895437124_1f79df8276_b12895114353_28d3430200_b12895443764_c0966b769e_bWearing: H&M jacket, Loft top, H2O jeans, Nine West boots, Kate Spade purse that you could say I’m mildly obsessed with-especially the tassel!

12896373325_dcae59b8dd_b 12896455765_91fe10295e_b

This past weekend we carpooled down to Alabama from GA with my little brother to celebrate our Dad’s 50th birthday. Yes, fifty. My parents are both young considering I’m turning 28 on the 25th but they met young, married young and started a family young.  I’ve always loved having young parents, it’s like we all grew up together!  Friday we got margaritas and Mexican at the local Jalapenos and took the party back to their house. Saturday we went out to Bower’s Park to play disc golf-think golf but with frisbees.  We split up into two teams-me and my parents against Dustin, Brad (brother) and Emily (bro’s gf)-and played all 18 holes. What’s so neat about this course is that it’s actually in hilly woods so you feel like you’re hiking (because you ARE!)  We had stopped by Which Wich for lunch and ate on a bridge that we found along the course until it literally BROKE (oddly enough it was right after I had taken a seat…) and we all freaked and finished our food on hard land.
The game was close but Dustin’s team ended up winning. Since the weather was so incredibly nice we ended up doing some more hiking behind my parents yard because it’s pretty much a mountain’s valley. We found the creek and walked around finding salamanders until it was time to eat dinner. Mom made white bean chicken chili that we all devoured. Seriously could not have asked for a better weekend with my family!


Today all of Atlanta has work or school off due to an icy winter storm that rolled through last night.  Taking the time at home stuck indoors to work on backed up blog posts, blogger productivity at it’s finest if I do say so myself! Here’s an outfit I wore to a studio visit at the Goat Farm-that post also coming up this week-and to walk around/peruse shops in the Westside:


-Newest additions to my growing bootie collection



 Left most ring is David Yurman which is actually my college “class ring” since I didn’t want a real one, Emma gifted me the middle elephant poison ring from the head shop she works at and the right most ring I bought from a jeweler in Tuscaloosa (read about it in this post).



 Jacket: Tulle, Blouse: EBV, Skirt: H&M, Kicks: Sam Edelman, Purse: Kate Spade


 Love the faux fur on the hood, eskimo Flashy!

For the rest of the day I’ll be staying indoors playing with Flynn and Tater, hanging with the boyfriend who’s doing freelance engineering work (Go Dustin!) and playing with photos in Lightroom. Happy Humpday to ALL!


my outfit from Friday, November 2nd
photos taken on the Beltline, “Atlanta’s newest revitalization effort providing a network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit re-using 22-miles of historic railroad corridors circling downtown and connecting 45 neighborhoods directly to each other.” if you live in the area or visit ATL is really is worth checking out, especially the artwork and installations along the way.
for more info on the routes, etc visit
outfit includes a vintage sweater + cowboy boots, Target skirt + tights and Kate Spade bag (i carry EVERYDAY)

happy HUMPDAY!